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News LeBron James says that he will be participating in next year’s Slam Dunk Contest.  We will see if he decides to participate or if he backs out.  Also, Brett Favre retired; we can see if he decides to stay retired this time. 

Fantasy Baseball Head on over to the site to join the 2009 Fantasy Baseball League.  Visit sportscardradio.com to sign up. 

Hobby Products Here is a product coming out soon… 

    2008 Exquisite Football came out the first week of March.  It includes 3 packs a box and 7 cards a pack.  It also has all on-card autographs and no sticker autographs.  It should include some nice Matt Ryan and Brett Favre cards. 

Setting Goals Make sure you set budgets when buying cards.  Whether you decide to spend a certain amount per card, per month, or per year, make sure you set a budget and know what you are spending your money on.  Next, think about what you like to collect.  Do you like busting boxes, collecting singles, collecting Hall of Famers, Current Stars, autograph cards, jersey cards, whatever you like to collect stick to it because it makes the hobby much more enjoyable.


Overlooked Players in MLB Here are some overlooked MLB players who you might want to put on your fantasy team or buy some of their cards. 

    1. Aubrey Huff – DH – BAL – He hit .304 with 32 HRs and 108 RBIs last year with Baltimore.  His 1999 Bowman Chrome RC can be bought for around $5.
    1. Ryan Ludwick – OF – STL – He hit .299 with 37 HRs and 113 RBIs last year with St. Louis.  He never had more than 15 HRs in a season before last year.  His 2001 Rookie Cards can be found for under $10.
    1. Mark DeRosa – 2B – CHC – He hit .285 with 21 HRs and 87 RBIs last season with the Cubs.  His 1999 Rookie Cards can all be found for under $5.


Athletes with #25 Here is a rundown of some athletes who wear #25 and prices on some of their autographs. 

      Fred Biletnikoff

      Autographed Photo – less than $10

      1965 Topps Rookie – $65+

      Signed Mini Helmet – $30-$60 

      Reggie Bush

      Signed Mini Helmet – below $150

      Autographed Rookie Cards – around $175

      Autographed Photo – $125+ 

      Jim Thome

      1991 Bowman RC – $10-$12

      Autographed Baseball – $100

      Autographed Card – $50


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