2010 Upper Deck UD Draft Edition Football Box Checklist & Review

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Upper Deck could not aquire all the Autographs needed to complete the set and release it before the NFL Draft.

2010 UD Draft Edition Football Box
Sports Trading Cards Box Review

2010 Upper Deck Draft Edition Football

2010 Upper Deck UD Draft Football Box

Scheduled Release Date: April 13, 2010

2010 Upper Deck UD Draft Football Checklist Complete 2010 UD Draft Football Checklist (Coming Soon)

By The Box

  • 16 Packs Per Box – 10 Cards Per Pack
    12 Boxes Per Case

5 – Autograph Cards Per Box
1 – Oversized Magazine Box Topper
4 – Serial Numbered Parallel Cards

2010 Upper Deck UD Draft Football

2010 UD Draft Edition Football is an excellent early ’10 Football season product that competes with 2010 Press Pass and 2010 SAGE offerings. With an SRP in the $75 – $80 range, this product is affordable for most collectors. The good thing is that it delivers 5 Autograph Cards per box and with the strength of this years Rookie Class you might end up with some nice value. Look for Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen and others.  The 2010 NFL Draft Class is a strong one on paper. With many high profile QB’s the prices of many Autograph Rookie cards will be high. If autographs of Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford sell in the $100’s on a regular basis, products like 2010 UD Draft are worth taking a shot on. Take a look at how 2008 Upper Deck Football Boxes have dried up on eBay. There have been some hits & misses from that draft, but with Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Chris Johnson and others this gives you an idea how quickly product can dry up with a strong RC draft class.

We won’t know how the 2010 Draft Class will turn out, however $75.00 for 5 Autographs is a gamble many are willing to take even before any of these players take the field.  With all the attention going to many of the top Quarterbacks in this years draft you will want to keep an eye on ‘sleepers’ that fly under the hobby radar. No first round pick can truly fly under the hobby radar for long, however if everyone is spending money on Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen … there might be less to go around for the rest of the players. C.J. Spiller RB from Clemson looked great in the 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine and will be on most teams draft board as the #1 RB. He will get some hobby love, but not at much as the QB’s. Dez Bryant WR from Oklahoma State may slip on draft day in lew of teams selecting the OT and DT’s available at the top of the draft. His ability to make plays down the field will lead to some highlight plays during his RC season. Golden Tate WR from Notre Dame will be another WR that has the potential to deliver early.

Further down your hobby love radar will be potential #1 pick Ndamukong Suh. Very few defensive players make a hobby impact for more than a season or two and we expect the same for Suh. Just take a look at Mario Williams RC card prices on eBay and you’ll know that its not worth collecting until several years down the road. Expect modest prices on most of the defensive players taken in the draft. There will be many defensive players taken high in the 2010 NFL draft and we don’t see many making a huge hobby impact, thus watering down football products.

150 Card Base Set
25 – Todd McShay Scouting Report
25 – Draft Edition Magazine
25 – Alumni Association
25 – Conference Clashes
Blue Parallel: #/299 – Green Parallel #/99
Orange Parallel #/50 – Burgundy Parallel #/10

Autograph Card Set
Regular Card Autograph Purple Parallel
Regular Card Auto Copper Parallel #/99
Regular Card Auto Gold Parallel #/50
Todd McShay Scouting Report Auto Copper Parallel #/99
Todd McShay Scouting Report Auto Gold Parallel #/20
Draft Edition Magazine Auto Copper Parallel #/99
Draft Edition Magazine Auto Gold Parallel #/20
Draft Edition Magazine 5×7 Autograph Parallel
Alumni Association Auto Copper Parallel #/50
Alumni Association Auto Gold Parallel #/10
Conference Clashes Auto Copper Parallel #/50
Conference Clashes Auto Gold Parallel #/10


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