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Show #1 COMC’s New Return Policy
On this episode we cover COMC’s new return policy, which simply doesn’t matter if you’re a serious seller on the site. We cover which ‘bloggers’ in the industry lost their minds over the announcement. We discuss strategies that helped us sell over 100,000 cards on the site. We give an update to the Ripping Wax & Leaf Trading Cards Lawsuits both promised would file against Sports Card Radio. Finally there’s a chance to win a 2019 Topps Archives Retired Player Box by listening to the show. No Scrubs! Download The Show Here.

Show #2 Brian Gray Meltdown … Again!
Sports Card Radio Premium returns this week to discuss the latest meltdown by Brian Gray of Leaf Trading Cards. He recently appeared on a low-rated & “3rd tier” hobby podcast and MELTED DOWN over comments made by Sports Card Radio. Gray even DM’d the Zillow value of our parents house, which was not only strange but further evidence he has become UNHINDGED! Later we discuss our year selling on COMC, Amazon & eBay – letting you know our sales totals and strategies for 2020. We answer listener questions about Amazon and making money on websites. Listen Here

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