@GaryVee: Ignore The Card Cops

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Gary Vaynerchuk has caught the trading card bug. Like the Coronavirus, he’s been spreading it via social media postings and influencing his many followers to do the same.

For some, it’s welcomed attention for the industry.

For others, it’s “too much power” and must be put to an end!

Take for example this post from @OldTownCards where he outlined his concerns about someone sharing their passion for the hobby:

Here’s a summary of the tweeters complaints, which are shared by many others in the hobby:

  • Gary has too much influence
  • Gary doesn’t know enough about the players he’s hyping.
  • Gary is hyping cards only to sell them later at higher prices.

Let’s address the 1st point that Gary has too much influence.

Beckett Magazine would publish Hot Lists, Hot/Cold, rate players as “Stars, Semi-Stars, and Commons”. What Gary is doing is simply the 2020 version of what Beckett used to have an exclusive license to do.

Thinking we as collectors need to stop this type of influence is foolish. However, even more foolish, is thinking you need to step in and protect other collectors – as if you were their mom or the cops.

If that’s the role you want to play, why not try to stop teenagers from smoking or doing drugs?

Ultimately I think many of these collectors are simply jealous of Gary’s following and probably the fact his budget to buy pictures of men is higher than their annual salary.

The second point that Gary isn’t researching players is laughable. Where in the sports card collecting handbook does it say we need to be experts in analyzing athlete performance? Tim Tebow cards sell just fine – and he isn’t going to make the HOF in the NFL or MLB.

Players like Wander Franco have never played a game in front of more than a thousand people – yet collectors pay small fortunes to acquire his cards.

Prices of goods are based on supply & demand – not your knowledge of hitting a fastball or throwing a football.

Gary understands basic economics – which is far more valuable than analyzing a players step-back jumper or 40-yard dash time.

Finally the last point that Gary is “pumping & dumping” cards is pure comedy.

First, who’s to say that the cards he’s buying weren’t undervalued in the first place?

Second, where’s the evidence he’s even selling the cards?

When I buy a stock and publish an article about it – just because it goes up means I’m guilty of pumping?

When Gary’s picks on what cards to buy doesn’t work out, people are quick to point that out as well.

You can’t have it both ways.

And if Gary wants to buy cards and resell them when/if they achieve higher prices – where in the hobby handbook is that not allowed?

Card cops are quick to critique Gary, but are silent on issues like card trimming, Topps and Panini goofs, Razzing illegal raffles, shill bidding, etc.

Not saying everyone needs to be a card cop – but come on rookies – other collectors don’t need you to save them from buying pictures of men.

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