Interview: Hater is TIRED of the NEGATIVITY From Sports Card Radio

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Most people in the sports card world would block, mute or ignore their haters. 

We bring them on the show and allow them to have a platform. 

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  • Im not a big podcast person but heard of this podcast earlier today and decided to check it out…. You are an absolute douche…. You should stick to checklists because i guess your good at them…. Dont worry about growing based on what i saw id bet your viewers are dropping. Yes im a hater and your a literal crybaby. CHECKLISTS!!!!!

  • They got this “bro” douchebag-like mentality trying to be friendly but will kick you to the curb the moment they got their fill from you. It’s also embarrassing that Panini gives these scammers rigged boxes as free advertisement for the uneducated subscribers to buy up their crappy product. Lately, I have been seeing with this hobby are YouTubers like backyard looking to scam their following and will abandon you when you got nothing left to give them. Like every other scam from the past and present. Same car, different model.

  • Take a second and ask yourself if someone’s experience is a picture of them holding a sign as a kid and their big hit was a post (not even on their own site) 5 years ago , should you even take them serious? The answer is no 1000% of the time .

  • What a loser this guy is. He’s sick of negativity so instead of going after the negative people in the hobby he does this. Can we hear how long he’s been in the hobby again as if that matters? Get this man some clown shoes.

  • Great idea to direct people to the website!! The content is pretty good here as well. Jerry, anybody ever told you that you look like Jessie from Breaking Bad 😆

  • Was this supposed to paint you in a good light? All I saw was Jared being composed explaining his credentials (30+ years, Blowout forum from 5 years ago, selling cases of Flawless, and NT)and your saying he needs to build a following to be taken seriously?? All you did was tell that you did checklists over and over. From 2010-2015 lol. You were extremely rude, extremely defensive, not open to one word Jared was saying to you. Very disrespectful. If that’s how you treat people who disagree with you, shame on you. AFTER ADMITTING HE WAS A FAN AND ENJOYING YOUR CONTENT you berated this man. This was sad on your part. Still time to delete this.

    • I’m 40, I don’t delete anything lol. Im glad you enjoyed Jared. You probably have a boss or mommy and daddy who also tell you what to do everyday.

      • Yes, they raised me to be a respectful adult unlike yourself. You throw a temper tantrum like the one I watched every time somebody tells you something you don’t want to hear? Any respect I had for you and your channel where quickly lost after watching this. Keep posting videos like this so people continue to see your true colors.

  • Good grief that guy should have planned better than that. lol He kept trying to say how long he’s been in the hobby, i bett he used to collect when he was a kid and just started again because nobody thats been in the hobby that long could be that stupid.

  • Negative news is actually positive news because we know the truth! Life is full of evil people especially in a industry like cards because of all the scammers. It’s life. You want positive news go watch beta mojo

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