2009/10 Panini Absolute Blake Griffin Autograph RC /499

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December 30th, 2010

Blake Griffin’s 2009/10 NBA rookie season got off on the wrong foot when he got injured in the pre-season and missed the entire regular season. Prices for his Panini rookie cards slipped below those of Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry – who both had spectacular rookie seasons. Smart collectors were buying Griffin with the hopes he could come back in 10/11 and produce in a big way.

One of the more plentiful jersey autograph rookie cards of Blake Griffin comes from the 2009/10 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Basketball set – the base RC is serial numbered #/499.  These cards feature a sticker autograph and a jersey/ball combination from the NBA Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot.

Once Blake came back from injury in 10/11 and started to put up ESPN highlight dunks night in and night out, his cards started to get hot on eBay. Here at Sports Card Radio we really like Griffin and we think the price for these cards will continue to rise as he gets more exposure around the league.

The only drawbacks for Griffin is of course another bad injury and the fact that he plays for one of the leagues sad sack franchises in the LA Clippers. We saw the career of former #1 overall pick and SCR favorite Michael Olowokandi go down the tubes in L.A. in part because of poor coaching and management. It remains to be seen if that franchise can ever get it together.

2009/10 Blake Griffin Panini Absolute Basketball RC /499
$100.92Average Price – 7 Completed Auctions

2009/1 Panini Absolute Blake Griffin RPM Auto/Jersey Ball

Prediction Up Arrow ~ 10% Increase or Selling for at least $110.00 March 1st 2011

RESULTS: Ding! We hit the mark with this one as we predicted this price jump just before the Blake Griffin hype train started to gain momentum. After winning the dunk contest and daily highlights on ESPN, these cards now sell for over $140.00.


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