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December 2011
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Dear Sports Card Show
I saw your website and think it’s really cool. I also saw your contests page where you were giving the 2011 Panini Adrenalyn Football Cards out. So I was wondering, Do you still have the 2011 S2 Adrenalyn football cards available? If so, I won’t hesitate to send an SASE, but I wanted to check and make sure you still had that available first. Thanks in advance!

Yes, we still have about 200 cards left. The cards that I have shipped out are listed on that page. Those are not available anymore. Let me know if you have any other questions.

2011 Panini Adrenalyn Series 2 Greg Jennings Special

Dear Sports Card Show
I’m a big fan of Topps Chrome Football, but that’s about to change! Why didn’t 2011 Topps Chrome Football include Ndamukong Suh in their set? He was the Rookie of the Year, and made the Pro Bowl!

I didn’t even notice they left out one of the leagues best defensive players, and one with a huge fan base in Nebraska. That’s too bad, I bet if he played for one of the New York teams, he would be included every season πŸ™‚

Hopefully they don’t ignore him in future sets, thanks for pointing this out to us, good luck with you Suh collection.

2010 Nadukong Suh Topps Chrome Rookie
2010 Ndamukong Suh Rookie

Dear Sports Card Show
I recently found your show and subbed to you on YouTube and downloaded your first 15 podcast that I’m currently listening to. I also sell on eBay and I’m curious about buying wholesale.Β  Any tips or places would be greatly appreciated.

I just put this up recently:Β  What Kind Of Profit Can I Expect From Selling Topps Baseball Cases?

At the bottom you’ll find links to a list of wholesale distributors:Β  Wholesale Sports Trading Cards Distributor List

Q&A I posted from other questions similar to buying wholesale: How Do I Open A Card Store? Online & Brick/Mortar Shops Q & A

I think selling during the release date window is best – you might not see huge profits on things like Gypsy Queen or Tribute, but you’ll sell most of it at break even or small profit, before it takes a dip. Another strategy is to buy after months have past & the price comes down.

Once you get to our latest show with R&B Sports Cards Owner – he gives a lot of great tips from a guy that just went through it all.

Hope that helps, it’s an interesting business – and you can profit when the products are hot. Thanks again, let me know if you have any other questions.

Upper Deck Authorized Retailer Seal

Dear Sports Card Show
I looked online for “Topps 2011 Football checklist” and your website came up.Β  I could not find anything on the Topps.com sight, like I have seen in past years, so I am wondering if you will be updating the list at all.Β  As an example, I was looking at my “Faces of the Franchise” cards and I currently have 21 and I am missing 2 of the cards you show in your list.Β  However, your list only shows 17 cards, so I know it is not up to date, it must be missing at least 6.Β  I appreciate the info you do put out there, especially when Topps themselves do not put out a checklist of inserts.

Yes, we do update sets – however as you saw … it’s not always easy to get them perfect. Especially with Topps, as they don’t provide checklists anymore.

I updated the Faces of Franchise set and a few others. Usually we find out about errors from collectors like yourself contacting us – and we appreciate it. I’ll try to tidy up the rest of that set as well in the coming days. If you see anything else that isn’t correct, feel free to contact us anytime.

2011 Topps Football Joe Namath & Mark Sanchez Dual Autograph Faces of Franchise Card

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