Wholesale Sports Trading Cards Distributor List

Here are some Sports Trading Card Distributors:

As sports cards have become more popular, it's become increasingly difficult to obtain many products at the wholesale level without a previously established account.

You can still find unopened product, its just become much more difficult post 2018.

With Fanatics agreement to make the NBA, NFL and MLB cards, and their subsequent purchase of The Topps Company, it changed the landscape considerably in 2022.

eBay Marketplace

eBay - The Worlds Marketplace

Believe it or not, eBay has some of the lowest prices when it comes to sports cards, supplies and unopened boxes. 

Wholesale Auctions on eBay

If you are thinking about starting a sports card shop you want to use eBay both as a place to sell and buy.

Sealed Boxes For Sale

Sealed Cases For Sale

Buying from the wholesale lots section is a good place to find deals that are sometime below wholesale prices. 

Newer products will be cheaper at wholesale distributors, but eBay can have good deals on older boxes and other unique items.



The new king of the sports cards world, you probably should get familiar with the Fanatics website if you want to stay involved in the business.



With unopened sports card boxes becoming increasing difficult to obtain at the wholesale level, many people have moved to selling retail blaster boxes found typically at Target and Walmart. 

Target Inventory

2021 Topps Allen & Ginter Blaster Box

2021 Panini Chronicles Basketball Mega Box

You may have to supplement your store inventory with boxes you obtain on the secondary market or at retail outlets like Target. 

Topps Company

The Topps Company

Topps Vault on eBay

Recently, Topps is making it easier to buy direct from them. While you may not be able to make the financial commitment it will take to become a HTA Store, they do offer other products.

I've talked to several shop owners who have been flipping the Topps Now cards that Topps began producing in 2016 in their stores.

They also continue to sell unique vault items on the Topps eBay Store.

Topps Direct Information: HTAinfo@Topps.com

DA Card World

DA Card World 

DA Card World eBay Store

One of the largest online Sports Card Dealers but not a true "wholesale" sports card distributor, however prices can be as low or lower than your normal outlet. 

757 Sports Collectibles


Locally owned sports store in Virginia Beach, VA that specializes in autographs and apparel.

Perhaps you can find something in the their online store or clearance section that you can flip for more money in your local market. 

DH Gate


Buy products direct from China! They have many sports products available. I've personally ordered from this website many times back in 2006-2008. The products come direct from China.

Sports Jerseys For Sale

Search for sellers the same way you would on eBay, find those with good feedback. 

Southern Hobby Supply


The premiere distributor of the United States with distribution centers in New York, Reno, Nashville, St. Louis and Chicago - Southern Hobby Supply represents all of the major sports and non-sport trading card companies as well as most of the major games and toy manufacturers.

This is a true wholesale distributor - meaning you will need your states resale tax-ID number.

I met this wholesale distributor at the 2011 Las Vegas Sports Card Summit, and they are perfect if you own a store.

They have much more than Sports Cards and Gaming, they can also provide all of the supplies and accessories that go with the collectibles. These additional items are often high dollar margins that help your bottom line.

With 5 locations across the country, Southern Hobby can ship 95% of the U.S. in a 1 of 2 day transit time. They also offer an extensive route deliver service to over 90 major cities across the USA. If you fall into their delivery area, you could save $1,000’s each year in shipping costs.

Kole Imports

Kole Imports

You might find that other licensed sports products sell well in your store that aren't cards.

Kole Imports has a wide array of sports products that you might be able to sell online or in your brick and mortar store. I've used Kole a lot to great success and always find some good stuff to flip.

Panini America


Panini America has quickly become one of the global leaders in Sports Trading cards - with licensed sets for the NBA, NFL, NCAA, Racing and MLBPA.

Getting this companies products would be a must if you want to open a card store. In 2016 they will have an NFL exclusive. You must have a store front to have a direct account with Panini America.

Panini America eBay Store

Sweet Deal


With over 20 years experience in providing excellent service to brick and mortar hobby stores, Sweet Deal is a must contact if you have, or are looking to get into the retail space.

They are located in California, so if you have a west coast hobby store and are looking to get product fast and hate waiting on east coast deliveries, Sweet Deal can take care of you.  

Looking for other stuff that's not sports cards? Well they also carry Ultra Pro supplies, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh plus more!

Peach State Sports


I used this sports card distributor back when they were first starting out. They didn't even have a website and it was all done over the phone.

They have grown a bit and are a good source if you are on the east coast. They sometimes get exclusive autographs from Atlanta Braves players and other athletes.

This is a true distributor of cards and supplies - meaning you will need your states resale tax-ID number.

All Sports Marketing


I actually met this Sports Card Distributor at the Las Vegas Sports Card Industry Summit in 2011. They are a great group of people that are working hard to get the best prices and information to you about products. These guys stock the brand new releases PLUS some of the 'older' product too. You'll also find Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and Magic along with a full line of sports products.

All the prices they quote you are what you pay, no COD or other fees. They also have Net 6 WEEK Payment plans. They also stock BCW Supplies at the same price as direct + free shipping if you order with boxes/cases.

This is a true distributor of cards and supplies - meaning you will need your states resale tax-ID number.

Steel City Collectibles

Steel City on eBay

Similar to DA Card World and Blowout Cards, they aren't a true wholesale distributor. They will have products available at or around wholesale prices depending on the demand for the products. 

Magazine Exchange


A great option for both non-sports and traditional sports cards from all the top card makers.

You will need a state re-sale ID to order from this company directly. The prices are going to be similar to the distributors above. I have never worked with this company directly, however they update the website on a regular basis so its worth giving them a shot.

Gold River Distributors


Located in Rocklin, CA this is a good choice if you are on the west coast. I have confirmation that they have good prices from an online retailer who buys from them.

I remember these guys when I did business over a decade ago - so they have the experience and knowledge of the industry. Visit the website and give them a call to setup a distributor account.

Upper Deck


Upper Deck is much like Topps in that you must be buying at large quantities in order to be eligible to buy directly from Upper Deck.

I've heard becoming a Diamond Dealer is similar to joining a club, the other members have to accept you. Kind of strange.  

I know they have restrictions on selling their product online so really this is only an option if you plan to open a popular sports card store. Upper Deck has a Diamond Dealers program you must apply for even if you are buying from distributors. 

Blowout Cards


Similar to DA Card World and Steel City Collectibles, they are not true distributors. 

Blowout Cards eBay Store

Casey's Distribution


Not a traditional sports card distributor, but does have interesting items including supplies.

Had at one point a full line of Topps factory sets dating back to the 1980's. Might be worth signing up for just to check out some prices.

Universal Distribution


One of Canada's top distributors, you want to give them a call if you live north of the United States border.

They not only carry the full line of sport trading card boxes and cases, but also a ton of gaming and other type of products that sell well at the hobby shop level.

Gronsor Distribution


Located in Ontario Canada, they carry products from Upper Deck, Topps and plenty of sports card supplies. 

Prince Wholesalers


Located in North York Canada, they have sports cards from Panini, Upper Deck, and Topps. 

Gaming products include Flesh and Blood, Pokemon and You-Gi-Oh. 

The Card Cabinet


Located in Sweden, if you need an international sports card distributor they do carry Upper Deck, Pokemon, Magic and Ultra Pro. 



A good option for China, as they carry Upper Deck, Topps, WWE, Beckett Magazine's, Panini, and much more.

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    • And now, amid a pandemic that has kept Americans home and canceled all sports, breaks are experiencing a new surge in interest. Since the coronavirus shut down regular daily life in mid-March, Justice says he has seen a 25% increase in overall business and a 15-20% increase in new customers. His breaks have almost doubled in viewership. Other breakers have seen similar shifts. With no live sports, no fantasy sports, and plenty of demand for distraction, breaks have won a new audience. Here s how it works. Say you want some cards but only certain ones, not just the random assortment that comes in a lone pack. Maybe you re hunting for one of those rare inserts, or you re a die-hard Detroit fan who only wants Tigers, or you want to access a portion of an expensive specialty set. You find the website of someone like Justice or Layton, which will list cases of cards at all sorts of price points. You buy into what s called a group break : a case broken open for a group of people who will share the cards. This is frequently done by team: You sign up to buy all the Red Sox cards, someone else will sign up for the Yankees, and, at cheaper prices, others will sign up for the Royals and Rays, and so on. But cases can be divided by boxes, or done randomly, until individual slots have been sold for the entire set. Then, the breaker does his thing while you watch, hoping for your cards to shuffle across the screen.

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