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 Hearing that Check Out My Cards (COMC) could be handling all of Topps redemption cards in the near future. Perhaps a larger partnership or deal between COMC and the owner of Topps, Fanatics, will be coming soon as well?

COMC is one of the few companies we've hyped and believed in over the years. We've sold over $70,000 in sports cards under the "Sports Card Radio" account. 

Several un-cut sheets from 2003-04 Topps Contemporary Collection were sold at REA recently, including this one, for $13,200.

What is likely to happen to this sheet is it will be cut into individual cards, perhaps slabbed by someone like Beckett, and then the cards will be re-sold.

The sheet includes 5 LeBron James "RC" cards. The normal versions of this card are serial numbered to #/25. The un-cut sheet versions do not have the serial numbers. 

At times we've seen serial numbers added to these cards. 

Be aware of these types of cards. Hopefully if this sheet is cut, the serial numbers are not added. 

How low can you go? A box of 2003-04 Topps Chrome Basketball sold for under $10,000 the other night. It's a new two year low price for a sealed box. 

This man was seen trying to sell stolen items. Please contact Golden Grading in Louisiana with any information.

Hearing that a large sports card website bought soup and hand sanitizer to "distribute" during the pandemic so they could "legally" stay open. 

Got to at least hand it to these guys for hustling any way they could. 

Ken Goldin was trying to get 5-1 odds that Sports Card Investor didn't buy the Instagram account CardPorn.

If Kenny actually knew for sure, wouldn't he at least offer up 50-1 or something?

It's interesting how many people that were on the FBI shill bidder list are still around the hobby today. 

Someone isn't a fan of the pride of Turlock, CA, Colin Kapernick. 

This auction on eBay is already at $20

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