Ultra Pro 3×4 Top Loader Trading Card Holders

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Ultra Pro 3x4 Standard Card Size Top Loader Holder

Ultra Pro Top Loaders
3×4 – Standard Card Size Holder

25 Pack SRP: $4.99

Note: Some boxes say ‘Premium’ while others do not. There is no difference between the two holders. These holders will not fit thick cards – especially ones with a jersey or patch.

These are by far some of the most popular holders known to man in the trading card industry. They have been around for years and Ultra Pro has been the premiere maker of the 3×4 Top Loader for ages. If you have any sort of card collection, chances are you have several cards in this exact card holder. Collectors like them because they are sturdy and rigid on the sides – making it almost impossible to ever fold your card in half somehow.

PROS Up Arrow

  • Rigid Sides Keep Cards Safe
  • A pack of 25 will only cost $5 or so.
  • Buying in bulk can save you big $$$
  • Perfect when used with Soft Sleeves

CONS Down Arrow

  • Have to buy ‘thicker’ top loaders for big cards
  • Sellers who apply tape across top ruin holder
  • Expensive if you need 1000’s or more.

Using top loaders to store your more valuable trading cards is a much safer option as opposed to keeping them in a binder or just soft sleeves alone. Keeping cards in a binder can easily damage cards in many ways including nasty ‘binder rings’ that put a dent into cards. Binder pages can also become loose and if you ever tip your binder over, cards could spill out the top which would be a disaster.  Binders are great for cards you do not care that much about or do not have much value to you. Any card of significant personal value should be put into it’s own special card holder.

I highly suggest – at the very least – that you use both a soft sleeve and a top loader to protect your most precious cards. The added protection of a soft sleeve will help keep dust and other junk off your card for years to come.

Ultra Pro 3×4 Top Loader Specs:

  • Actual Outside Size: 3″ x 4 1/16″
  • ‘Inner’ Card Holder Size: 2 3/4″ x 3 7/16″
  • Holds What Type of Cards: Standard Card Size & Thickness – up to 20 point
  • Sold: Usually in packs of 25

Ultra Pro 3x4 Top Loader Premium Standard Card Size Holder

Best Web Deal: 4 Packs of Top Loaders (100 Total) + 1 Pack of 100 Soft Sleeves$11.99

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