Panini Luka Doncic Autograph Cards Are Fake

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From the company that brought you Dak Prescott Auto-Penned autograph cards…

Oh, and a laundry list of other mistakes over the last decade …. it should come to no one’s surprise.

Panini America Luka Doncic Autographs are fake.

Luka’s signature on his Panini America cards started changing over the course of the 2018-19 NBA Basketball season.

While not all that uncommon for an athlete to change his/her signature – Luka’s got more deliberate, neater, and more feminine as the season wore on.

Ultimately 3 different versions of Luka’s signature can be found.

Take a look at the evidence presented in the video above. And if you want to work for Panini’s excuse PR department for free – go ahead and comment why you think I’m wrong.

Meanwhile, you can buy real Luka Doncic autographs from Fanatics for a fraction of the price of a Panini card + it’ll look nicer on the wall.

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  • Hi, wanted to say your site sucks. Also it is embarrassingly obvious that you created multiple alt accounts to pretend to agree with you and bash Chris. You legit suck at life. We both know that inside you hate yourself and your life. Enjoy being a loser with a crappy site designed on wordpress.

  • well shoot… dont bother reading this.

    Regardless i’d rather be holding on to the card… its already gone up $600 in value the past year…

    Fake or not it will only go up in value and your extreme, theoretical, and absolutely unprofessional, ill-minded opinion is also worthless and looks like a feeble cry for attention Mr. SportscardRADIO…

    Luka is a favorite of Lebrons…

    Luka Doncic Could Be the Greatest Investment the Jordan Brand Has Ever Made.

    Maybe you should focus on something more positive… like proving you actually have some level of intelligence beyond that of an arrogant prick., crumb bum, or whatever it is youre reflecting here…

    Cant imagine you collect… imagine walking into youre sportscard store… that refuses to deal PSA, BGS, SGC.. just fake stuff you believe is genuine… smelly… crusty… old… mentally abusive POS… behind your counter regurgitating your never ending crap to people with a piss poor attitude… that NOBODY wants to deal with…

    Goodluck Mr. SportsDoucheRadio

  • Ironic you spent so much time sucking Fanatics’ Dick, yet you don’t bother to put an image of the autos he signed with them, that clearly say “lulu” as well…..if they were fake, he definitely would have been called out on a legitimate sight by now…and Blowjob is not a reputable source either…stop filming in your moms basement and get a job so you can stop spewing stupidity from your cum dumpster….

    • Your another douche, there fake and if you cant get your head out your ass and realise it then you should look for a long drop and short stop and make the world a better place

  • Holy cow, Chris Cochenour you wrote an essay to prove your point? Well, your point sucks. SportsCardRadio, thank you for giving light on this matter. Thank You to Mr Cochenour too, I will avoid any transaction in social media having a name “Cochenour” attached to it. You should be posted in Scammers FB group!

  • That Chris Cochenour posts made my day. His dumbness and crybaby nature are far worse than these Luka Doncic fake legit autos. Hey Mr Cochenour improve your sexlife first before you meddle and cry with real Sportscards topic!

  • Teenage mentality troll suffering from teeny peeny syndrome offering click bait style headline/commentary about a dying hobby/industry. Tells people to get back to work when he’s likely writing articles/responses in his 4×4 cubicle himself. Move along.

  • LOL The Cry Baby Christopher Cochenour of Facebook Group’s NBA Hotspot Worldwide. Now crybaby of this site. Lol he is even the man of an excess baggage woman, its like his cards second hand previously owned. SportsCardRadio, I Love Your Expose!

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    Ball stuff, hokey,car racing stiff and even them ugley marval stuff except the white queen chic,way two many socks used 4 that hot e.
    thinks 4 the invite and thinks Deric stay save.

  • I agree with your assessment, but unfortunately until theres definitive proof (video of mom signing, an admission of guilt) this will remain a conspiracy theory. In the Dak scandal, it was the grading companies who exposed the autopen & that’s what it took for it to become national news covered by espn & mainstream media. Since apparently stupid ass Steve grad doesn’t have the sack to call Luka out, it appears the only Avenue is to hire a nationally recognized & respected handwriting expert to analyze the signatures. It’s clear that they learned from the autopen scandal, and their way around it was ghost signers. On a secondary note, I find it not becoming of a man of your stature to respond with hostility to anyone who posts a different opinion than yours, especially when you asked people their opinions. If you hadn’t asked, I might understand if not condone a response. But I cannot get behind calling people names no matter how foolish they sound. Your theory is shared by many highly respected hobbyists out there. I hope you take what I say as constructive criticism, and not as an attack. A man who understands that people’s words show how smart they are & leave it at that is wise indeed.

    • This isn’t a court of law. Not trying to argue. Wouldn’t spend $1 on a white basketball players auto. Skimmed the rest of what you wrote. Get back to work you bum!

      • You racist piece of shit loser asswipe douche canoe felcher you like to felch and do the felching everyone is gonna know what you said I hope this ruins your worthless ass writing career. You are just bitter. Why don’t you do us all a favor and kill yourself? No matter, your already dead inside anyway.

        • You’ve actually wrote more in the comments than what was published in the article! Sounds like you’re really upset your Luka Doncic is fake. That’s ok – white basketball players aren’t collectible. Your boss is calling – said stop writing for free and get back to work BUM!

    • Hi SportsCardRadio, I am Denise and Chris Cochenour’s GF (he thankfully accept me in his life even if my child is not his). Chris is a good guy but when you call him a bum, he cries and whines in social media (which he is doing now). Chris is spreading the word that you are a racist (you can check his post in Facebook NBA Groups) and to boycott you. Please take it easy on him.

      • lol. Tell him white basketball players are bums. Get him some tissue. His Luka is fake. Say whatever you guys want about me or this site on social media.

    • SportsCardRadio, maybe you can give me an advise how to handle Chris Cochenour. Ever since our Portland Trailblazers got beaten by the Warriors, he turned to a very emotional whiney sensitive guy. He cant accept the fact that his Green RC Prizm of Damian Lillard plummeted in value, worse even our sex life got affected, he wouldn’t get hard. Now after finding out his autographed Luka cards are fake he just blaming all including you.

      • lol ? I’d get on Bumble and find you a man that looks at you like Chris looks at his precious photos of men.

    • I’ve been in the hobby for 42 years, and I find the Tedard boys have some of the most honest and cutting edge posts out of any youTubers…You folks need to listen up, because they are legit, and know exactly what they’re talking about…
      Full disclosure: never met or had and correspondence with them at all in my collecting years.
      Great videos and keep them coming; saves me from doing any research on BS; they figure it out first!

    • When he can’t spell his own name right on his cards, but you dorks want me to say his name right! ??????

  • This is the first time that I have been on your site. While you make a good point, calling people names, who don’t agree with you, is something a second grader would do. Your argument loses credibility because of it. Hate to say it, but this will be the last time I visit your site.

  • Seeing the title I had to watch it. Going in I believed that it was probably true but when you sign that many times your handwriting would get better. Of course, I have not seen him sign any of the cards but did you see someone else sign them? You admit that your untrained. I am as well so I think you have a solid theory. I would like to know if it can ever be proven.

    • He’s been signing autographs for years – the same way – he was pro before he came to the NBA. “His handwriting got better” is a great excuse, I’ll send that over to Panini. Panini didn’t see him sign them – so their guess is as good as ours. That’s how ridiculous this is and the point of it all. Wake up.

  • I just got dumber watching your video. Anyone that has to keep calling people scrubs is clearly a douchebag. And the way you creeped on Luka’s mom. I’m guessing you’re a serial rapist also. And my theory to your claim is that his hand probably hurts from signing his name hundreds of times.

  • Luka Donsek? Somehow I watched the entire video even though you said “Donsek” a dozen times…. It’s properly pronounced Luka Don chich…..

    • There are 1,258 Luka Doncic Autograph Cards that had been Graded/Authenticated in Beckett (based from searching Beckett Pop Report with Keywords: Auto and Signature for Luka Doncic). There are also about a thousand populated graded from PSA. This is not just Panini, we are talking about verified authentication done Not just by Beckett but also PSA. So who I side? definitely Panini, Beckett and PSA and Not Your Article. Does this make sense?

      • I don’t care who you side with. Facts are PSA/BGS/Panini have authenticated THOUSANDS of FAKE autographs over the years. But keep spending your money on all those “real” autograph none of you actually saw him sign!

        Oh – and your boss is calling. Said stop working for Panini/PSA/BGS for free and get back to your real job SCRUB!

  • Am I wrong or does it seem people were way more upset about the Dak episode? There were even articles on ESPN about it.

    Shouldn’t we start holding BGS somewhat accountable for the stabbed fakes?

  • Seems very plausible. Would love to hear the opinion of an expert (somebody of Steve Grad’s caliber, at least) on this. Not saying you’re wrong, but even you admit that you’re untrained. Combine that with the fact that sports card radio slings more conspiracy theories than Breitbart, and it leads folks to want somebody with some authority to chime in.

    And quit objectifying women.

    • 1: I don’t think it takes a degree in handwriting to realize what’s going on. And Steve Grad has ‘certified’ more fake autos than just about anyone.

      2: Point me to the conspiracy theories we push here. Normally we take what other collectors post on their own blog or a forum.

      3: You snowflakes are so precious. I’m sure women just fall at your feet prince charming.

      4: Get back to work scrub.

      • Oh man, you are just so cool calling people snowflakes. I hope I can be like you when you grow the fuck up. lol How pathetic.

      • Nearly 2yrs past since commenting and you’ve done yourself a gleaming “white snowflake” of candid expression that…
        A. Solidified my decision to never again visit this or any affiliate you may associate with
        B. Express my condolences as to the endowed hand you’ve been dealt (although your futile “game” is on par with the early ’90s Bills Super Bowls, maybe 1 day you will)
        C. Review reason B bc the truth hurts. (yes that’s a kick)
        D. Your video is an extremely creepy & desperate attempt at what exactly? (Other than the rarely seen light bulb in your head powering said pointless video)

  • Anyone who pays that kind of money for someone who bounces a ball and runs up and down a court in a pair of shorts deserves to be ripped off. But these scammers – as well as the player – need to be sued and made to pay. It also shows just what Panini really thinks of collectors.

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