Top 5 Major Sports Card Finds by Mr. Mint

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1: The 1952 Topps Boston, MA Find

Featured over 6,000 Gem Mint high-number cards, including 65 rookie cards of Mickey Mantle. Sotheby’s Auction House heralded it as “The greatest baseball card discovery ever.”

2: The Paris, TN Collection

Included over 500 unopened wax boxes of 1954 and 1955 Topps and Bowman baseball cards. Just one pack is worth over $7,000 today!

Alongside these were more than 250 unopened 1954 and 1955 Bowman football wax boxes and over 100 Mint-condition 1955 Bowman baseball sets.

3: The Kansas City 1951-53 Bowman Collection

More than 11,000 untouched cards. This included 32 rookie cards of Mickey Mantle from 1951 and 40 second-year Mickey Mantle cards from 1952 Topps.

Sold For: $5,200,000 – January 2021

4: Honus Wagner Collection

Owned at one time nine out of the 35 known Honus Wagner T206 cards.

5: The Baltimore, MD 1909-11 T206 Find

Three old cheese boxes containing 4,750 of the most pristine T206’s you could ever hope to see. Of the 900 or so Hall of Famers in the boxes, there were over 70 Cobbs alone!

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