Chasing Cardboard’s Lowball Drama: Fair Game or Foul Play?

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A Lowball Offer that Has Everyone Seeing Red

Alright, buckle up, because the “American Picker” wannabes on ‘Chasing Cardboard’ have really done it this time. We’ve seen some shady offers in the past, but their recent episode takes the cake—or should we say, steals the cake and leaves crumbs for the owner. Rickey, an innocent collector, is left high and dry with an offer that’s so low, it’s downright offensive.

A “Sweet” Collection? More Like a Sour Deal

In the episode, Rickey showcases an impressive array of 1950s-60s Topps baseball cards, some even autographed by legends like Willie Mays and Ernie Banks. But what does Mike from ‘Chasing Cardboard’ offer? A measly $2,000. The conversation ended quicker than you can say “Mickey Mantle.”

But wait, there’s more. Months later, a random dealer swoops in and snatches up Rickey’s collection for $3,800. The buyer didn’t even buy all Rickey’s cards either. And it was still nearly double the initial offer!.

Authenticate What Now?

The Chasing Cardboard dude Mike claimed he was going to have to “authenticate” the autographs before trying to sell them. Wait, what? Wonder why those dorks didn’t try and authenticate several controversial autographs from Ty Cobb and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson before trying to sell them earlier this year.

Fans Weigh In, and They’re Not Happy

Viewers had plenty to say about the whole fiasco. Just take a gander at these comments:

  • “$2000 was insulting. I buy and sell cards all the time as a dealer and for myself, and that was someone trying to take advantage of a person who openly admitted they didn’t keep up with prices.”
  • “$2000 is completely insulting and disrespectful and I hope he deletes you guys’ number immediately smh of course we want the best deal but that’s just ridiculous, no class at all.”
  • “When you offered 2k I almost choked on my coffee LMAO. Good Lord that wasn’t a low ball that was a straight f**k your mother insult. You a savage for that my man.”

Mike Fires Back!

Addressing the controversy Chasing Cardboard said in a separate video, “Keyboard warriors are going to do what they do, haters are going to hate.”

You’d think if these dorks walk into your home with an entire camera crew, complete with sponsored t-shirts and hats on, they’d offer you more than pennies on the dollar for your vintage collection!

Chasing Cardboard likely spends thousands of dollars producing each YouTube video, complete with multiple camera angles and SGC grading ads. How about leave some room in your budget so you don’t insult the person you’re filming?

Fu*king morons.

The Ethics of Collecting: A Fine Line

Is this just a case of “buyer beware” or are the ‘Chasing Cardboard’ guys out of line for trying to nab a steal? The art of the deal is a fickle thing, especially when it comes to collectibles. Look, we get it, dealing in collectibles is a business, and the goal is to make a profit. But there’s a line between making a savvy deal and outright scamming someone.

It’s strange for influencers to walk into a shop, a card show, or in this case, someone’s home, with an entire camera crew only to make a low ball offer. You dorks realize how that looks? We’ll see if Chasing Cardboard learns any lessons this time around.

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Grayson Bryce-Thompson

  • Worst part is they are making a video about it (which they are hoping to profit on). At least SCI seems to deal with people fairly when he’s making an idiot of himself.

    Mike is a tool. They sold fake autos – he’s supposedly a HOF auto collector – and they act like “how could we know”? Well, how about you ask! They also sold a Gibson auto that had a bogus COA. Next Mike will be hawking autos from the Coaches Corner with Ken Goldin on late night TV.

    Both of them are smucks.

  • I will never understand why people dick ride these “guru’s” so hard. Where did these idiots come from? Sacha T, Chasing cardboard, SCI, Cardcollector2… so much trash has entered the hobby since the boom. It’s not a hobby anymore and its not fun anymore.

  • Why won’t Sports Card Radio expose Card Ladder Owners for SELLING Picks while they owned and operated Card Ladder manipulating prices with a Ladder Score. TJ Warren July 2020 they were exposed! Is SCR on Collector Universe Payroll? Seriously. If you research Chris McGill was PART of BenchClear media up until spring of 2020.

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