1993 Derek Jeter RC Rookie Card Price Guide

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Even though Derek Jeter is retired - his rookie cards are still collected as much as they ever have. Finding one's in good condition can increase the value more & more.

1993 Upper Deck SP Foil #279

Derek Jeter's best rookie card is his 1993 Upper Deck Sp Foil #279.

This card is very hard to find in good condition, because even out of the pack they came chipped from the sensitive foil.

PSA 9 Value

1993 Sp Jeter Cards For Sale

1993 Pinnacle #457

Much like the 1993 Upper Deck SP - there's a premium paid for Pinnacle Derek Jeter rookie cards in good condition, as the value falls off sharply from a PSA 10 Gem Mint to one in just Mint condition.

PSA 9 Value

1993 Pinnacle Jeter Cards For Sale

1993 Topps #98

Plenty of these cards exist, but the popularity of Jeter keeps the value of his 1993 Topps card on the rise. 

PSA 9 Value

1993 Topps Jeter Cards For Sale

1993 Topps Stadium Club #117

These cards are found in 1993 Topps Stadium Club Dome Factory Sets - which still sell sealed online.

The stated print run for these sets was 128,000.

PSA 9 Value

1993 Topps Jeter Cards For Sale

1993 Bowman #511

Bowman Rookie Cards are often a baseball player's best rookie - but for Derek Jeter, that really ins't the case.

Still a very nice card to have - but unlike some of Jeter's condition sensitive rookies - the 1993 Bowman version only has a value premium when graded in Gem Mint condition.

PSA 9 Value

1993 Bowman Jeter Cards For Sale

1993 Score #489

Actually the least valuable out of Derek Jeter's main stream MLB rookie card releases.

Might be considered the 'poor mans' Derek Jeter rookie card if you are a collector on a budget - it might make a nice choice.

PSA 9 Value

1993 Score Jeter Cards For Sale

1993 Score Select #360

1993 Upper Deck #449

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  • I have a Derek Jeter 1993 Topps Gold #98 card, no emblem near his leg or foot, but topps gold logo under his gloved hand. Is it worthy?

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