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Big sports card news if you’re an NBA fan.  Topps and UD have both announced that they will not be making basketball cards next year.  Instead, an Italian card company, named Panini, will be the NBA’s only card producer for now. 

2008 Ultimate Collection Football comes out this week.  You can buy a mini-box of these for about $80.  These have 8-9 autographs per case which includes 3-4 Ultimate Rookie Signature Materials. 

UD Series 2 Hockey is set to be released on 2/24.  These cost about $55 a box, with 24 packs and 8 cards per pack.  On average each box has 2 memorabilia cards. 

Topps T51 Murad Basketball came out on 2/10.  It is based on basketball cards made in 1910. 
A box includes 24 packs with 5 cards per pack. A 24-pack hobby box includes
one autographed card and one relic card.

Topps Mayo Football was released and a lot of collectors thought that it wasn’t worth all the hype it received.  You should see prices drop a little for Topps Mayo Football. 

Topps UFC Round One is set to be released on 2/26.  It should sell for around $5 a pack.  For this product you might want to buy single cards, instead of a box. 

2008 MLB Draft

Here is a look at the Top 5 Draft Picks and their card prices. 

  1. Tampa Bay Rays – Tim Beckham – SS – Hit .246 overall in his first year in the minors along with 2 HR 14 RBIs and 2 SB.  A 19-year old who shows lots of potential.  You can get his Razor autograph for around $50.
  2. Pittsburgh Pirates – Pedro Alvarez – 3B – Has not yet played in the minors, but signed a major league contract with the Pirates.  He will report to Spring  
    Training.  During his senior season at Vanderbilt he hit .397 with 17 HR and 65 RBIs.  His Razor autograph can be bought at about $30.
  3. Kansas City Royals – Eric Hosmer – 1B – Hit .364 in his first minor league season.  Another very good, young prospect coming out of high school.  His Razor autograph can be bought for about $20.
  4. Baltimore Orioles – Brian Matusz – SP – A left handed pitcher who has been said to be able to reach about 95 MPH with his fastball.  He too, did not play a game in the minors this season.  His Razor autograph can be bought for $18-20.
  5. San Francisco Giants – Buster Posey – C – Hit .351 overall in his first season.  He also had 1 HR and 6 RBIs.  His Razor autograph can be bought for about $40.

Another prospect to look at is Justin Smoak.  He is a first baseman who hit .304 with 3 HR and 6 RBIs.  His Razor autograph can be found for $15.  He might be a better buy than Hosmer, so you might want to make sure you check his stats once the season starts.  He was drafted by the Texas Rangers.


Here’s a look at some prices of Michael Jordan and LeBron James autographs. 

Michael Jordan

Autographed Jersey – $500 – $800

Autographed Photo – $250 – $275

Fleer Rookie Card – $900 – $1000

Autographed Shoes – $1500+

Autographed Baseball – $150 

LeBron James

Autographed Jersey – $375

Autographed Shoes – $375

SP Authentic Rookie – $700 

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