2010/11 ITG Heroes and Prospects Baseball Series 1 Checklist

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2010/11 ITG In the Game Heroes and Prospects Baseball

10/11 ITG Heroes & Prospects
Series One Release Date: Early 2011

5 Cards Per Box – All Hits
All Autographs or Game Used Memorabilia

This will be the first time in ITG’s history that they will produce a Baseball trading card set. All of the cards in 2010/11 ITG Heroes & Prospects are autograph or game used memorabilia cards. Of the 5 hits per box, ITG claims that 4.5 of them will be prospect autograph cards. ITG also secured several top cut signature cards that will also be included in the set. Below is a complete checklist of all the cards in the set.

Some of the names in the cut signature checklist for 10/11 ITG Heroes and Prospects Baseball are living while others are true cut autographs of deceased former players. Included in the set are Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, and Brandon Belt + more to be added.

Base Prospect Autographs
4-5 Per Box On Average

Features Full Body and Close Up Shots

  • Silver #/390
  • Gold #/10

10/11 ITG Zach Cox Autograph Rookie Heroes and Prospects

A-AR Anthony Ranaudo
A-AR2 Anthony Ranaudo
A-AS Adrian Salcedo
A-AS2 Adrian Salcedo
A-AW Adam Warren
A-AW2 Adam Warren
A-BB Brandon Belt
A-BB2 Brandon Belt
A-BBO Bobby Borchering
A-BBO2 Bobby Borchering
A-BBR Bryce Brentz
A-BBR2 Bryce Brentz
A-BJ Brett Jackson
A-BJ2 Brett Jackson
A-CA Chris Archer
A-CA2 Chris Archer
A-CC Christian Colon
A-CC2 Christian Colon
A-CG Cam Greathouse
A-CG2 Cam Greathouse
A-CS Chris Sale
A-CS2 Chris Sale
A-DB Dellin Betances
A-DB2 Dellin Betances
A-DC Drew Cisco
A-DC2 Drew Cisco
A-DP Drew Pomeranz
A-DCE Darrell Ceciliani
A-DCE2 Darrell Ceciliani
A-DM Deck McGuire
A-DM Devin Mesoraco
A-DM2 Deck McGuire
A-DM2 Devin Mesoraco
A-DP2 Drew Pomeranz
A-EA Ehire Adrianza
A-EA2 Ehire Adrianza
A-EM Ethan Martin
A-EM2 Ethan Martin
A-FP Francisco Peguero
A-FP2 Francisco Peguero
A-GS Graham Stoneburner
A-GS2 Graham Stoneburner
A-GSA Gary Sanchez
A-GSA2 Gary Sanchez
A-HM Hunter Morris
A-HM2 Hunter Morris
A-JB Jesse Biddle
A-JB2 Jesse Biddle
A-JP Jarrett Parker
A-JP2 Jarrett Parker
A-JRM J.R. Murphy
A-JRM2 J.R. Murphy
A-JS Jake Skole
A-JS2 Jake Skole
A-JT Jameson Taillon
A-JT2 Jameson Taillon
A-KD Kyle Drabek
A-KD2 Kyle Drabek
A-KV Kolbrin Vitek
A-KV2 Kolbrin Vitek
A-MG Mychal Givens
A-MG2 Mychal Givens
A-MK Max Kepler
A-MK2 Max Kepler
A-MM Matt Moore
A-MM2 Matt Moore
A-MM2 Melky Mesa
A-MME Melky Mesa
A-MP Martin Perez
A-MP2 Martin Perez
A-MT Mike Trout Sp
A-MT2 Mike Trout Sp
A-PG Paul Goldschmidt
A-PG2 Paul Goldschmidt
A-RD Randall Delgado
A-RD2 Randall Delgado
A-RL Rymer Liriano
A-RL2 Rymer Liriano
A-SA Steven Ames
A-SA2 Steven Ames
A-SC Sean Coyle
A-SC2 Sean Coyle
A-TB Tim Beckham Sp
A-TB2 Tim Beckham Sp
A-TL Ty Linton
A-TL2 Ty Linton
A-TM Tyler Matzek
A-TM2 Tyler Matzek
A-TN Thomas Neal
A-TN2 Thomas Neal
A-TR Trevor Reckling
A-TR2 Trevor Reckling
A-WM Will Middlebrooks
A-WM2 Will Middlebrooks
A-WMY Wil Myers
A-WMY2 Wil Myers
A-YA Yonder Alonso
A-YA2 Yonder Alonso
A-ZC Zack Cox
A-ZC2 Zack Cox

Country of Origin Autographs
2010/11 ITG Rymer Lirano Country of Origin Autograph

COO-AR Anthony Ranaudo
COO-AS Adrian Salcedo
COO-AW Adam Warren
COO-BB Bobby Borchering
COO-BBE Brandon Belt
COO-BBR Bryce Brentz
COO-BJ Brett Jackson
COO-CA Chris Archer
COO-CC Christian Colon
COO-CG Cam Greathouse
COO-CS Chris Sale
COO-DB Dellin Betances
COO-DC Darrell Ceciliani
COO-DCI Drew Cisco
COO-DP Drew Pomeranz
COO-DM Deck McGuire
COO-DME Devin Mesoraco
COO-EA Ehire Adrianza
COO-EM Ethan Martin
COO-FP Francisco Peguero
COO-GS Gary Sanchez
COO-GST Graham Stoneburner
COO-HM Hunter Morris
COO-JB Jesse Biddle
COO-JP Jarrett Parker
COO-JRM J.R. Murphy
COO-JS Jake Skole
COO-JT Jameson Taillon
COO-KDR Kyle Drabek
COO-KV Kolbrin Vitek
COO-MG Mychal Givens
COO-MK Max Kepler
COO-MME Melky Mesa
COO-MMO Matt Moore
COO-MP Martin Perez
COO-MT Mike Trout
COO-PG Paul Goldschmidt
COO-RD Randall Delgado
COO-RL Rymer Liriano
COO-SA Steven Ames
COO-SC Sean Coyle
COO-TB Tim Beckham
COO-TL Ty Linton
COO-TM Tyler Matzek
COO-TN Thomas Neal
COO-TR Trevor Reckling
COO-WM Wil Myers
COO-WMI Will Middlebrooks
COO-YA Yonder Alonso
COO-ZC Zack Cox

Reflections Autographs

2010/11 ITG Tyler Matzek Reflections Autograph RC Heroes Prospects

R-AR Anthony Ranaudo
R-AS Adrian Salcedo
R-AW Adam Warren
R-BB Brandon Belt
R-BBO Bobby Borchering
R-BBR Bryce Brentz
R-BJ Brett Jackson
R-CA Chris Archer
R-CC Christian Colon
R-CG Cam Greathouse
R-CS Chris Sale
R-DB Dellin Betances
R-DC Darrell Ceciliani
R-DC Drew Cisco
R-DP Drew Pomeranz
R-DM Devin Mesoraco
R-DMC Deck McGuire
R-EA Ehire Adrianza
R-EM Ethan Martin
R-FP Francisco Peguero
R-GS Gary Sanchez
R-GST Graham Stoneburner
R-HM Hunter Morris
R-JB Jesse Biddle
R-JK Jake Skole
R-JP Jarrett Parker
R-JRM J.R. Murphy
R-JT Jameson Taillon
R-KB Kolbrin Vitek
R-KD Kyle Drabek
R-MG Mychal Givens
R-MK Max Kepler
R-MM Matt Moore
R-MME Melky Mesa
R-MP Martin Perez
R-MT Mike Trout
R-PG Paul Goldschmidt
R-RD Randall Delgado
R-RL Rymer Liriano
R-SA Steven Ames
R-SC Sean Coyle
R-TB Tim Beckham
R-TL Ty Linton
R-TM Tyler Matzek
R-TN Thomas Neal
R-TR Trevor Reckling
R-WM Wil Myers
R-WMI Will Middlebrooks
R-YA Yonder Alonso
R-ZC Zack Cox

2010/11 ITG Lumbergraphs

10/11 ITG Lumbergraphs Mychal Givens

L-AR Anthony Ranaudo
L-AS Adrian Salcedo
L-AW Adam Warren
L-BB Brandon Belt
L-BBO Bobby Borchering
L-BBR Bryce Brentz
L-BJ Brett Jackson
L-CA Chris Archer
L-CC Christian Colon
L-CG Cam Greathouse
L-CS Chris Sale
L-DB Dellin Betances
L-DC Darrell Ceciliani
L-DC Drew Cisco
L-DP Drew Pomeranz
L-DM Devin Mesoraco
L-DMC Deck McGuire
L-EA Ehire Adrianza
L-EM Ethan Martin
L-FP Francisco Peguero
L-GS Gary Sanchez
L-GST Graham Stoneburner
L-HM Hunter Morris
L-JB Jesse Biddle
L-JK Jake Skole
L-JP Jarrett Parker
L-JRM J.R. Murphy
L-JT Jameson Taillon
L-KB Kolbrin Vitek
L-KD Kyle Drabek
L-MG Mychal Givens
L-MK Max Kepler
L-MM Matt Moore
L-MME Melky Mesa
L-MP Martin Perez
L-MT Mike Trout
L-PG Paul Goldschmidt
L-RD Randall Delgado
L-RL Rymer Liriano
L-SA Steven Ames
L-SC Sean Coyle
L-TB Tim Beckham
L-TL Ty Linton
L-TM Tyler Matzek
L-TN Thomas Neal
L-TR Trevor Reckling
L-WM Wil Myers
L-WMI Will Middlebrooks
L-YA Yonder Alonso
L-ZC Zack Cox

2010/11 ITG Affiliation
Dual or Triple Autograph Cards

  • AF-01 Johnny Hellweg/Mike Trout
  • AF-02 Paul Goldschmidt/Matt Gorgen/Ty Linton
  • AF-03 Randall Delgado/Julio Teheran/Arodys Vizcaino
  • AF-04 Anthony Ranaudo/Kolbrin Vitek
  • AF-05 Brett Jackson/Chris Archer/Cam Greathouse
  • AF-06 Devin Mesoraco/Philippe Valiquette/Yorman Rodriguez
  • AF-07 Drew Pomeranz/LeVon Washington
  • AF-08 Kaleb Cowart/Randel Grichuk/Trevor Reckling
  • AF-09 Ethan Martin/Trayvon Robinson/Steven Ames
  • AF-10 Kentrail Davis/Hunter Morris
  • AF-11 Adrian Salcedo/Max Kepler
  • AF-12 Matt Harvey/Cesar Puello
  • AF-13 Dellin Betances/Addison Maruszak/Melky Mesa
  • AF-14 Graham Stoneburner/JR Murphy/Manny Banuelos
  • AF-15 Jarred Cosart/Tyson Gillies
  • AF-16 Gary Brown/Jarrett Parker/Francisco Peguero
  • AF-17 Zack Wheeler/Ehire Adrianza
  • AF-18 Seth Blair/Zack Cox
  • AF-19 Josh Sale/Tim Beckham
  • AF-20 Tanner Scheppers/Jurickson Profar/Kellin Deglan

2010/11 ITG Heroes and Prospects Giants Affiliation Auto

10/11 ITG Heroes Prospects Brandon Belt Cut Autograph Signature
2010/11 ITG Heroes and Prospects Christian Colon

2010/11 ITG Draft Year
Silver #/39 & Gold #/1 Parallels

2010/11 ITG Heroes and Prospects Bobby Borchering

Bobby Borchering

DY-AW Adam Warren
DY-AR Anthony Ranuado
DY-BBO Bobby Borchering
DY-BB Brandon Belt
DY-BJ Brett Jackson
DY-BBR Bryce Brentz
DY-CG Cam Greathouse
DY-CA Chris Archer
DY-CS Chris Sale
DY-CC Christian Colon
DY-DC Darrell Ceciliani
DY-DM Deck McGuire
DY-DB Dellin Betances
DY-DME Devin Mesoraco
DY-DC Drew Cisco
DY-DP Drew Pomeranz
DY-EM Ethan Martin
DY-GST Graham Stoneburner
DY-HM Hunter Morris
DY-JRM J.R. Murphy
DY-JK Jake Skole
DY-JT Jameson Taillon
DY-JP Jarrett Parker
DY-JB Jesse Biddle
DY-KB Kolbrin Vitek
DY-KD Kyle Drabek
DY-MM Matt Moore
DY-MT Mike Trout
DY-MG Mychal Givens
DY-PG Paul Goldschmidt
DY-SC Sean Coyle
DY-SA Steven Ames
DY-TB Tim Beckham
DY-TR Trevor Reckling
DY-TL Ty Linton
DY-TM Tyler Matzek
DY-WM Wil Myers
DY-WMI Will Middlebrooks
DY-YA Yonder Alonso
DY-ZC Zack Cox

2010/11 ITG Between the Seams
Red #/30 & Gold #/1 Parallels

2010/11 ITG Heroes Prospects JR Murphy Baseball Auto
J.R. Murphy

BTS-AW Adam Warren
BTS-AS Adrian Salcedo
BTS-AR Anthony Ranaudo
BTS-BBO Bobby Borchering
BTS-BB Brandon Belt
BTS-BJ Brett Jackson
BTS-BBR Bryce Brentz
BTS-CG Cam Greathouse
BTS-CA Chris Archer
BTS-CS Chris Sale
BTS-CC Christian Colon
BTS-DC Darrell Ceciliani
BTS-DM Deck McGuire
BTS-DB Dellin Betances
BTS-DME Devin Mesoraco
BTS-DC Drew Cisco
BTS-DP Drew Pomeranz
BTS-EA Ehire Adrianza
BTS-EM Ethan Martin
BTS-FP Francisco Peguero
BTS-GS Gary Sanchez
BTS-GST Graham Stoneburner
BTS-HM Hunter Morris
BTS-JRM J.R. Murphy
BTS-JS Jake Skole
BTS-JT Jameson Taillon
BTS-JP Jarrett Parker
BTS-JB Jesse Biddle
BTS-KB Kolbrin Vitek
BTS-KD Kyle Drabek
BTS-MP Martin Perez
BTS-MM Matt Moore
BTS-MK Max Kepler
BTS-MME Melky Mesa
BTS-MT Mike Trout
BTS-MG Mychal Givens
BTS-PG Paul Goldschmidt
BTS-RD Randall Delgado
BTS-RL Rymer Liriano
BTS-SC Sean Coyle
BTS-SA Steven Ames
BTS-TN Thomas Neal
BTS-TB Tim Beckham
BTS-TR Trevor Reckling
BTS-TL Ty Linton
BTS-TM Tyler Matzek
BTS-WM Wil Myers
BTS-WMI Will Middlebrooks
BTS-YA Yonder Alonso
BTS-ZC Zack Cox


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