What Sports Card Price Guide is the Best?

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If you have some sports cards or perhaps got back into collecting, finding the value of your cards isn't always the easiest process. It could take going to several websites to find out the value of your sports cards. 

In this article I will walk you through the many ways to value your cards, both free and paid options, and share my opinion on the tools I've used over my 30+ years of collecting baseball, basketball, football and hockey cards.


eBay Marketplace

The best free way to value sports cards of most years is to look at completed sales data from eBay.

New Tool: 
eBay Sports Card Price Tool

Many of the card pricing services you have to pay for, like Card Hedge and Card Ladder just sorts eBay's data for you.  

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ALL BGS, SGC, & PSA Auctions


COMC Marketplace

Entire Inventory:
 COMC on eBay

COMC has the 2nd largest inventory for single cards.

The site works differently than eBay, sellers send cards into COMC and the cards are all stored and shipped by COMC. 

All cards on COMC are also listed for sale on eBay but with a slightly higher price. I've sold over 120,000 cards on COMC and it tends to be a great marketplace for cards in the $1-$20 range.

My Cards on COMC


Card Ladder

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Pricing: $15/month
7-Day Free Trial


Tracks many graded and raw cards. Difference from Card Hedge is Card Ladder won't have values for lower graded cards. 

You can see an example of Card Ladder Pro in this video.


PSA Price Guide

PSA Priceguide

For Sale:
 PSA Graded Cards on eBay


If I'm buying PSA graded cards, occasionally I will use the PSA auction price guide which pulls data from eBay completed sales and various auction houses. 


Auction House Data

Goldin's Auction Data


Most auction houses share their sales data that can span over many years.

Recently, paid sports card price guides have been implementing this auction house completed sales into their data. But this data is free for everyone, it just requires going to many different auction house websites if you're digging in and doing a lot of research. 

Small sample of sports card auction houses:
Goldin Auctions
Heritage Auctions
Steve Novella


Beckett Magazine

Beckett Baseball Card Monthly Magazine


Go old school and pick up and Beckett Magazine. Not only do they still price cards in each monthly issue but many larger books exist for in-depth card pricing. 


Alt Marketplace

Get $25 Promo Credit!

I enjoy this new website and it's become a selling platform I've used. Similar to COMC, you send your cards in and Alt handles the storage and shipment of your cards. 

When the website launched it cost $0 to submit and list cards and was only 1.5% selling fees! Wow! There is nothing like this at that cost. Each listing will feature sales data from eBay and other websites. Must be a member to see card details.

Investors in the company include, Tom Brady, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Alex Morgan, Kevin Durant and many more!

Get a $25 promo credit to buy any card on the Alt platform after making a deposit!

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