Beckett Employee Has 10 Year History of Sexual Misconduct

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Current Beckett employee Valentino Capobianco has a long history of sexual misconduct spanning over 10 years.

The misconduct was discovered when Capobianco ran for a seat in the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2021.

Valentino Capobianco

The alleged incidents, which occurred between 2006 and 2016, include pursuing younger women, attempting sexual acts with non-consenting men and women, repeatedly asking to perform sexual acts in exchange for money, and unwanted and repeated sexual advances. 

More information can be found on the GBH News website.

One victim wrote,  "I challenge you to examine how terrifying it is to come forward and tell your story against someone like Valentino Capobianco, a man with power and authority. In a world where women are shamed for instances like these, I hope you can see why this isn’t public knowledge, and it is hard and scary to try to get the word out.”

Capobianco deleted his LinkedIn page after Sports Card Radio released this video.

Since May 2021, Capobianco has been an Authentication Assistant with Beckett.

Recently, Capobianco has been seen chasing down female athletes for their picture and autograph. 

Capobianco's father, James, is a well known dealer in Boston and sells many of the autographs that his son tracks down. The eBay account is bostonsportscollect-jim.

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