Brashear v. Panini America Inc Redemption Card Lawsuit

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Kevin Brashear has had enough. He popped Panini America with a civil lawsuit in January over failure to produce redemption cards in a timely manner. 

It is a beautiful thing to see: Panini America Inc, a lawsuit has been filed against you. 

Here is the full complaint against Panini - (UPDATED: Amended Complaint from 4/8/2019)

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Brashear filed a putative class action against Panini, noting that hundreds of potential collectors are impacted by redemption cards.  

In court documents Brashear says he stopped collecting because he realized he would never receive the redemption (cards) at dispute.’

Panini's Better Business Bureau rating of 'F' is provided, along with Brashear alleging it's 'nearly impossible to contact Panini through any means, including telephone, emails, posts, etc.' 

A 2012 civil lawsuit against Upper Deck is citied where a Michigan man took Upper Deck to court over redemption cards that were not fulfilled and won a $1,329 judgment.

Here is the summons Panini got slapped with.

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Stay tuned for case updates!

Update: Panini America's: Motion to dismiss - 3/9/2019

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Update: Response to Panini's Motion to Dismiss - 3/23/2019

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Update: Denied Motion to Dismiss - 4/9/2019

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Update: Lawyers provide an update to the case. Sadly, Mr Roche was a guest on the Sports Card Radio program. 3/17/2020

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  • Has there been a decision on this case? I think Topps, and the complete failure of the eTopps website should be a big class action suit too.

  • Panini needs to, at least, replace the card with something equivalent. Some of their “packs”, boxes, etc., cost as much as $2000.00! This is big money not small dollars that collectors spend their hard earned money on. Do the right thing, Panini America!

  • There is no excuse for this practice when OTHER autos of the player are being inserted into new products. That needs to be a very key piece to the claim b/c I think that is what will tip the scale in favor of the plaintiff. I’ve been waiting on Ron Harper redemption for nearly 5 years and they are still having him sign and he has been in a ton of products. Easily over 10k autos since the time of my redemption that Panini as released of him. It’s a real problem.

  • I see it both ways. I understand redemptions are a pain and can take months to redeem.
    On the other hand, the point of collecting is mainly for COLLECTING and not profit. So the complaint as well as customers is for the perceived value on the after market. Shouldn’t be on Panini to account for that.

    • You can’t tell someone how to collect their cards. You collect them if you want to but if people want the redemptions to try to sell for a profit then that’s their choice. You nor Panini don’t make that choice for them. It’s people like you who make it OK for Panini to do what they do to this day.

  • Panini are a bunch of crooks, I also stopped collecting football cards because of them. In one situation they still owe me a 2012 Ronnie Holman auto from 7 years ago which they still never gave me or replaced with another player. I know it sounds petty because Ronnie Holman is nobody however when they owed it to me he was the hot running back on the Broncos super bowl team and at the time would have sold for a decent amount. It’s 2019 and it’s still on their website as “pending”, furthermore he is absolutely worthless in 2019 so yes they are straight crooks with terrible customer service!

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