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R-Rated #51: Mike Sommer – Wax Pack Hero Blogger Interview

Ryan talks to Mike Sommer, @TheMikeSommer on twitter, and host of the Wax Pack Hero Sports Card Minute.

What is the concept of a self sustaining hobby and how has it worked for Mike?

How does Mike keep 130,000 cards for sale on Sports Lots organized?

Can selling low end and common cards be profitable?

What does Mike think about hobby influencer Gary Vee?

Thoughts about card blogging and podcasting. 

R-Rated #50: Lemme Get That Podagraph Host Drew Herndon Interview

Drew Herndon, host of the Lemme Get That Podagraph podcast, as well as the Roughing the Passer podcast, comes on Sports Card Radio.

Several topics are discussed. 

NFL playoff predictions.

Why did Leaf Trading Cards CEO Brian Gray call Drew after one of his podcasts?

CEO’s and hobby employees appear over stressed, why is making cards so hard?

What is Drew’s take on the card trimming scandal. Can things be done to help curtail card alterations? 

Who are some people Drew would like to interview on his podcast?

46 min

R-Rated #49: About the Cards Host @BigShep79 Interview

Ryan talks with Big Shep, @BigShep79, the host of the About The Cards podcast. 

A wide range of topics are discussed. 

What is it like hosting a weekly live podcast? Should shows talk about controversial topics? 

Shep has a massive George Brett card collection, how does he keep it organized and how much does he spend per month?

We get into Shep's collecting goals for 2020 and he has some advice for sports card companies to ring in the new year.

30 min.


Follow Big Shep on Twitter.

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On Location: Mojobreak, Layton Sports Cards, GTS Karvin Cheung, Erik Newton, DA Card World Interview

At the Topps Industry Conference, in beautiful Scottsdale, Ryan sits down with an All-Star panel of guests. 

Dan from Mojobreak
Rich from Layton Sports Cards
Karvin Cheung from GTS Distribution 
Erik Newton from Hall of Fame Baseball Cards
Adam Martin owner of DA Card World

Warning: Explicit Language

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