Top 5 Tips: Attending Las Vegas Industry Summit

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2013 Las Vegas Industry Summit Information – The Orleans Casino March 17-20, 2013

1) Talk to everyone

Seems obvious, but this is by far the most useful thing you can do at the Las Vegas Industry Summit. While there you can interact with card shop owners, company employees, wholesale distributors, and many other really interesting people from this industry. If you have a card store, this is an opportunity to share ideas with other shop owners and take home a game plan to drive more sales.

There may not be much of an opportunity to talk to fellow shop owners during the scheduled presentations. The presentations are mostly “fluff” from the companies who paid for corporate booths on the show floor. Some of the scheduled presentations are similar to when someone comes into your store to sell you on some advertising. This is where you have to open up and talk to people during breaks in the schedule. Some things I would ask fellow shop owners are: What products besides sports cards are hot and moving off the shelf?  Where are they getting product and can you find better deals with another distributor? Are there some in store promotions that will help bring customers in the door?  Most of the shop owners I’ve talked to at the Summit over the years are very open, honest, and willing to share intimate details about their business.

Each day the Summit Show Floor will be open and this is a great opportunity to get some 1 on 1 time with people.  For some, this might be your only opportunity all year to get this face time. Take full advantage of it, build some contacts and relationships, it can be very important to your business. I strongly urge you to talk to as many people as possible while there, go in with an open mind and look to find some new ideas to grow your bottom line.


2) Bring some food

I remember the last few years at the Summit it feels like it runs all day, leaving no time to grab some lunch or take a few pulls on a slot machine. On a few of the days “lunch” is provided but the food may not fit your needs. Grab some snacks and some liquid fluids somewhere.

The Orleans has options as far as food goes. There are some quick fast food choices and a snack shop.  The sports book in the casino usually has some $2.00 hot dogs during the late afternoon. Don’t get left going hungry at the Summit, it could impact your mood and your ability to communicate!


3) Get Your Money’s Worth

You paid the $300+ just to register to attend the summit. Transportation, hotel, taking care of things at home can make it an expensive event to attend. Don’t go home feeling like you held back.  You are coming to the Summit for a reason. Make sure you seek out all the information and get answers for the questions you have. If you have concerns, now is the time to voice them. Most of the communication in this industry happens over the phone or internet.  The Summit is the time to corner someone face to face.  You paid the money to attend and you are in charge of making sure you get value out of coming.

Also in the don’t be shy category: Get all the free stuff you can. Seriously. You should be able to come home with at least $500 in free loot.  You spend all year promoting and selling this stuff, and for some, with little to no help from the card companies themselves. You’ve earned the free stuff. Take it home, sell it, give it away, do whatever, just get as much as you can.


4) Spend a night in the Orleans Casino

The Orleans, where the Summit takes place, is off the strip. It’s not a glitz and glamor hotel/casino like the Aria or Bellagio. At the Orleans you’re more likely to see “family night” at the massive bowling alley then rich high rollers. But you gotta hang out one night at the casino. You get to see some “company employees” who probably don’t have the bankroll to be playing $20 a hand blackjack (per diem anyone?). Have enough free drinks and the lounge band they have playing will sound good. You’ll probably meet some interesting local Vegas characters who don’t like the craziness of the Strip.

It can be a fun time. Most of the people who attend the Summit probably will be staying at the Orleans so it’s also a good time to chit chat after the schedule is over with for the day.


5) Come Home and Execute Your job is not done when you leave Las Vegas. You’ll have lots of ideas floating in your head. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Executing ideas is what puts money in your pocket. Digest what you learned at the Summit when you get home.  Talk over things with your customers and fellow business partners. Don’t just come to Vegas and hear about things you can implement to make more money. Figure out how to execute them and make the ideas become a reality. It’s on you to do that.

2012 Panini Industry Summit Black Box

Dates: March 17 – 20, 2013

The Orleans Casino
4500 West Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Website: theindustrysummit.com




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