How to protect your sports cards for future enjoyment?

Some tips on how to protect your expensive and not so expensive cards so you can enjoy them for years to come:

  • We place almost any card into a “soft sleeve” AKA Penny Sleeve.
  • Binder pages are okay, only for less expensive cards-as cards can be damaged easily.
  • Screw downs can damage cards, only buy screw downs that don’t press down directly on the card.
  • Card Saver 1 or 2’s are great for almost any card-they are not a rigid as “Top Loaders” but cards will not slip out of card savers. Also the grading companies prefer you to send cards in the card saver protectors.
  • Getting your card graded (slabed) is the ultimate in storage and protection.
  • BE CAREFUL when you get the card straight from the pack and place it into a penny sleeve-Use the bigger “jersey/thick card sleeves” even for thin cards, that way you can easily slip the card in without clipping the bottom edge/corner of the card.


  • A Bank vault is the safest place for the most valuable cards. (Too bad I don’t have any!)
  • A small safe or metal box is a good place to keep good cards in case something falls on the box it will not be crushed.
  • Under your bed is a bad place for cards-beds have been known to break.
  • Cold/Hot closets and garages/storage units are not good for cards-Chrome and vintage cards will be damaged in these climates.
  • If you don’t have renters/homeowners insurance-you will not get anything if your cards are stolen, damaged by fire, flood, tree falling…ect–Store your best cards in a place that is insured (Bank vault).
  • If you do have really expensive cards-make sure you have clear photos front and back of the cards stored in multiple places (forward them to an e-mail address and you will always have them) That way if they are stolen or damaged you can collect on your insurance or claim them if they are stolen.
  • Again, grading your best cards-ASAP is the best way to insure that they are encased in the best possible condition.  If you are nervous about sending your cards via the mail (as I would be) BGS/PSA travel to major cards shows and you can have cards graded their. Just drive safely!

    Just a few tips-hope they help

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