Show #231 Blowouts Blowup! + Topps Conference + Breakers Are SCRUBS!

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On today’s show we discuss the 2020 Topps Industry Conference with Ryan @SportsCardNews who attended the even for the second year in a row. We discuss what types of things you could expect if you attend the show in the future, including giveaways, athlete appearances and takeaways you can learn. We discuss an altercation between Tom Fish, owner of Blowout Cards, and Ryan in the hallway. We discuss how group breakers are the “scrubs” in this industry – mainly because they care more about being liked than making money. 

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  • Sad, as always. The “brothers in the basement” telling more stories of being phony tough guys because they got confronted by REAL businessmen. No wonder they didn’t do to the National last year. They were probably peeing in their pants at the prospect of having to face all the people they’ve talked badly about.

    • Real businessmen who talked about how they haven’t made money in 4 months breaking Topps baseball! Could have made more flipping burgers!

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