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Many around the hobby suggest Sports Card Radio is "always negative."

Pay us what Geoff Wilson, the Sports Card Investor, got for this recent video and we'll make a vid on anything you want.

Jabs Family did some group breaks for 2022 Topps Chrome Baseball and now is acting cheap.

After Topps messed up, and didn't include Rookie Sp cards in the product, Topps issued special silver packs to be distributed to customers who purchased Chrome Baseball. 

Jabs Family, the guy who famously got rid of his dog because it was making too much noise during his group breaks, is charging his customers $4 to get their packs.

Hearing Panini employees are stealing cards on the way out the door. 

Poor suckers who buy into breaks think they have a fair shot. LOL

This company will stumble at times, but Alt moves faster than anyone else in terms of new features.

We have more cards for sale on this website than anyone else (no really, we do), so the option to trade could open up the avenue for us to "trade up" into more valuable cards.

The nightmare at StarStock continues. They are 7 months behind on shipping orders. 

Maybe the influencers who promoted this website should go help out?

The Hobby House had two opportunities to clear up a situation involving Backyard Breaks, but didn't answer the phone at our agreed upon time.

After missing our interview, we got this message from The Hobby House at 8am. 

We are still awaiting our payment from Hobby House.

The demographics of our YouTube channel. 

You can see why the hobby is so toxic and negative at times. The majority of the hobby are middle aged, white men.

Dude will serve 30 months in federal prison for selling fake baseball cards.

Influencer Mojo Sports did something similar with sports photographs and is on federal probation for life.

Mojo "snitched" out people higher on the food chain and didn't receive prison time. 

Send us $50,000 in 1/1 cards and we'll make you a positive video. 

Here is your Backyard Bro's record at NFL picks this year. 

Did you know we shot 23 VIDEOS from the 2014 National?

And not one mentioned buying a $9.99 app.

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  • Jabs is the biggest tool on the planet! He never shuts up and is a tight ass cheap bastard. His brother has way better content.

  • Copyright infringement is definitely a serious act. MOJO should “be ashamed of himself” for committing a crime like that. Probation for life doesn’t sound like fun!

  • His dog? Jabs chose his YouTube channel over his family. I use to watch early on when he transitioned from running over kids to catch baseballs at stadiums to manipulating his followers into sending him their cards. He did this “fanmail friday” thing where he would take cards from kids and other unfortunate kind hearted people who either wanted to hear their name on YouTube or felt bad for him after he would constantly talk about his health problems and money problems. I couldn’t believe the amount of people that were constantly falling for his pitty parties. Then he got home one day and his wife took the kids and split. She said he’s married to his cards! How do I know this? Because he couldn’t wait to tell all his followers on a damn video! Hoping to get all kinds of pity gifts. Needless to say he kept on doing his card thing.

    • Yeah he pretty much turned fanmail Friday into mystery box Mondays. He claims it’s to promote sellers product but we’re not stupid, nice try.

    • amen; opening cards in the my wife left me and took the kids video and in between talking about losing the wife and kids that very day…’ hey theres a don mattingly’ that mightve been worth a dollar lol

  • You guys are definitely my “go to” guys. Telling it “like it is” is clearly not what these crooked vlog guys want us to hear. Keep up the good work and this 14 year old will keep on watching!

  • Should the likes of Packman not have to make it clear that his video is a promotional advertisement? I thought you were legally obliged – if being paid or receiving benefits for a video/post etc – to declare that it is an Advert?
    Same for his video on the Jeter grading company.

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