Geoff Wilson’s Mysterious Card Deal Sparks Controversy in the Hobby World

by Liz Reagan // in News

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The sports card collecting community is abuzz with speculations and questions about the actions of none other than Geoff Wilson, also known as ‘The Sports Card Investor.’

It all revolves around a peculiar flip that has raised eyebrows and ignited a fiery debate within the hobby.

The Flip That Caught Everyone’s Attention:It all began with the 2023 December Elite & Basketball Hall Of Fame Auction hosted by Goldin. Geoff Wilson, a prominent figure in the sports card world, couldn’t resist sharing his excitement on Instagram.

Questionable Discrepancies: The post implies Wilson profited from a flip of the box. However, keen-eyed sports card analysts, going by the handles @MTTrading2 and @35auburn on Twitter, quickly spotted a perplexing inconsistency.

It turns out that the same exact box had previously sold for a significantly higher amount—$204,000, to be precise—in a previous Goldin auction on 2/5/22.

Both boxes were authenticated by BBCE (Baseball Card Exchange) and bore a special sticker with a corresponding number. “X0130”

The Intriguing Timeline: The timeline of events adds another layer of intrigue. Geoff Wilson’s marketing company, Three Five Two, had just recently seen a whopping $1,160,930 PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loan forgiven on Feb. 3, 2022.

Interestingly, this date is just two days before the initial Goldin sale of the same box for $204,000.

Did Geoff Wilson fabricate the flip to make himself look good? Did he utilize his PPP funds to acquire the box?

Or perhaps, did he purchase the box after it had already been sold for $204,000 in the previous auction?

Hopefully Will Grier or Kyler Murray can clear up any confusion. 

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Liz Reagan

  • What is the controversy? This is just a story written to smear somebody and nothing but speculation. It is very easy to see why nobody with a half of a brain believes anything that journalistic or media types produce.

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