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November 2011
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Dear Sports Card Show
Hi I have some codes from the Super Bowl Legends giveaway by Topps how do I get these cards? What site do I go on?

Start at the Topps Super Bowl Legends website and follow the directions at the top of the screen. You might have to register on the site which will require an email address.

2011 Topps Super Bowl Legends Giveaway Code

Dear Sports Card Show
My husband is an avid baseball autograph collector.  He loves to go to autograph signings and get an official ball signed by the athletes.  I’m looking for an autograph show for the winter/spring of 2012 that is on the east coast from New York to Washington, DC.  I looked on your website, and I only saw a few shows listed for January.  I also couldn’t figure out how to go to the February, March, or April pages on your website.

Hopefully I can help you find a nice show! I have not updated the 2012 Card Show Calendar past January – as most of the information on shows past then is not available yet. I will be updating that page almost daily in 2012.

The BIG autograph show is in Baltimore in August 2012. There will be so many athletes signing there – probably several hundred over the few days.  Its by far the biggest sports card and autograph show all year. Information can be found here: NSCC National Show.

As far as the winter/spring – check out this website: NY Card Shows – the website shows up a little funky in my browser – but they have been hosting shows every month for quite some time. They should update dates and times for their 2012 shows very soon I imagine. I will also list these shows on the 2012 calendar. Quite often they have autograph guests – and they will list the dates and prices on their site.

If I hear of anything in your area I will be sure to contact you.  Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!

Note: Good Resources For Show Information:

Dear Sports Card Show
Hi, I am trying to find out what cards were short printed in the 2009 Topps Magic football set. Can you be of help?

Here is a list of all the Base Set short print cards from 2009 Topps Magic Football:

2011 Topps Magic Terry Bradshaw Sp Card

2 Brodie Croyle
6 DeMeco Ryans
18 Kenny Irons
21 Ben Obomanu
26 Robert Meachem
27 Isaiah Stanback
34 John Beck
35 Justin Forsett
36 Lavelle Hawkins
44 Tye Hill
46 Chris Simms
47 Chris Brown
52 Dave Thomas
55 Derrick Harvey
58 Fred Taylor
60 Lorenzo Booker
63 Sebastian Janikowski
66 Ernie Sims
75 Sean Jones
79 Leonard Pope
82 P.J. Daniels
86 Kevin Kolb
98 Yamon Figurs
105 Terry Bradshaw
111 Kolby Smith
125 Ahmad Bradshaw
130 Shawne Merriman
131 DeAngelo Williams
136 Greg Olsen
138 Antrel Rolle
154 Marlin Jackson
165 Deuce McAllister
172 Brad Smith
174 Brandon Jackson
176 Alvin Pearman
178 Matt Schaub
180 Ronald Curry
185 DaJuan Morgan
193 Julius Jones
195 Maurice Stovall
199 Vernon Gholston
206 Marc Bulger
207 Mark Bradley
208 Owen Schmitt
211 Allen Patrick
222 Reggie Williams
224 Derrick Williams
233 Kyle Orton
236 Brian Leonard
239 Lee Evans

Dear Sports Card Show
I would like to say thanks first for a very informative distributor list page on your website. I have currently filed with my state for a reseller tax Id and should hopefully be able soon to find a distributor. I have many years experience of buying and selling on eBay as a hobby, and am looking forward to taking it on as a business. My question is about the benefits of being able to buy directly from a distributor. I would like to think that there is plenty of meat on the bone for a dealer, even on the eBay trading card market place. I know that some of/or all of the distributors on your list also sell on eBay. I am afraid that unless I could buy in bulk from the manufacturer themselves, that there may not be enough room for making a profit.

Will distributors really give me the product at a price that I can be competitive? Or can I expect to find the prices similar to what I can get on eBay? Once I get access to the wholesale price lists, I will obviously know the answer. I just wanted to ask you ahead of time what to expect.

You are going to find that the prices are similar (and sometimes higher) than eBay. However, sometimes you can make some money – especially in Baseball. Topps Gypsy Queen, Series 1, Tribute and a couple other sets did well this year over wholesale.

I answer this question more in-depth here about buying and selling at wholesale.

Dear Sports Card Show
If possible can an article on 2011 Sp Authentic Football be produced? I am really looking forward to the set.

Your wish is our command! Enjoy the set – the cards look nice. 2011 Upper Deck Sp Authentic Football Checklist. Just in case there are any changes to the set upon it’s December 13th release we will update that page with additional pictures and information.

2011 Sp Authentic Chrisitan Ponder Base Card

Dear Sports Card Show
According to your checklist of 2011 Topps Linage Rookies, you show 20 players.  But I can only find 19. Your checklist shows #15 being Hank Conger’s but I have the card and it is #16.  Was hoping that you could help me out as I am trying to finish this set.

It appears as though there is no card #TR15 as you suspected. So the set runs TR1-19 with no card #15. Conger is indeed #TR16. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck with your set!

2011 Topps Lineage Hank Conger Rookie

Dear Sports Card Show
What are the differences in the 1997-98 Fleer Skybox Metal Championship boxes and the 97/98 Fleer Skybox Metal boxes? Which one contains the red and green pmg’s or do they both? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

They both will contain the PMG cards – but they are different for each set:

1997-98 Skybox Metal Universe – those will be the boxes with red and green pmg’s. Every card in the base set (besides the checklist cards) have a parallel green and red pmg – the first 10 in the print run (#/1-#/10) are the green color. The rest (#/11-#/100) are the red color. I just noticed a Jordan Red was at $6,000 with time left on eBay.

1997-98 Skybox Metal Championship – from what I remember back when this set came out – this was like a ‘Series 2’ and came out later in the NBA season toward the playoffs. They have PMG cards that are serial numbered #/50 and have no color difference.

It is very difficult to pull these cards out of boxes because the set was mass produced compared to sets that are released today (and also have parallel cards #/100) – that is in part why you see the astronomical prices.

1997/98 Skybox Metal Kobe Bryant Precious Metal Gems Green /100

Dear Sports Card Show
I am writing in regards to the 2011 Topps Football Legends checklist….you don’t have Mark Ingram listed as one of the possible cards and I wanted you to know that I pulled the Mark Ingram future legends autograph relics today serial numbered 1/1. I thought you might like to update your checklist.

Nice card! Thanks for letting me know. I updated the list with Mark Ingram – that’s one of his best cards all season!

2011 Topps Legends Mark Ingram 1/1 Autograph

Dear Sports Card Show
Do you guys know anything about this football card Randall Cunningham black & white photo?

That was part of the 1991 Pro Set Football set – I believe it is card #712. It doesn’t hold a lot of value because they made so many of those cards during that time period. I am not sure what the background image is of. If you have any other questions feel free to email me!

2011 Pro Set Randall Cunningham #712

Dear Sports Card Show
I have enjoyed visiting your website last season to get the hockey
product checklists. I have not seen a Score checklist yet and was wondering if you were going to be posting them soon?

Thanks for visiting the site! I was able to finally get around to completing the 2011-12 Panini Score Hockey Checklist. Enjoy the set!

2011-12 Score Hockey Brad Marchand Glossy

Dear Sports Card Show
I was looking through my 2011 Topps Football Cards and I noticed a base card, David Garrard, card #88 that had ridges on the top. Is that special from a value standpoint or just a mistake made by Topps?

I think what you have there is a misprint card that happens when the “clamps” that squeeze the top & bottom of the packs (packaging) together probably snagged the top of your Garrard card. As far as value – it actually might raise it slightly – but very slight. Long term there is a possibility those type of cards might be worth more – like misprinted money/currency is. It’s probably worth putting aside and hanging onto just in case there ever is a demand for those type of mis-printed cards.

2011 Topps David Garrard Mis-Print Clamps

Dear Sports Card Show
I see you have listed on your 2010/11 Playoff Contenders Hockey Checklist on the site that the Tyler Seguin rookie ticket auto is a short print of /99 made. Was curious if that was a misprint or where you got the info? Hoping it came from the company. Please let me know all you can of the production run of the seguin rookie ticket auto.

My mistake. Only #136 Magnus Paajarvi has a confirmed print run of 99 copies. The rest are limited to /399 or less but I could not find any information to confirm the total amount of copies for Seguin.

2010-11 Panini Certified Tyler Seguin Autograph Ticket

Dear Sports Card Show
I need help concerning the 2011 & 2009 Goodwin Champions cards.  Could you please tell me the book value of the following 2011 cards: Barry Sanders #57, Cam Newton #78, Rogers #80, Eric Lindros #32, Alex Ovechkin #89 & Abe Lincoln #156.  Also how do you tell the difference between the night & day versions of the 2009 set?  I have a Lincoln #16 card with a dark background but really do not know the difference. If you don’t provide this info, could you tell me where I might find it.

As for the values, I’ve been using www.priceguideapp.com
I searched for: goodwin champions
It reveals most of the prices for the base cards you listed below, and seem pretty accurate to what you’d pay at a card show/shop …ect

As for the Lincoln, I’m pretty sure only a few cards are day/night … with the night being the SP. The Abe appears to have a dark background for all his cards – as I have yet to see a ‘day’ version … which should be in plentiful supply. Also the background doesn’t look like the night versions of Griffey and the other ones I’ve seen. I’m pretty sure there is no day/night version of the Abe.

2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Abraham Lincoln

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