December 2010 Sports Card Radio E-Mail Questions

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December 2010

Question: I’m looking for a 1925 Zeenut Reggie Rawlings card.  Can you suggest possible sources?

Answer: Some of these old cards can be very tough to track down and sometimes you can pay a premium if you go through an online dealer. I would suggest setting up an item alert on eBay so that it emails you anytime a Zeenut Reggie Rawlings card gets listed on the site.

A 1925 Zeenut Reggie Rawlings card sold for $19.00 on December 13, 2010. These cards do pop up from time to time so you’ll want to keep checking back to see if any other cards get put up for sale.

Question: I’m looking to buy my fiance a Hank Aaron 1954 rookie card rated PSA 5 or preferrably 6. Do you currently have any available or know who I could try to get in contact with?

Answer: We do not sell cards on our site but there are many resources available to pick up a Hank Aaron 1954 Topps RC card on the web. Back in March we chronicled the value of several PSA graded Hank Aaron rookie cards and the price range for a PSA 5-6 is $600-1,300. Once again, eBay would be your best source if you wanted to get one quickly as many are for sale currently:

1954 Topps Hank Aaron PSA Graded Rookies for sale.

Question: I recently purchased a box of 2001 Bowman Chrome Baseball with the intent of never opening.  After doing some research I discovered that the Albert Pujols Auto Rookie was a redemption card?  So you can’t pull the actual card out of a pack?  Please let me know if this is correct.  Thanks!

Answer: Yes, it is my understanding that the ’01 Albert Pujols was a redemption card that expired on June 30th, 2003. Most people are unaware of this and I only learned about the card being a redemption about 2 years ago. The Ichiro English and Japan cards are also redemptions.

Question: I have a few cards that I’d like to know prices on. If you could help out please let know!

2010 Eli Manning Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade. It’s the Black Spectrum parallel I believe but it is just really different. It’s serial numbered 2/10 It has his autograph and has a piece of jersey. Nothing special about that but the piece of jersey is white with what looks like it has a part of an autograph on it. I obviously compared the auto on card to the piece of jersey but it doesn’t look like any part of his own.

2008 Ladanian Tomlinson Upper Deck Football Heroes serial numbered one of one. Black background.

2010 Dan Marino Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade. Three jerseys but no autograph. The first is a small jersey… could possibly be a sock or something. The material is different. The second is a small patch 3 color and the third I think is from his shoe. It is white with what it looks like a yellow ironed screen print. Serial numbered 14/50.

2008 Absolute Memorabilia RPM Jonathan Stewart. It’s serial numbered 13/15. It has a small patch on the top right. The auto is on a silver glossy part taking up most of the card and has the Panters logo stamped on it. I have a Jake Long exactly like it serial numberd to 15 as well.

One of my most different cards. It’s a printing plate of Reggie White from the 1994 Collectors edge set. It says “Sir Reggie White” on it. It’s the print from the back of the card.

I hope you can offer me some help!

Answer: These should give you an idea about a ‘floor’ price – and if someone offers you more – I’d consider it a fair offer…just depends on how much value you place on the card going forward as well. Hope this helps.

2010 Dan Marino Absolute Memorbilia Tools of the Trade – saw a 2 Patch
– with nothing too special sell for around $15 #/50, a 4 color dual
Patch went for $20+. Considering the Prime pieces might be a little
better than average, I’d say on eBay $25 – $33.  Trade value to a
Marino fan, probably closer to $40.

2010 Eli Manning Playoff Absolute – sounds like you have a piece
where there was some markings – sometimes this is done by the player,
sometimes by staff who for some reason needed to mark that item.
Sometimes I’ve seen it for sizing, or identifying that those were
Eli’s game pants, … or possibly a superstition that he might have by
writing something … I’ve seen/heard some different reasons.
Typically if it were a signature, the company would use it – however
it does make the card slightly more collectible compared to other
versions. I’m just going to totally guess on a price – Its probably
only slightly more valuable … possibly 1.5x what a ‘normal’ #/10
patch Autograph would go for. If its a sticker autograph – on eBay I’d
say $87 – $98 …. on-card auto $100+ — Trade value $100+ and sold at
the right time (NY making playoff run) you could maybe get $150 for
something like this if Eli was hot….mainly because he’s in NY.

2008 Ladanian Tomlinson – this is the kind of card – if you have an
online store you put $75 on it and take offers. There are certainly LT
fans who want this – just not that much more over some of his other
cards. I think at auction you could get $20 for it…trade I’d take

2008 Absolute Memorabilia RPM Jonathan Stewart – there is a guy who is
selling #1/10 for $100 or best offer on eBay – its not exactly the
same version but similar. No reserve auction – I’d say it would sell
for $28 – $36 … it’d sell better towards the beginning of seasons as
he usually has some fantasy hype. Trade – $40+ … just because there
is some potential for growth.

Thanks again for the e-mail – feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Question: Do you have a checklist on your site that identifies the parallel/variant cards in the 2010 Topps Update Baseball set?

Answer: I have listed the ones I know of at the bottom of our 2010 Topps Update Baseball checklist page – its possible there are more.

Question: I have few 2010 Razor Cut Signature Edition cards. I have been wonder The famous film producer Louis B. Mayer, 1 of 1. How much it is worth? I have it. I need to know…

Answer: Hello thanks for the email. I cannot give you an exact price because it’s a 1/1 and only after it’s sold will you know.

You can compare it to others, someone is trying to get about $900 for a similar one on eBay MYSTERY CUTS AUTOGRAPH CUT AUTO: LOUIS B MAYER 1/1

Dealers and card store owners would probably give you $150 – $200, collectors of his will pay more. Hope this helps. In the future compare 1/1 cards to others on eBay to give you an idea of what it might sell for.  Hope that helps.

Question: I have been collecting Sweet Spot Upper Deck 2010 Football.  Actually went a bit crazy and am trying to put a complete set together.  I just bought Dan Marino signatures 1 of 3.  After buying it (haven’t received it yet), but I compared the eBay picture with the one of the same card you posted Dan Marino sweet spot 2010 1 of 3.  The signatures although both look like Dan Marino signatures are in different spots on the helmet, clearly different cards.  Any idea how this may be possible, where did you get the picture of the card from?  Puzzled.  The eBay seller has many transactions with a perfect rating and states the card is original.  Any ideas?

Answer: Great question – and thanks for the email. The photos I have are from the early promotion of the set. The Dan Marino in particular was one of the first photos released of the set originally I believe in February 2010. I’m guessing that is good Photoshop work or they used a different helmet for the card once the product came out many months later. Without checking the auction, I can be almost certain you are getting the real thing. Real photos tend to be a bit blurry because the helmet sits off the scanner so I left the stock photos up for most cards because they look a little nicer.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any further questions.

Question: I have two different Stephen Strasburg 2010 Topps #661 cards. what do you know?

Answer: There are 3 total variations of the #661 Stephen Strasburg Card.

1) The Million Card Redemption Code Version
2) 2010 Topps Factory Set Version
3) 2010 Topps Update Baseball Version

Here are pictures of all three cards: 2010 Topps Series 2 Stephen Strasburg #661 (RC) Redemption

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