Sports Card Investor THREATENS Legal Action Against Sports Card Radio


December 22, 2022 in News

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  • Come on, somebody please tell me the partner (G. Taylor Wilson), copied at the bottom of this complaint is not Geoff’s brother…I mean really? Did he right this letter and have his partner slap his name on it?

  • Geoff Wilson is a lowlife. Stealing 2 million from tax payers when the card industry was booming and he was just traveling around buying sportscards and staying in lavish hotels. Go Fk yourself Geoff you p.o.s.

  • You did point out at the exact same time he took the loans he was buying millions in cards. This was very a strange look for wilson

  • Screw Geoff! Ya’ll need to get a hold of me..Ill provide all the evidence u could dream of connected to Panini and a fee other dirt dirty little dogs.

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