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Show Date: February 12, 2013

Episode #3 of Sports Card Live starts off with talk about the struggles of the L.A. Lakers who are on the outside looking in for a playoff spot. Ryan, a longtime Lakers fan, comes to grips on the losing season. Perhaps some big off-season moves are in store for Laker land. Dan hops on the line and we talk about the rest of the landscape in the NBA, and how good Oklahoma City is. That leads into more NBA talk as we touch briefly on some hot NBA rookies. Cards of Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis are on fire. But some sleeper rookies like Andre Drummond and Harrison Barnes might see values rise as they get more playing time.

Topps was busy promoting 2013 Series 1 Baseball with an over sized card of Prince Fielder. The gigantic card was 90 x 60 feet. They displayed the card in an outfield of a little league baseball field. Supposedly the card will be cut up and inserted into future baseball packs of Topps.

Doug stood in line for 5 hours to get autographs at the SF Giants fan fest only to come away empty handed. The sun was shining in San Francisco so at least he ended up with a sun tan. The Giants were fresh off their 2012 World Series win and At&t Park was crowded with people.

Upper Deck recently came out with Sp Game Used Golf and while the market is niche for Golf sets, the cards do tend to sell okay on eBay. Some of the more popular cards are actually of LPGA women golfers who rarely have collectible items for sale.  In the main sport world, Topps came out with 2012 Magic Football which was a decent set, but all the autographs in the set are sticker applied. Doug points out that the way Topps packed out the product, all of the packs with the autographs were at the bottom of every hobby box he opened. It appeared that each box of 2012 Magic Football was packaged in this way. 2013 Topps Turkey Red Baseball also came out this week and it sold out quickly on topps.com. That was the only way to buy the product and the SRP was $19.99 and Dan talks about how that hurts sports card distributors.

2012 Playoff Contenders Football recently released and some of the buzz is the Andrew Luck 1/1 Championship Ticket Autograph. Always a popular release, the Contenders brand has been around since the Pre-Panini Donruss days. To close the show Ryan says that he is jumping on the 49ers bandwagon and bought season tickets for the new stadium in 2014.

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