Show #110 Checking Out COMC.com + Roll Tide + Prime Football

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New Release Date Changes

I checked out the ‘new’ COMC.com website design and felt it didn’t stray too far from the past, and I think that’s good. Some of the highlights I though were:

  • Category Pull Down Menu on Top Left is cool
  • Search results on the details page is updated
  • No Beckett Prices (Free 1 week trial available)
  • $3.00 Flat Rate (1 Week Packaging) Shipping
  • Monthly Storage is free for cards under $0.75
  • $0.25 added to cards cost on 1st sale (I think)

2012 Upper Deck University of Alabama Football is rolling out to Alabama fans this month. I remember watching the ESPN 30 for 30 film about Alabama football – so I know they have some of the most passionate fans in any sports. They certainly will be checking out this set, and if you are a online/hobby shop – this might be a good niche product.

2012 Topps Prime Football is out and has some interesting levels of rookies inside. I noticed that the Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck cards weren’t as limited as some of the Topps sets I’ve seen in the past … so I think you’ll have a better shot at those cards.

That’s about it! We’ll come back soon with some more podcasts later this week.

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