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Sports Card Live #7 – All About Cards Interview

Show Date: March 12, 2013

Show #7 starts off with baseball in the air. Ryan is heading out to Spring Training to see the SF Giants in Scottsdale, AZ. Prices for Giants tickets were in the $60.00 each range, which is expensive for Spring Training standards. The World Baseball Classic is underway and the USA team is taking shape.

A bulk of the show is previewing the 2013 Las Vegas Industry Summit. The annual event held in Vegas gathers people trying to make some cash in the card game in a conference like setting. Held off strip at the Orleans, you have to pay $400 to get in and hang out with a bunch of dudes. There are many exclusive free items given away at the Summit which is a big draw for some attendees. Colin, host of the Sports Card Show, also comes on to give his thoughts on the Summit.

Ian from All About Cards comes on and talks about his experience at the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore. He says that any collector serious about the hobby should attend at some point in their lifetime.


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Sports Card Live #6 – Sports Card Magazine Interview

Show Date: March 5, 2013

Doug and Dan get into a discussion about 2012 Panini National Treasures Baseball. They feel like Panini hit a home run with the product despite the lack of a MLBP license. It’s a good sign for Panini as they won’t be getting a license like that any time soon. 2012 NT Baseball comes with a book card per pack, and collectors seemed to like that new twist. In addition to NT, Doug and Dan give their thoughts on 2012 Topps Supreme Football.

Ben from comes on to discuss some of the young players to watch for during Spring Training. A few of the guys he likes are Nolan Arenado, Anthony Rendon, Aaron Hicks, and Oscar Tavares.

Dan from Sports Card Magazine comes on the show and talks about his website and his long history of collecting. His site is a wealth of information for sports card collectors and the passion Dan has for collecting shines through. In addition to Sports Card Magazine, Dan also runs the popular Twitter account @ShowYourHits.

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Sports Card Live #5 – @WildEagle Interview

Show Date: February 26, 2013

Dan is missing to start the show so Doug and Ryan ramble on about several different subjects. Ryan mentions a story about almost winning a Rickey Henderson game used jersey, even though he got outbid, he still got to meet Rickey that night. Doug pulls up a list from Bleacher Report with the Top 10 Most Unusual Game Used Items. They include Curt Schillings bloody sock and Ty Cobb’s teeth.

Topps shut down it’s customer service Twitter Account @Topps_Support. What does this mean for the company which is already struggling with it’s customer service? For some people, this was one of the only ways to get a hold of Topps, as they have notorious wait times if you try to reach them by phone or email.

Hockey expert Wild Eagle comes on to discuss some of the latest NHL products to hit the market. An interesting thing of note is that ITG decided to not persue a NHL license this season in part due to the lockout.

Doug (correctly) picks that 2012 Panini National Treasures Baseball will be a hit with collectors.

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Sports Card Live #4 – Panini’s Tracy Hackler Interview

Show Date: February 19, 2013

Despite the San Francisco 49ers loss in the Super Bowl, Ryan jumps on the bandwagon and buys season tickets for their new stadium in 2014. Long time 49er fan Doug is still recovering from the loss, but Dan says he will never be able to join Niner nation.

We weigh in on how to price your cards and the various options including eBay, Terapeak, Beckett, COMC and other venues.

Tracy Hackler from Panini America comes on to discuss Panini’s involvement in the 2013 NBA All-Star game. They released several exclusive cards for the event in Houston. Hackler answers questions about Elite Basketball, a set coming out very soon. Panini stresses the importance of using social media and their blog The Knights Lance to show insight into the world at the company. Listeners from the chat room ask Hackler some questions.

Rich Layton from Layton Sports cards comes on to review 2012 Football cards. It’s an in depth discussion on what was good, and what went wrong during the year of NFL products.

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Sports Card Live #1 – Inagural Episode

Sports Card Live Ep #1

Show Date: January 29, 2013

On the inagural episode of Sports Card Live Dan & Doug from Mojo Break and Ryan from Sports Card Radio talk about the new release of 2013 Topps Series 1 Baseball. Reactions to the first MLB Baseball product of the year is mostly positive. With the Super Bowl around the corner we give our picks. Ryan picked the 49ers to win, Doug (a long time 49ers fan) also went with Niners and Dan picked the Ravens.

Panini is offering special incentives to buy product direct of their own website. Ryan says that it’s smart business but Doug notes that hobby stores and other dealers may take issue with a company selling a product they also manufacture. In other Panini news, the company decided to eliminate it’s MAPP strategy that only lasted about a year. 2012 National Treasures Baseball was the first product to be sold without the restriction of the minimum advertised pricing restrictions.

We get into a discussion about the new Heroes of Sport product. There is evidence on some sports card forums that the company was buying cards and packaging new product…… even after the product had already “come out”.  Hot Boxes of Heroes of Sport showed up two weeks after the initial release day. Some big hits have been pulled from the product but many in the hobby remain skeptical.

Doug tells a story about getting shorted 3 autograph hits from a case of 2012 Bowman Chrome Baseball. Dealing with Topps customer service was painfully slow and didn’t end with satisfaction. It’s a difficult situation for breakers who get shorted hits because there are customers involved who are disappointed in getting shorted hits as well. The conversations extends to Topps’ overall lack of quality customer service.

Ryan and Doug get into some baseball prospects who could make a splash in 2013. Ryan shouts out Yankees former 1st round pick Slade Heathcott and raves about seeing him at the 2012 Arizona Fall League. Other names discussed are Billy Hamilton, Trevor Bauer, Gary Brown, and Mike Zunino.

We look ahead past the Super Bowl to the NFL Draft which seems to lack some of the sizzle of past years. It remains to be seen how it all plays out but it could be a down year in 2013 for the Football card market.

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