Gary Moser & PWCC Marketplace Card Trimming & Shill Bidding Scam

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You probably don’t know who Gary "Scissor Hands" Moser is. But as far back as 2002, the New York area dealer has been accused of altering, trimming, and cleaning vintage trading cards.

His card doctoring is so vast that it's hard to keep up with all his exploits over the years.  

Starting on page 30, there is an ongoing thread about cards that have been trimmed or altered by Moser.

This is an ACTIVE situation.


Gary "Scissor Hands" Moser

Here is just a bite sized portion of a typical Moser scam.

Sports Card Radio recently obtained information about a 225 card PSA Collectors Universe Inc (NASDAQ:CLCT) order made by Gary Moser.

Gary Moser 225 PSA Card Order PDF -

Moser, or someone on his behalf, submitted 135 of those PSA graded cards to the PWCC Marketplace 2019 Premium Auction #3.

11 of the 135 cards have been documented as trimmed. 

31 of the 135 cards submitted were shill bid by an eBay account connected to Moser. The total amount of the shill bidding was $12,318.01.

Moser won 2 of 31 items he shill bid on. 

All the raw data, resources, and accompanying information is provided at the bottom of the post. 

Third party card-grading companies, such as PSA and Sportscard Guaranty (SGC), are aware of Moser. 

Moser claims to be one of the first dealers to send cards to be graded.

Dave Foreman SGC President

Moser's relationships include SGC President Dave Foreman, one that's been described as "tight."

Moser and Foreman are known in hobby circles as being around during the early days of card trimming.  “Foreman is literally a pioneer when it comes to trimming and restoring cards.” - Steve Verkman Clean Sweep Auctions.

Posts on various sports card forums, such as Net54 and Blowout Cards, suggest Moser is banned from grading with PSA.

A PSA employee did not respond when asked if Moser, or anyone on his behalf, is banned from grading cards with their company.

For many years Moser has been using PWCC consignment service to sell his trimmed and altered cards. 

PWCC Director of Communications Betsy Huigens wrote in an email to Sports Card Radio that "We are very aware of who Gary Moser is."

But PWCC wouldn't say if Moser has been banned from their marketplace. 

Betsy Huigens

Sports Card Radio was provided data of a recent 225 card PSA submission submitted by, or on the behalf of, Moser. 

135 of those cards were placed in the PWCC Marketplace 2019 Premium Auction #3.

An eBay account associated with Moser, whitman111, placed a bid on 31 of the 135 cards submitted, resulting in two winning bids. 

"I don’t know the eBay user IDs of our clients in general, but folks have connected that person (Moser) with that user ID," says PWCC Betsy Huigens. 

Despite several inquires, PWCC would not disclose if Moser was the consigner of the 135 cards. 

PWCC Betsy Huigens, however, did add, "It is worth mentioning that in our definition, a 'shill bid' is a bid placed in falsehood without intention of being honored. Shill bidding is something we monitor and manage carefully and we don’t have any experience of shill bidding as you describe tied to this person (Moser)."

The relationship between PWCC and Moser appears to span many years.

Many more vintage cards tied to Moser are being uncovered on the Blowout Cards Forum that are separate from the data in this post.

View over 300 documented trimmed graded cards, including more by Moser.

Some forum users suggest that PWCC submits cards on behalf of Moser, or perhaps has an even more sinister role in the card trimming or altering. 

PWCC has cards graded on behalf of customers, which are then consigned to PWCC auctions. The company also purchases cards on behalf of consignors with whom they manage a credit account. 

Several people inside the industry believe PWCC plays an active role in shill bidding and card altering.

Brent Huigens

Explosive text messages from a former PWCC customer, Courtney DeLorme (1976-2018), show company CEO Brent Huigens directing DeLorme to place a bid on a PWCC auction item.

The texts were posted to the Net54 Forum, and involve an altered 1936 Goudey World Wide Gum DiMaggio card featured in a 2017 PWCC auction.

Actual text conversation

These are the same card

DeLorme claimed to be a previous owner of the DiMaggio card.

He asserted that Brent Huigens bought the card as an SGC 50, doctored it, and sold it as a PSA 7 to DeLorme and did not disclose the alterations done.

After the alterations on the DiMaggio were publicly discovered, Brent Huigens wrote in a separate text message to DeLorme that whomever removed the toning on the card, "did the hobby a favor. My two cents."

Betsy Huigens posted on the Net54 Forum that "we did indeed engage PSA to verify the accuracy of their assessment on this 1936 WWG DiMaggio. As we strongly believed, the card is graded accurately and this was re-confirmed by PSA prior the auction sale."

She added "Courtney DeLorme is a person with whom we no longer do business. Mr. DeLorme is now the first person in the history of PWCC to have been blocked as an individual rather than a specific user ID. This action was decided upon as a result to the ever-expanding list of abuse to our company, us as individuals, and the hobby at large."

Sports Card Radio asked Betsy Huigens why PWCC chose to comment on the status of Courtney DeLorme but not Gary Moser.

"I think we may have been caught up in the escalating drama in 2017 around this particular individual. We shouldn’t have shared that information at that time," says Betsy Huigens.

Gary Moser 225 PSA Card Order PDF -

- 1st Page Preview -

135 cards were placed into the PWCC Marketplace 2019 Premium Auction #3.

Marked (PWCC) on PDF spreadsheet.

11 of the 135 cards have been documented as trimmed. 

Here are the Blowout Forums pages for all the 11 confirmed trimmed cards on the 225 card PDF spreadsheet:


Here are some the screen shots of the items Gary Moser shill bid on during the PWCC Marketplace 2019 Premium Auction #3. 

Ever since 2009, eBay has masked user IDs in both public feedback and bidding records.  When eBay masks an ID, they take two characters in the user ID and place three asterisks in between as a masking tool.  

Whitman111's default eBay masked ID is w***1.  

However, for feedback purposes, eBay masks his user ID as 1***1.

Lastly, and most importantly, eBay masks his bids as m***i.  

With bids, however, you will notice that the masked ID also contains a feedback number (currently 3813) and a colored star.  

Furthermore, if you click the m***i ID, eBay will open a new tab showing the bidding history of w***1, further confirming they are the same person.

Here are the eBay bidding records for the shilled cards bid on by whitman111, noted here as m***i:


Gary Moser bought this 1955 Parkhurst Lou Pitoscia with his Whitman111 eBay account from seller teddy ball for $17.50. 

You can see the exchange of feedback here, and also in the picture below.

Note that it says in the feedback the card is a PSA 5.5.

Moser trims the card to a PSA 8.

Card was in the PWCC Marketplace 2019 Premium Auction #3. Moser shill bid on the card, up to $188.88. Check the link or see image below.

eBay seller scu316 sold this 1951 Parkhurst Jim Conacher on 10/20/2018 to whitman111 (Moser) for $70. 

It was a PSA 5, and Moser trimmed it to a PSA 8.

Card was in the PWCC Marketplace 2019 Premium Auction #3.

Moser shill bid and won his own item. See pictures below and here is the eBay bidding history link.

Other images of shill bidding done by whitman111 (Moser) on items in the PWCC Marketplace 2019 Premium Auction #3.

Forum posts by Gary Moser

- Lightly threatening fellow Long Island, NY collector

- Collector Mark S calls out Moser for his trimmed & reglossed 1955 Bowman Cards -

- Gary says he split the money made from the altered 1955 Bowman cards with Mike (GAI's lead grader Mike Baker).  Gary (jokingly?) offers refunds on the cards.



Card Trimmers


Gary Moser
a.k.a "Scissor Hands"
Melville, NY
Case Details


Robert Block
a.k.a "Fat Kid On The"
Boca Raton, Florida
Case Details


Will Jaimet
a.k.a "One Touch"
Tigard, Oregon
Case Details


Superior Sports Investments
a.k.a "SSI"
a.k.a "Bill Sliheet"
a.k.a "Nate Nichols"
Dallas, TX
Case Details


Brent Huigens
a.k.a "Brent Mastro"
Lake Oswego, Oregon
Case Details


Eric Bitz
a.k.a "BuyNiceCards"
a.k.a "BuyTrimmedCards"
Canonsburg, PA
Case Details


Brian Ehricke Deer
a.k.a "Easy Money"
San Francisco, CA
Case Details


Joe Clemons
a.k.a "Meet Joe Black Label"
Dallas, TX
Case Details


Steven Tormollan
a.k.a "InstaTrimmer"
Catonsville, Maryland
Case Details


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  • PWCC & all of the trimmers have destroyed this hobby and deserve to spend a very long time in jail and all of their assets seized. Anything less than 10years in prison is an injustice. Brent and Betsy at PWCC should not be allowed to profit from this at all.

  • What is going to happen to this guy? There should be enough evidence on him to charge him with fraud?

    Thanks for the post.

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