1988 Starting Lineup Baseball Figures

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1988 Kenner Starting Lineup Figures. Below is a complete checklist of all players in the inaugural 1988 version. Click on the player name to bring up a photo of all the starting lineups they’ve had.

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The concept of the figures started in 1986 when former NFL player Pat McInally was tasked to come up with some ideas for toy maker Kenner. McInally’s first idea was to make some 3-D baseball cards, but Kenner didn’t take to it. Eventually the idea to make figures of sports heroes was hatched and the Kenner executives loved the concept.

McInally, a Harvard graduate, was able to help get licensing for the toys because he knew key people involved with the NFL and MLB. Within a week, McInally had secured licensing agreements from all three major U.S. sports, something that would be unheard of today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many were made of each figure?
Kenner, and later Hasbro, had a policy not to release information concerning quantities produced for any of their products. Collectors of Starting Lineup figures have often speculated about the quantities.

How did Kenner decide which players to produce?
They utilized an internal group of sports fans who picked players on each team. Kenner had to begin producing the figures 12 months in advance which is why some players were missed during a key season.

1988 Kenner Eddie Murray Starting Lineup


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