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Today we go round the world in about 50 minuets. We talk about the events in Orlando. BREXIT. Lightly discuss the NBA draft. The opening of the NFL season. We discuss Panini Instant. I discuss scaling down your collection. And redemption substitutions. We’ll be back next month full strength but wanted to sneak a show in here.

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  • Great job. I’m buying vintage such as Joe Namath and Pete Rose rookies. Buying Pda,s 4 or 5. Hope they go up in value within the next 20 years or so. I’m just a small time collector so I really just collect vintage for the Fun of it. My collection is growing.

    • Very cool, thanks for the comment. I’ve personally seen the value of vintage cards go up nearly across the board over the last 8 years – I think the trend should continue. It’s fun to build up a collection up slowly too … I’ve kind of been doing the same with coins over the last few years. Let us know how it’s going in a few months – hope you can score a few more items by then. – Colin

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