The Weirdness of Jabs Family

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 His wife has left him over his addiction to sports cards. He once got rid of a dog because it was being too loud during his YouTube shows. But Erik Jabs remains one of the biggest celebrities in the sports card industry.

The Jabs Family YouTube channel gets thousands of viewers per week. Fans can pay $5-$300 to gain access to special breaks and cards. 

His slower pace and quirky style appeals to low IQ individuals and people who aren't well educated. Which is most of the United States. 

Erik Jabs got his start on YouTube ballhawking at MLB games. Kids chasing down foul balls is one thing, watching a grown man do it, is frankly just strange. He's collected over 3,000 over the years. 

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Jabs Family has been involved in several controversies. He's been accused of stealing cards during breaks, and shipping cards out late. He was kicked off eBay because of too many complaints from buyers. 

I don't really feel sorry for people stupid enough to give this guy money to be honest. 

At one point, Erik Jabs' wife left him over his addiction to sports cards. She begged him to balance his life and focus on his family but he kept ignoring her and continued living his dream to be a sports card celebrity. 

It's one thing to kick your wife to the curb, but Jabs also got rid of his dog because it was barking and being too loud during his group breaks. 

All of these things he's revealed on camera over the years, this isn't detective work done by Sports Card Radio. 

Many of the breaks Jabs family does, including his Saturday Showdown, is just a form of illegal gambling. They violate every state and federal law, it's really that obvious. 

Law enforcement would lock Jabs up if he was selling illegal drugs, but a huckster hawking baseball cards? Cops probably just laugh at you clowns. 

Anyways, go make a trip to Target or WalMart and see if they restocked. Scrubs. 

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  • People who buy into his act are dumber than him. They must have voted for Trump and supports his shady dealings.

    I work at 7-11 and pretend to no hablo ingles.

    Ricky Spic Cantu Jr.
    San Antoinio,TX


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    forgive me i have ptsd

  • His GF must be as dumb as rocks to go out this guy? Hope she takes him for all he got.Even I would not touch these as they come into my 7-11 in San Antonio,TX. But at least he keeps other dealers with money buying cards that normally would not sell.

    For those who bought into his act patreon they deserve it. They are low iQ people who bought into his act. I work at 7-11 and purchase coins that i convince myself and others in forums like PCGS and play the same dumb act and convince they have value and try to sell them. I make up the story of Blind mom and shot by father having ptsd wanting funds and setting go fund me page.

    Ricky CANTU Jr.
    San Antonio,TX


    I played football and fumbled on the first play and that was it by a girl.

  • Hey this tool purchased my clean and polished coins .

    sales@vidph.us or specularstone0@gmail.com

    This guy must have rocks in his brain and his gf what a loser to go with him.Not very educated proably think this guy white has money lol.

    Ricky Spic Cantu Jr.
    San Antonio,TX

    Voted ugliest man in San Antonio

  • What a joke Jabs is. His latest gf? some lowlife loser Sophia looks like a perfect match for Jobs. This guy is a scam artist. I know as I have purchased and attempted to buy overgraded and worthless coins with my BS posts on pcgs.com and setting a go fund as I was shot lol by my dad and mom is blind wink wink and out of work.

    I also go brain damage and socio path playing H.S football because I was on drugs and not aware of what was happing.

    Jabs and followers are proably Trump Supporters if they are even capable of filling out a ballot.

    Ricky Cantu Jr. AKA Spic Beaner
    San Antonio,TX

    specularstone0@gmail.com specularstone0@gmail.com

    Serious inquires only if interested in overpriced coins ,cleaned etc I can accomodate your requests

    I hate you all.

  • People who buy into his act deserve to be ripped off. Bunch of low iq in love with each other.

    Ricky Spic Cantu Bs specularstone0@gmail.com

    I stick to buying cleaned and otherworthless coins convincing myself and others BS that they have actual value.

    Serious offers only As I have a couple of 90 score FB and 90 BB Fleer wax cases as was told they are very rare and hard to find.

  • Ricky Cantu Jr. San Antonio,TX working @7.11

    Boy I thought i was a lowlife scammer trying to peddle worthless coins I purchased that in my mind were good value. This guy is worse what a lowlife human species. I should contact him and sell hi, some of my junk coins I think have great value in my mind which are not. Must be the drugs i take or the old 7-11 food i consume in quantity.

    Ricky CAntu jr
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    Serious inquires only as I have a case factory sealed 90 Fleer Baseball. This is very rare item contact if serious want to purchase.

  • She begged him to balance his life and focus on his family but he kept ignoring her and continued living his dream to be a sports card celebrity.

    LOL what video did she “beg him to balance his life and focus on family”?……oh, that’s right, it didn’t happen. Lol it even reads like fan fiction. No facts. Just gossip.

    You’re an even bigger clown than he is. Trying to be “shock jock” of the card world 🤣🤣

  • i dont know whos more pathetic, jabs or the writer of this article who is obviously bitter and taking it all personally. ya both a buncha losers

  • Can’t agree more. The guy is a straight up loser. I remember once when I first started collecting again. I was watching the Saturday showdown and he basically screws everyone that participated by whoever gets the lowest numbered parallel wins everything. Just wow. Nothing like screwing 99 percent of your clients. Anyways I remember there was a card winning it was /20 parallel then a redemption came up and looking at Becket it was a parallel redemption out of /10. I brought this up and he’s like oh well redemptions don’t count because we don’t know what number they are. I’m like bro it says explicitly it’s out of 10 I believe it was a platinum parallel auto and relic out of series 2 or update . Anyways after voicing my opinion that he’s screwing the guy who just bought that pack with the redemption, he goes forward to block me from the chat. Like seriously can’t stand the guy. He’s a friggin weird guy and could care less about his members. You can tell he will do whatever just to get his addiction satisfied for the week. After this bullshit I ended my membership to him per month on Patreon and no longer follow or watch him .

  • He has not been responsive since his Bowman Best 2022 opening still have not recieved my Mike Trout auto he pulled live on his video, how do I go about this, I’ve paid numerous times just to lose out yet when I hit big this happens… no emails back and has cancelled my patreon membership I think I am done with this hobby seriously guys like this is why it is in shambles

    • Look at cheapfunbreaks, rungoodlife, hitmanbreaks, chicitypulls, strykerbreaks. All good options. Jabs sucks.

  • Do you think you guys at SCR could do some investigating and get his ex wife on for an interview. I think that would be great.

  • My oh my biggest hater I’ve seen this are clearly just your opinions which are godly awful! Jabs is one of the nicest guys I know he puts his family first it literally is called jabs family this article or whatever this run on words is …. Is horrible shows how pathetic you’re life really is.

    • Oh ok Erik. Lmao. I disliked you from the first video I watched. You are a scam artist end of story. I wish more people would understand that’s all you are… even in the simplest of ways… like when you “accidentally” open off camera or in the middle of a break you get a hit and at that moment your camera “acts up” suddenly. What a narcissistic fraud. People can see through you. Not everyone I guess… I caught on from thd moment I first watched you. Praying for you.

  • Fantastic post guys loved this article top of the line on the jabs family scams and some of these I was not even aware of so thanks guys keep up the great work ——- Anthony

  • What an embarrassing piece to publish. I am far from a Jabs fan – never had a great experience even as a Patreon member. However, the epithets ruin what could’ve been a great piece.

    Insulting someone over ballhawing is as lame as it gets. Let people enjoy what they want! As someone in my mid-20s who’s gone to over 100 games
    and never received a ball, I’m hawking. If you care about what other people do, maybe stay home…. From every social event. You judge others, that’s just factual.

    As far as his eBay & break feedback goes, you really chose to scratch the surface rather than do your job; you know, reporting? Look up reasons behind his eBay feedback and you see many were trolls trying to tank his score. I cannot defend not shipping every card from breaks, but mistakes happen and I know he’s made 99% of the issues right by either directly fixing the mistake, or proving cards/product of equal-or-higher value.

    This is where it gets good. Any decent structure has you address issues as they arise; however, this point needed to be saved for last. Calling many (rather, the majority) of his viewers “low IQ” is such an elitist and gatekeeping perspective and reflects on you as a person. He is a GREAT channel for newer-hobbygoers. Does that mean they’re low-IQ, or just newer to the hobby? Are they more casual members? Those are just two of the numerous factors you didn’t consider.

    What a garbage piece of writing. Again, I’m not a Jabs fan; I’ve had more negative-than-positive experiences with him. But it’s important to call a spade a spade. Something, you did not.

    • sounds like you a the majority with low iQ to even defend this bloke of a wash out breaker that has stolen products and cards yes ebay kicked him for not sending stuff thats what happens they investigate same thing they did with goldin and low IQ is saying if you keep buying into his stuff over and over and he keeps stealing your stuff that is low IQ with all his viewers like sticking your hand a fire pit and wondering why i got burnt

  • Well, I personally wouldn’t give anybody a single dime to open a pack of baseball cards. Personally that’s the best part of collecting cards is opening the packs! I always felt there was something “off” in his videos. As long as he pays taxes on the $400,000 plus that he robs off Patreon or YouTube plus his fulltime job… Then cool. You can’t tell the less intelligent how to spend their money and they keep giving it to this fool… You can’t make a story like that up! People sending $50 superchats on a live stream to a guy that has already been paid to open some baseball cards… Why? For the life of me I don’t know!

    • People are bigger idiots than him if they send him money etc must have voted for trump and ignore his criminal behavior.

      I tried to rip off people with a claimed overdate indian cent i thought it was and still do but everybodys says is not.

      Spic Cantu San Antonio i even made up a gofund me page claiming poverty with fake documents claiming my mom needed for surgery.

      Forgive me as i am lowlife scammer.


  • What sort of moron wrote this hit piece? Praise God that you were never a student of mine, for you would’ve repeated my class numerous times.

    • Jabs Family, agree with SCR or not your response basically showed you were not denying anything said.
      Personally I don’t go on a blog to be a Grammar Nazi or to Grade the level of the writing, I read it because I’m interested in the content..
      We probably agree that SCR is a very negative part of the hobby but if what they are saying about you is true then they are doing a needed Job.. Im sure they were totally devastated that you would fail them in your class, but the fact you let breaking actually break up your family shows a character flaw a lot more than bad grammar..
      It’s a real shame your brother seems to be such a nice guy and you seem to have a god complex..
      Why don’t you respond to the accusations? SCR isn’t the only outlet that reported this..

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