Top Selling 2011 Topps Supreme Football Cards

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2011 Topps Supreme Football
Release Date: January 11, 2012

Complete Checklist: 2011 Topps Supreme Football
Average Box Price on eBay: $80-90

Rodgers – Favre – Starr Triple Autograph
Sold For $4,999.00 – January 14, 2012 – eBay Seller: tboc

These are one of those auctions you want to be paid quick. Real quick. Five grand is a lot to pay for a card even with three hall of fame QB’s on it. There are ten of these redemption cards in the product so the card is not incredibly rare. Getting Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers to sign on the same card could prove to be difficult, which may explain the staggering price tag.


Dan Marino Printing Plate Autograph /1
Sold For $550.00 – January 15, 2012 – eBay Seller: ilta096

Marino never won a Super Bowl, but he has loads of fans that consistently pay top dollar for his autographs. Several players from the 2011 Topps Supreme base set have parallel printing plate autograph cards. Marino has been a staple in Topps football sets for the past few years and look for that to continue well into the future.

2011 Topps Supreme Dan Marino Autograph Printing Plate 1/1

Aaron Rodgers – Peyton Manning Dual Autograph
Sold For $425.00 – January 11, 2012 – eBay Seller: hammond07

Two of the great modern day QB’s are featured on this card – and the price seems about right. Will Peyton be able to come back next year and lead the Colts back to glory? Or will the team change direction and go with young QB Andrew Luck?  One thing is for sure, you can’t really go wrong investing in either Rodgers or Peyton.

Aaron Rodgers - Peyton Manning Dual Autograph Topps Supreme

Cam Newton Rookie Autograph Jsy /5
Sold For $407.99 – January 12, 2012 – eBay Seller: nmar2

Newton had a remarkable rookie season and flashed the skills that won him a NCAA National Championship at Auburn. $400 is a lot to spend on a QB that still hasn’t won anything in the NFL, but this card could be worth $1,000+ easy if Newton is able to lead the Panthers to a Super Bowl.

2011 Topps Supreme Cam Newton Rookie Autograph /5

Drew Brees Autograph Jsy 5/5
Sold For $299.99 – Jan. 13, 2012 – eBay Seller: stangman972

The 49ers were able to stop Brees and the Saints run at a Super Bowl in 2011, but the rest of the league had trouble stopping their offense all year long. Brees broke Dan Marino’s long time NFL passing yard mark in ’11 and is showing no signs of slowing down.

2011 Topps Supreme Drew Brees Autograph /5

Joe Montana Autograph Jsy 4/10
Sold For $297.25 – Jan. 13, 2012 – eBay Seller: corporate1000

This appears to be a Kansas City Chiefs jersey on this card, which may hurt it’s overall value a slight touch. Nonetheless, it’s great to see that Joe is in so many sets the last couple years, he used to have an exclusive deal with Upper Deck that limited the selection of his cards each season.

2011 Topps Supreme Joe Montana Autograph /10

Julio Jones Rookie Autograph Jsy 3/5
Sold For $275.00 – January 12, 2012 – eBay Seller: jvsdt5

Jones had a productive rookie season and could be poised for a huge breakout in 2012. Julio will go as far as his QB Matt Ryan will go – can Matty Ice become a top flight starter? We shall see, he and Jones put up great numbers but the potential is there for even bigger ones.

2011 Topps Supreme Julio Jones Rookie Autograph /5

Michael Vick Autograph Jsy 1/5
Sold For $215.00- Jan. 12, 2012 – eBay Seller: play-ball!!

Michael Vick has totally turned around his hobby status – prices for his cards dropped considerably after he went to jail for dog fighting. Now, he is back and playing well. He was hurt a lot in 2011 and will need to stay healthy to bounce back in 2012.

2011 Topps Supreme Michael Vick Autograph /5

Cam Newton Rookie Autograph Jsy /20
Sold For $200 – Jan. 14, 2012 – eBay Seller: sportscardsfl386

2011 Topps Supreme Cam Newton Rookie Autograph /20


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