The Weirdness of Jabs Family

 His wife has left him over his addiction to sports cards. He once got rid of a dog because it was being too loud during his YouTube shows. But Erik Jabs remains one of the biggest celebrities in the sports card industry.

The Jabs Family YouTube channel gets thousands of viewers per week. Fans can pay $5-$300 to gain access to special breaks and cards. 

His slower pace and quirky style appeals to low IQ individuals and people who aren't well educated. Which is most of the United States. 

Erik Jabs got his start on YouTube ballhawking at MLB games. Kids chasing down foul balls is one thing, watching a grown man do it, is frankly just strange. He's collected over 3,000 over the years. 

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Jabs Family has been involved in several controversies. He's been accused of stealing cards during breaks, and shipping cards out late. He was kicked off eBay because of too many complaints from buyers. 

I don't really feel sorry for people stupid enough to give this guy money to be honest. 

At one point, Erik Jabs' wife left him over his addiction to sports cards. She begged him to balance his life and focus on his family but he kept ignoring her and continued living his dream to be a sports card celebrity. 

It's one thing to kick your wife to the curb, but Jabs also got rid of his dog because it was barking and being too loud during his group breaks. 

All of these things he's revealed on camera over the years, this isn't detective work done by Sports Card Radio. 

Many of the breaks Jabs family does, including his Saturday Showdown, is just a form of illegal gambling. They violate every state and federal law, it's really that obvious. 

Law enforcement would lock Jabs up if he was selling illegal drugs, but a huckster hawking baseball cards? Cops probably just laugh at you clowns. 

Anyways, go make a trip to Target or WalMart and see if they restocked. Scrubs. 

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  • What sort of moron wrote this hit piece? Praise God that you were never a student of mine, for you would’ve repeated my class numerous times.

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    The Weirdness of Jabs Family

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