Sports Card Live #4 – Panini’s Tracy Hackler Interview

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Show Date: February 19, 2013

Despite the San Francisco 49ers loss in the Super Bowl, Ryan jumps on the bandwagon and buys season tickets for their new stadium in 2014. Long time 49er fan Doug is still recovering from the loss, but Dan says he will never be able to join Niner nation.

We weigh in on how to price your cards and the various options including eBay, Terapeak, Beckett, COMC and other venues.

Tracy Hackler from Panini America comes on to discuss Panini’s involvement in the 2013 NBA All-Star game. They released several exclusive cards for the event in Houston. Hackler answers questions about Elite Basketball, a set coming out very soon. Panini stresses the importance of using social media and their blog The Knights Lance to show insight into the world at the company. Listeners from the chat room ask Hackler some questions.

Rich Layton from Layton Sports cards comes on to review 2012 Football cards. It’s an in depth discussion on what was good, and what went wrong during the year of NFL products.

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