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The recent unveiling of NBA Play, the ultimate go-to hub for immersive and interactive basketball games, has become many fans' new favorite destination. Since Christmas Day, users have been able to embrace the thrill of competition, challenging their friends, and showcasing their basketball knowledge — right from the convenience of their NBA App.

With NBA Play, the action doesn't end at the final buzzer; it's just the beginning. Accessible with a single click, NBA Play lets users immerse themselves in the exhilarating world of basketball anytime, anywhere. Get ready to elevate the game!

NBA Rank 

Challenge your acumen and become the ultimate basketball guru! Based on the question, NBA Rank presents fans with five players, teams, or events to rank. Your goal? Achieve the correct ranking in the fewest attempts possible.

Incorrect guesses aren't a complete loss; they will reveal which portion of your submitted answer, if any, is in the correct location. Are you up to the task? Can you predict the odds to win NBA contests? It's time to prove your mettle and show off your knowledge with NBA Rank; it’s where the real game begins!

NBA Full Court Guess

Introducing NBA Full Court Guess - the ultimate test of your basketball knowledge. In this game, players are offered five attempts to guess an NBA player, either current or former, based on three unique clues. The clues can touch upon various aspects, like the player’s nickname, notable accolades, awards, or even career highs.

This game is not just about the present but also the past. A deep knowledge of NBA history might give you the upper hand. Will you be able to guess the player in the fewest attempts? Or will you need all five chances to crack the clue? The challenge is yours to take. NBA Full Court Guess - where every guess makes you a part of the NBA history.

NBA Player Path

Here, you will be given the names of various teams for which a player has played throughout his career. Your mission? Arrange them in correct chronological order, from the player’s rookie year to their final team if they are retired or their current team if they are still in the game. 

NBA Blast 

NBA Blast takes the excitement of the game to your screen with an arcade-style match-three game that will test your speed and strategy. Players mix and match basketball-themed icons to create a row of three or more in this thrilling challenge. Collect four or more items and earn a special boost from the Larry O’Brien trophy. Swipe this boost to clear an entire row of icons and rack extra points!

Don't forget about the stars; each level has a minimum score required to proceed to the next. Achieve the minimum score, and you earn a star. The more points you score, the more stars you receive. And no worries if you didn't do as well as you'd hoped. You can replay levels to improve your total and increase your high score.


In this game module, you will face a series of questions, ranging from general knowledge about the NBA to intricate details about past and present players and key moments in NBA history.

Your goal is to answer as many questions correctly as possible in the shortest time. Remember, precision and speed are your allies in this challenge.

Prove your NBA IQ and stand a chance to top the leaderboard. Get ready to showcase your wisdom, NBA IQ – where every second and every answer counts!

NBA Hoop Connect

This game is all about spotting the connection between players. Two NBA stars will be presented, and your task is to identify a teammate who has shared the court with them. But here's the catch: you have to choose the least obvious or the rarest connection.

Each correct answer earns you a rarity score on a scale of 1-100, where 100 is the best. The score is calculated considering a player's career stats, duration of play with the two teammates, and the recency of their NBA participation. The rarer the connection, the higher the score.

With NBA Hoop Connect, challenge your friends, share your scores, and see who knows the NBA's intricate connections best. And remember, with NBA ID, you're not just playing for fun; you can earn badges for voting, playing games, and more. Just make sure you're signed in to track your progress. All your hard-earned badges will be proudly displayed in the Hall of Fandom.

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