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Question & Answers For May 2012

SCR Mail Bag

Hi Sportscardradio,
I just won an eBay auction. It is the first Jordan White 2012 Bowman SP card with making an over the shoulder catch that has been on eBay. I was not going to alert anyone to it until I won it.

Don’t know how rare it is, there have been several of the other more common design.


Thanks for sending me that information. Those cards are really rare I think. I keep looking for them but there are very few. The ones that are on eBay appear to be the only ones so far. Let me know if you spot any other ones out there.

2012 Bowman Signature Jordan White SP Photo Variation RC


Do you know why both Press Pass and Sage Hit football both passed on Seattle Seahawks Bruce Irvin first round pick for the 2012 year?


Thanks you for the e-mail, good question.

I’m going to guess that maybe Bruce Irvin was either charging more than what Press Pass and Sage wanted to pay, or that neither company could get him to sign in time before Panini & Topps started making cards. I would imagine they want just about anyone they can get to sign for a good price, but there are probably limitations to getting certain guys to actually sign the cards as well. Hope that helps,

Thanks for the e-mail


Don’t know if you got the info yet, but Pro Debut was pushed back to June 13th today.

Yeah, the day before release!


Thanks for the email. I did not know that – I had been checking eBay for cards – now I can quit that for a couple weeks! Thanks again.

2012 Topps Pro Debut Jurickson Profar Card


Hello I pulled a 1/1 yellow printing plate Mickey Mantle #22. I was wondering how much do you think it is worth? I currently have it on eBay any ideas?


Nice card! Some of the Mantle plates from Gypsy Queen were in the $100 range. Some a little more -some a little less. I imagine you should do well with it – perhaps more than the Gypsy Queen base ones since there aren’t as many available in the product. Good luck! Let me know what it sells for.


The card sold for $109.99 with 2 bids on May 15, 2012 but was re-listed and is currently on eBay for $99.99

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Mickey Mantle Yellow Printing Plate


I was wondering if there was any news on whether there would be a 2011-12 Panini All Goalies set? Any info you can give me would be appreciated.


I just received word from Panini that they will not be making an All-Goalies set this year. Let me know if you have any other questions.

2010-11 Panini All Goalies Tim Thomas Card


First I want to say I love your site!  I use it very frequently for new product releases and odds and ends checklists. I was absolutely impressed with the quickness and credibility of your 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen review.
I do have a question though.  I am using/have used your site to complete a set of 2011 Topps Football Gameday Autos.  As of now I’m only the Favre away from the set.  I’ve looked on just about every site I can think of and haven’t been able to find the Percy Harvin, Frank Gore, or Jake Locker that you have listed in the checklist.  I’ve seen a Percy Harvin Auto/Relic but not just the auto.  I’ve also checked with Topps but they weren’t willing to release the list. Do you know if those three do in fact exist? Thanks for your help and your website!!

2011 Topps Gameday James Casey Autograph


Thanks for the e-mail, and glad you have found the site useful.

I remember those cards, and I remember trying to confirm them all when that set came out. I probably just thought I had them all listed correctly, but you are correct – the Harvin, Gore and Locker do NOT exist. Sorry about that, and I wish you luck tracking down the Favre to complete your set.

Thanks for pointing that out, I’m sure there are many more errors and if you see any please send us an email.

Good luck with your collection


In 1989-90 NBA Hoops Basketball What is a short print card and how do you know you have one? Also, is the David Robinson RC a short print card?


For 89-90 Hoops – they made 2 series, Series 1 and Series 2. But you could pull – for example – a #200 Michael Jordan card out of both Series 1 & Series 2 boxes.

Someone like – #7 Greg Anderson – he was only in Series 1 packs. You could not pull his card in Series 2 boxes or packs. So they will list all the cards like that as ‘Sp’ in the 89-90 Hoops set.

David Robinson 89-90 NBA Hoops RC Card

As for the David Robinson RC
Yes – card #138 is. He has card #310 which is only in Series 2. Different photos for each card.

Series 1 = 1-300
Series 2 = 300-353

Can find most of the 1-300 cards in series 2 packs – the ones you can’t are considered Sp’d

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


A few questions, will the rookies be in premiere photos/minicamp photos or be airbrushed in 2012 Panini Prestige Football? Also would it possible if you can find out from Panini if 2012 prestige will have Olivier Vernon, Bruce Irvin, Ronnell Lewis, Nick Perry, Robert Turbin, and Terrance Ganaway in the set? I also liked the preview you had on the product. Thanks.


I emailed Panini and they said:

“For all guys that appear at the Rookie Premiere, they will have photo shoot shots.” in 2012 Prestige Football.

Additionally, “Oliver Vernon and Bradham won’t make appreance until late season programs. Nick Perry and Ronnell Lewis will be in 2012 Prestige FB.”

2012 Panini Prestige Football


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