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Last month’s contest winners were announced and so was this month’s contest.  To get one entry in this month’s contest take a picture of your favorite card and send it to us.  To get a second entry, include a story explaining why that is your favorite card. 

News The price of Postage Stamps will increase to forty-four cents on May 11. 
If you are a big TTM collector or send a lot of items in the mail, you might want to stock up on some forever stamps.

Joe DiMaggio signed with Upper Deck.  His first card will be with 2009 UD Series One Baseball.  It will be card number 0. 

Alex Rodriguez was caught using steroids from 2001-2003.  He came out and apologized to everyone about the incident.  We will see if this affects his card prices. 

Steroids & Cards Here is a look at some of the prices of some of the first players who were accused of using steroids. 

      Mark McGwire

      2002 Ovation Auto/Jersey #/25 – $350+

      Autographed Baseball – $150 

      Barry Bonds

      Autographed Cards – $50-$300

      Autographed Baseball – $100-$150 

      Jose Canseco

      Autographed Baseball – less than $75 

Oval Office Here is a look at some of the Presidential Products. 

    2008 Topps American Heritage has a 1/1 card for every President.  They cost around $75 a box.  A Barack Obama card can be bought for around $30.  Here are some of the highest selling cards.

               1/1 James Monroe Cut Auto – $2900

            1/1 John Adams Cut Auto – $1800

            1/1 James Polk Cut Auto – $1100 

    Razor Oval Office Edition costs about $2500 per box.  Each box is #/99.  It also includes 1/1 cards of each president, along with dual cuts.  Here is a look at how some of these cards have been selling. 

            1/1 George Washington Cut Auto – listed at $100,000 should probably sell for less

            1/1 Richard Nixon/Gerald Ford Dual Cut Auto – $800

            1/1 Harry/Bess Truman Dual Cut Auto – $1100

            1/1 Ulysses Grant Cut Auto – $7000  

Kobe Bryant Here is some of his current prices 

      Autographed Jersey – $550-$700

      Exquisite Autograph – $250-$400

      1996-97 Topps Chrome RC – $380 

Don’t forget to get an entry in this month’s contest, send us an email at sportscardshow@gmail.com

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