Ultra Pro Penny Soft Sleeve Card Holders

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Ultra Pro Soft Sleeves Pack 100

Ultra Pro Soft Sleeves
2″ 5/8 X 3″ 5/8  – Standard Card Size Holder

100 Pack SRP : $1.00-2.00

Soft sleeves are a MUST in any collection because they help keep your cards safe. Every card that has any value to me is at the very least protected in a soft sleeve. These are the most popular type of single card holders and in the early 1990’s they were known as the “penny sleeve” because you could usually get a pack of 100 for $1.00. Times have changed and like everything else, the price for soft sleeves has gone up slightly, but if you buy in bulk sometimes you can get them for less then a buck a pack.  I recently bought about 10 packs of 100 each at a local hobby store for around $15.00 after sales tax was included.

PROS Up Arrow

  • Great when using with other holders like Ultra Pro Top Loaders
  • Cheap – inexpensive way to store cards
  • Buy in bulk to save loads of $$$$

CONS Down Arrow

  • The old Bowman and Topps Chrome cards would ‘stick’ to them – but that was a problem with how those cards were made – not the holders.
  • Must Use in conjunction with another holder to protect valuable cards.

There is actually some technology behind these ‘acid free’ card holders as they are specially designed to preserve the protection of your card for years to come. Ultra Pro boasts that their soft sleeves are archival safe. Some of the older Bowman Chrome and Topps Chrome products would ‘stick’ to these when stored for long periods of time. Topps has worked to correct that issue – which was a printing flaw for those early brands.

Best Web Deal: 10 Packs (1000 total sleeves)$12.49 ($1.24 per 100 pack!)

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