Report: DCI Grading Jason Dardick is a SCAMMER?!

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Is the former lead grader at DCI Grading a scammer?

Jason Dardick of Dallas, Texas went wild on Twitter the other day, hurling mom jokes at the owner of Sports Card Radio!

While his joke’s got less spice than a pumpkin latte, others aren’t laughing and believe that Dardick is a scammer and his former company DCI Grading should be exposed.

Angry Customer Reviews

A poster on Reddit called Dardick a con artist and asserted DCI Grading was just looking to make a quick buck.

DCI Slab

Another former customer of DCI Grading says that cards DCI graded came back altered from PSA. Including a Michael Jordan 1986-87 Fleer Rookie Card and a Joe Montana Rookie!

DCI Grading Shill Bidding?

The owner of Gem Mint Submissions alluded to some kind of shill bidding activity from Dardick.

Former auction house owner Bill Mastro spent 20 months in federal prison for something similar.

Hopefully the FBI isn’t reading our site like they have before.

On Linkedin Dardick claims to still be the Chief Operating Officer of DCI Grading.

But on Twitter he claims to be working on a non-profit but it’s unclear if that was also a joke.

Dardick probably plans to stick around the hobby and perhaps should be avoided!

Update: Dardick’s boss at DCI Grading is mad! He has no idea what’s gotten into his Chief Operating Officer.

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  • You’re an absolute joke. Jason is one of the nicest and most genuine people in the hobby. Everytime he sees me at shows he goes out of his way to come talk to me and ask about how my show is going. If you want to grow the hobby stop trying to create drama like a school girl.

    • That’s great a card dealer was nice to you at a show, but nobody can grow the hobby if Jason keeps scamming people 🙁

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