The Rock’s Autograph Scandal: Did Chasing Cardboard Drop the Ball or Score Big?

by Liz Reagan // in News

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Whoa! Chasing Cardboard, the YouTube channel that every card collector has on their favorite list, just landed a huge VICTORY on their recent live stream!

Here’s the tea: In June 2023, Chasing Cardboard scored a big win with a purchase of cards that included what seemed to be autographs from The Rock himself. They were so stoked, they slapped one on eBay in July – and it got snagged for $66. But, here’s where it gets wild.

Chasing Cardboard eBay Account

Before the eBay buyer could even reach for their wallet, they hit the brakes, calling out the autograph’s authenticity. The buyer got a quick check from the heavyweights at Beckett, who hinted the autograph might just be a dud.

Despite the shade, Chasing Cardboard went bold, putting that Rock autograph right back on eBay. Drama Alert! An eagle-eyed customer wasn’t having it and spilled the beans to Sports Card Radio.

After a quick chat with Ty Wilson of Chasing Cardboard, the listing vanished faster than The Rock dropping a People’s Elbow on a Saturday night! Ty’s exact words? “It didn’t give me the warm fuzzies with authentication.” Yikes!

Sports Card Radio then went detective mode, tapping PSA for their take. The verdict? They too were throwing shade on that autograph’s authenticity.

Now that makes Beckett, Ty, and PSA all questioning the authenticity of The Rock autograph.

In a twist, Chasing Cardboard, maybe trying to clear their name, shipped off two Rock autographs AND a mysterious Ty Cobb card to PSA. Word on the street was any card coming back legit would be up for grabs to their email subscribers.

Ty Wilson & Ty Cobb

The Results Are In!

Brace yourselves… PSA stamped BOTH Rock autographs with the seal of authenticity! The Ty Cobb card? That remains a Hollywood mystery. (On a later video by Bench Clear Media, the Ty Cobb was said to have come back not authentic from PSA)

This win couldn’t have come at a better time for Chasing Cardboard. Ty Wilson has been feeling the heat after the blunder of re-listing The Rock autograph despite not having the warm fuzzies about its authentication. I mean, talk about a rookie mistake!

Some were frustrated Chasing Cardboard initially didn’t take more responsibility for their mistake. A since deleted video largely danced around any responsibly a seller has when listing autographs.

If PWCC, Goldin, COMC or a host of any other sellers re-listed an autograph after valid authenticity questions were raised, the outside criticism would have likely been harsher than anything Chasing Cardboard received.

It seems like they’re learning from the controversy: Chasing Cardboard’s eBay store has seen some fresh changes in how they handle autograph sales since the whole Rock card debacle. They even released a video describing the new process.

Why A Third Opinion Matters

An authentic Rock autograph can be worth upwards of $500 or more. Getting an in person autograph of The Rock authenticated can help give peace of mind to the buyer and maximize any potential profit for the seller.

Cheap, inexpensive autographs can often be purchased without authentication. It would cost more to authenticate most autographs than what they are likely worth.

But for valuable autographs, like The Rock, every small or large seller can benefit from getting a third party to authenticate the autograph before listing it for sale. In the sports space, PSA, Beckett (BAS), and JSA are considered to be the leaders in third party autograph authentication.

In order to sell autographs on their marketplaces, companies like Goldin, PWCC, COMC and other large auction houses require third party authentication (PSA, BAS, JSA, MLB etc) or the autograph be certified by a card manufacture (Topps, Panini, Upper Deck, etc).

Rick The Legend

What does the future hold for the infamous Rick? He’s the guy Chasing Cardboard bought The Rock autographs from.

Despite Ty Wilson, PSA, and Beckett all questioning The Rock autographs at one point, Rick held firm and said they were real!

Perhaps with the inconsistency in the results that come from PSA and BAS, we think Rick should start his own autograph authentication company. Here are some business name and acronym ideas.


Rick’s Autograph Certification (RAC)
Rick’s Autograph Decision (RAD)
Rick’s Autograph Review & Authentication (RARA)
Rick Said its Real (RSIR)
Rick Was Right (RWR)
Fu*K Sports Card Radio (FSCR)

Let us know your ideas in the comments!!

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Liz Reagan

  • Has anyone watched the episode in question on Chasing Cardboard ? It was episode #28. Was the Rock Autograph scene expunged from the video ? People are saying video was edited. Is that true ? Was the LIVE Chasing Cardboard to redeem themselves with the Rick Story the same or embellished because they edited the original ? 🤔

  • Doesn’t Chasing Cardboard have an Episode in the past that they don’t buy any upgraded Autographs ? Then claimed they didn’t wanna take the chance and have them authenticated because of too much risk it could not be authentic? Yet, they bought these and didn’t Certify them. Listed them. Took offense they were questioned about them. They should OFFER the card now cleared and stabbed back to the original buyer instead of making a Live ! It’s funny if the roles were reversed. I think they what of cried just as much or the same amount about the situation. They represent the business side of the Hobby to fullest.

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