2010 Tri-Star Obak Baseball Box Checklist

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2010 Tri Star Obak Baseball

2010 Tri-Star Obak Baseball
National Sports Card Show Release Date: 8/5/2010
Street Release Date: 8/11/2010

2010 TriStar Obak Baseball – A History of the Game – will pay homage to the 1910 Obak T-212 design. The cards will feature current and former players in their minor league uniforms as well as a nice set of non-sport names. The American Tobacco Company back in 1910 inserted cards into packs of Obak cigarettes; today you will be able to buy the 2010 Tri-Star 100 year anniversary Obak cards from your favorite hobby retailer.

One of the exciting things about 2010 Obak Baseball is the chance to hit a hot box. You’ll get 10 Autographs per hot box and over 25 other hits! Now that’s some serious hits. There is one guaranteed hot box per 24 box case, so if you have the money, don’t be afraid to splurge on a case of this product to get that hot box.

2010 Tri Star Obak Baseball Box Configuration:

All boxes & cases are individually numbered.

  • 20 Packs Per Box
  • 6 Cards Per Pack
  • 24 Boxes Per Case
  • Mini Case – 12 Boxes
  • 125 Total Cases Produced

11 Hits Per Box:
4 Autograph Cards – Numbered /125 Or Less
2 Parallel Cards – Numbered /50 Or Less
1 T212 Mini Parallel Card – Numbered /50 Or Less
3 Short Print Cards
1 T4 Limited Edition Cabinet Card – Numbered /75 Or

2010 Tri Star Obak Kyle Drabek

2010 Obak Baseball – Base Set Checklist

History in the Making
1 Dustin Ackley
2 Josh Bell
3 Chris Carter
4 Starlin Castro
5 Kyle Drabek
6 Austin Jackson
7 Desmond Jennings
8 Jason Kipnis
9 Tyler Matzek
10 Jiovanni Mier
11 Jared Mitchell
12 Austin Romine
13 Tony Sanchez
14 Carlos Santana
15 Drew Storen
16 Donvan Tate

History’s Greatest Players
17 Roger Clemens
18 Andre Dawson
19 Hank Greenberg
20 Dale Murphy
21 Cal Ripken Jr.

Heroes & Legends
22 George Bradley
23 Lawrence ‘Crash’ Davis
24 Jack Dunn
25 Paul Hines
26 Harry McCormick
27 Denny McLain
28 Fred Toney

#1 Overall Picks
29 Ron Blomerg
30 Jeff Burroughs
31 David Clyde
32 Bob Horner
33 Ben McDonald
34 Darryl Strawberry

Minor League Best
35 Jay Clarke
36 Smead Jolley
37 Joe Riggert
38 Doc Newton

Minor League Players of the Year
39 Don Baylor
40 Johnny Bench
41 Jose Canseco
42 Dwight Gooden
43 Ben Grieve
44 Jason Heyward
45 Frank Howard
46 Charlie Keller
47 Ken Landreaux
48 Tom Paciorek
49 Tim Raines
50 Sebastian ‘Sibby’ Sisti
51 Mel Stottlemyre

Can You Believe
52 Jim Abbott
53 Moe Berg
54 Lou Bierbauer
55 Toby Harrah
56 Ed Kurpiel
57 John Paciorek
58 Walter ‘Wally’ Pipp
59 Wayne Terwilliger
60 Emil Ogden Yde

Game Changers
61 Tommie Aaron
62 Daniel Lucius ‘Doc’ Adams
63 Eberhard Anneuser
64 Caleb Bradham
65 Margan Bulkeley
66 Jefferson Burdick
67 Ray Chapman
68 Eddie Cicotte
69 Jim Creighton
70 George Eastman
71 Charles Ebbets
72 Al Munro Elias
73 Andy Farkas
74 Rube Foster
75 Bernice Gera
76 Henry John Heinz
77 Roy Hofheinz
78 William A. Hulbert
79 Tommy John
80 Byron ‘Ban’ Johnson
81 Connie Mack
82 John McGraw
83 Frederick Miller
84 John Pemberton
85 Alfred ‘A.J.’ Reach
86 John Sherman
87 Benjamin Shibe
88 Harry M. Stevens
89 Luther ‘Dummy’ Taylor
90 Ernest Thayer
91 Frederick W. Thayer
92 Charles Tiffany
93 Maurice Van Robays
94 John Montgomery Ward
95 Andrew Peck  W. Irving Snyder
96 Louis Sockalexis
97 Alex Liddi & Lou Polli
98 Jim Bouton & Robert Nelson
Future Stars
99 Jason Heyward
Austin Jackson
100 Jason Heyward
Craig Kimbrel

101 Howard Cassady
102 Dave Debusschere
103 Francis Ouimet
104 Kyle Rote Sr.
105 Charlie Ward

Pop Icons
106 Hulk Hogan

Historic Names
107 John Stevens III
108 Joe Tinker
Johnny Evers
Frank Chance
109 Sherry Magee

Short Prints
110 Eddie Plank
111 Joe Tinker
112 Johnny Evers
113 Frank Chance
114 Todd McFarlane
115 Walt Whitman
116 Charles ‘Chick’ Gandil
117 Claude Berry
118 George ‘Buck Weaver
119 1869 Cinn Red Stockings
120 William H. Taft
Barack Obama

2010 Obak Baseball – Autograph Checklist

A1 Jason Heyward Austin Jackson
A2 Jason Heyward Craig Kimbrel
A3 Dustin Ackley
A4 Josh Bell
A5 Bobby Borchering
A6 Chris Carter
A7 Starlin Castro
A8 Grant Desme
A9 Kyle Drabek
A10 Daniel Fields
A11 Reymond Fuentes
A12 Garrett Gould
A13 Randal Grichuk
A14 Slade Heathcott
A15* Jason Heyward
A16 Matt Hobgood
A17 K.C. Hobson
A18 Austin Jackson
A19 Brandon Jacobs
A20 Desmond Jennings
A21 Jason Kipnis
A22 Jeff Kobernus
A23 Alex Liddi
A24 Steve Matz
A25 Tyler Matzek
A26 Neil Medchill
A27 Tommy Mendonca
A28 Jiovanni Mier
A29 Jared Mitchell
A30 D’Vontrey Richardson
A31 Austin Romine
A32 Gary Sanchez
A33 Carlos Santana
A34 Scott Sizemore
A35 Blake Smith
A36 Robert Stock
A37 Drew Storen
A38 Donavan Tate
A39 Trayce Thompson
A40 Michael Trout
A41 Zach Von Rosenberg
A42  Alex White
A43 Shannon Wilkerson
A44 Everett Williams
A45 Alex Wilson
A46 Madison Younginer
A47 Jim Abbott
A48 Don Baylor
A49 Johnny Bench
A50 Ron Blomberg
A51 Jim Bouton
A52 Jeff Burroughs
A53 Jose Canseco
A54 Howard Cassady
A55 Roger Clemens
A56 David Clyde
A57 Andre Dawson
A58 Toby Gerhart
A59 Luis Gonzalez
A60 Dwight Gooden
A61 Ben Grieve
A62 Toby Harrah
A63 Hulk Hogan
A64 Bob Horner
A65 Frank Howard
A66 Tommy John
A67 Ed Kurpiel
A68 Ken Landreaux
A69 Ben McDonald
A70 Todd McFarlane
A71 Denny McLain
A72 Dale Murphy
A73 Robert C. Nelson
A74 John Paciorek
A75 Tom Paciorek
A76 Tim Raines
A77 Cal Ripken, Jr.
A78 Mel Stottlemyre
A79 Darryl Strawberry
A80 Wayne Terwilliger
A81 Charlie Ward
A82 Jim Bouton/Robert C. Nelson
A83 Ric Flair/Hulk Hogan

2010 Obak Baseball – Cut Autograph Checklist

A84 Ernie Banks
A85 Moe Berg
A86 Eddie Cicotte
A87 Joe DiMaggio
A88 Hank Greenberg
A89 Harmon Killebrew
A90 Connie Mack
A91 Mickey Mantle
A92 Barack Obama
A93 Satchel Paige
A94 Frank Robinson
A95 Kyle Rote
A96 Sibby Sisti
A97 Stephen Strasburg Bryce Harper
A98 Buster Posey/Matt Wieters
A99 Stan Musial/Albert Pujols
A100 Hank Aaron/Tommie Aaron
A101 Alex Liddi/Lou Poll

2010 Tri Star Obak Cut Signatures

2010 Obak Baseball – T-4 Autograph Checklist

T4-1 Don Baylor
T4-6 Jim Bouton
T4-9 Luis Gonzalez
T4-13 Dustin AckleyT4-14 Andre Dawson
T4-18 Donavan Tate
T4-22 Desmond Jennings

Complete T-4 Autograph Checklist: TBA

2010 Obak Baseball – T-212 Mini Cards Checklist

T-212 Mini Cards
1 Dustin Ackley
2 Chris Carter
3 Starlin Castro
4 Austin Jackson
5 Desmond Jennings
6 Carlos Santana
7 Drew Storen
8 Donvan Tate
9 Roger Clemens
10 Hank Greenberg
11 Dale Murphy
12 Cal Ripken Jr.
13 Lawrence ‘Crash’ Davis
14 Darryl Strawberry
15 Smead Jolley
16 Johnny Bench
17 Jose Canseco
18 Jason Heyward
19 Sebastian ‘Sibby’ Sisti
20 Jim Abbott
21 Moe Berg
22 Walter ‘Wally’ Pipp
23 Jefferson Burdick
24 Ray Chapman
25 Eddie Cicotte
26 Jim Creighton
27 Charles Ebbets
28 Rube Foster
29 Bernice Gera
30 Connie Mack
31 Luther Taylor
32 Andrew Peck/Irving Snyder
33 Jim Bouton/Robert Nelson
34 William Taft/Barack Obama
35 Charlie Ward
36 Joe Tinker
Johnny Evers
Frank Chance
37 Sherry Magee
38 Eddie Plank
39 Todd McFarlane
40 Walt Whitman
41 Jason Heyward
Austin Jackson
42 Charles Gandil
43 Claude Berry
44 George Weaver
45 Hulk Hogan

2010 Obak Baseball – T-4 Size Checklist

T4-1 Los Angeles A.L.
T4-2 Houston
T4-3 Oakland
T4-4 Toronto
T4-5 Atlanta
T4-6 Milwaukee
T4-7 St. Louis
T4-8 Chicago N.L.
T4-9 Arizona
T4-10 Los Angeles N.L.
T4-11 San Francisco
T4-12 Cleveland
T4-13 Seattle
T4-14 Florida
T4-15 New York N.L.
T4-16 Washington
T4-17 Baltimore
T4-18 San Diego
T4-19 Philadelphia
T4-20 Pittsburgh
T4-21 Texas
T4-22 Tampa Bay
T4-23 Boston
T4-24 Cincinnati
T4-25 Coloroado
T4-26 Kansas City
T4-27 Detroit
T4-28 Minnesota
T4-29 Chiacgo A.L.
T4-30 New York A.L.

2010 Obak Baseball – T-212 Mini Autograph Cards Checklist

  • MA-1 Jim Abbott
  • MA-2 Dustin Ackley
  • MA-3 Johnny Bench
  • MA-4 Starlin Castro
  • MA-5 Roger Clemens
  • MA-6 Jason Heywar
  • MA-7 Austin Jackson
  • MA-8 Tommy John
  • MA-9 Ben McDonald
  • MA-10 Dale Murphy
  • MA-11 Drew Storen
  • MA-12 Donavan Tate
  • MA-13 Hulk Hogan

2010 TriStar T212 Mini Autographs

2010 Tri Star Obak Baseball Sell Sheet

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