2010/11 UD Sp Authentic Basketball Box Checklist

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2010-11 Upper Deck Sp Authentic Basketball Hobby Box

2010/11 UD Sp Authentic Basketball
Release Date: May 4, 2011

24 Packs Per Box
5 Cards Per Pack
12 Boxes Per Master Case
6 Boxes Per Inner Case

Each 12 Box Case Has An Auto of LeBron James or Michael Jordan

2010/11 Upper Deck Sp Authentic Basketball will exclusively feature players in their college uniforms for the very first time in the brands long tenure as one of the premier basketball products. The decision to use the NCAA theme was made for Upper Deck, because the NBA did not renew a deal with UD for the 2009/10 season and beyond. UD cannot use pictures or use NBA team names/logos on their cards but the company does have a NCAA CLC license which allows them to depict players in those uniforms and colors.

By The Box: 2010/11 Sp Authentic Basketball
24 Packs Per Box
5 Cards Per Pack
Holo F/X Holograms (1:6)
2 SP By the Letter Autographs OR
1 By the Letter Autograph + 1 additional autograph + 1 Michael Jordan North Carolina Supreme Court Floor card.

2010/11 Sp Authentic – Base Set Checklist

  • 100 Regular Cards

2010/11 Sp Authentic Larry Bird Base Card

1 Michael Jordan
2 Jerry West
3 Bill Walton
4 Bill Russell
5 David Robinson
6 Hakeem Olajuwon
7 Alonzo Mourning
8 Christian Laettner
9 Magic Johnson
10 George Gervin
11 Clyde Drexler
12 Dominique Wilkins
13 John Stockton
14 Larry Bird
15 James Worthy
16 Julius Erving
17 Bruce Bowen
18 Phil Ford
19 Bobby Jones
20 BJ Armstrong
21 Rick Barry
22 Elgin Baylor
23 LeBron James
24 Jim Jackson
25 Larry Brown
26 Bill Cartwright
27 Cynthia Cooper
28 Walter Davis
29 Adrian Dantley
30 Brad Daugherty
31 Hubert Davis
32 Vlade Divac
33 Rick Fox
34 Walt Frazier
35 Gail Goodrich
36 Darrell Griffith
37 Anfernee Hardaway
38 James Harden
39 Robert Horry
40 John Havlicek
41 Steve Alford
42 Rod Hundley
43 Lauren Jackson
44 Mark Jackson
45 Avery Johnson
46 Larry Johnson
47 Rex Walters
48 Shawn Kemp
49 Toni Kukoc
50 Bill Laimbeer
51 Lonnie Shelton
52 Freddie Lewis
53 George Lynch
54 Danny Manning
55 Sam Perkins
56 Greg Anthony
57 Bill Sharman
58 Candace Parker
59 Terry Porter
60 Glen Rice
61 Michael Ray Richardson
62 Mateen Cleaves
63 Dennis Rodman
64 Derrick Rose
65 Pat Riley
66 Calbert Cheaney
67 Cazzie Russell
68 Bobby Hurley
69 Jack Sikma
70 Sam Cassell
71 Jerry Sloan
72 Kenny Smith
73 JR Reid
74 Tim Hardaway
75 David Thompson
76 Reggie Theus
77 Rudy Tomjanovich
78 Chet Walker
79 Russell Westbrook
80 Marion Jones
81 Steve Fisher
82 Tom Izzo
83 Roy Williams
84 Bill Self
85 Jim Boeheim
86 Gary Williams
87 Mike Montgomery
88 Jim Calhoun
89 Billy Donovan
90 Mark Few
91 Ben Howland
92 Thad Matta
93 Bruce Pearl
94 Bob Huggins
95 Bo Ryan
96 Tubby Smith
97 Sean Miller
98 Rick Majerus
99 Jay Wright
100 Jamie Dixon

2010/11 Sp Authentic – By The Letter Legends
ODDS: Rookies & Legends = 1 or 2 Per Box

Reported Sales: Jim Jackson /149 $13.35

2010/11 Sp Authentic Michael Jordan By The Letter Autograph

L-AM Alonzo Mourning
L-AJ Avery Johnson
L-BC Bill Cartwright
L-BS Bill Sharman
L-BW Bill Walton
L-BB Bruce Bowen
L-BL Bill Laimbeer
L-BR Bill Russell
L-BJ B.J. Armstrong
L- Candace Parker
L-CC Cynthia Cooper
L-CL Christian Laettner
L-CW Chet Walker
L-DM Danny Manning
L-DR Derrick Rose EXCH
L-DT David Thompson
L-DR David Robinson
L-EB Elgin Baylor
L-GG Gail Goodrich
L-GR Glen Rice
L-HO Hakeem Olajuwon
L-JH James Harden
L- Jim Jackson
L-JS Jerry Sloan
L-JE Julius Erving
L-KS Kenny Smith
L-JO Larry Johnson
L-JR J.R. Reid
L-LB Larry Bird
L-LJ LeBron James
L-MJ Michael Jordan
L-RF Rick Fox
L-RH Robert Horry
L-RW Russell Westbrook EXCH
L-SC Sam Cassell
L- Steve Alford
L-TB Terrell Brandon
L-TP Terry Porter
L-YM Yao Ming

2010/11 Sp Authentic – By The Letter Rookies
ODDS: Rookies & Legends = 1 or 2 Per Box

EXCH Expire: 4-14-2014

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2010-11 Sp Authentic Ed Davis Letter Auto RC

#201 Hassan Whiteside
#202 Terrico White
#203 Andy Rautins
#204 Derrick Favors
#205 Al-Farouq Aminu
#206 Cole Aldrich
#207 DeMarcus Cousins
#208 Ed Davis
#209 Hamady Ndiaye
#210 Greg Monroe
#211 Brian Zoubek
#212 Manny Harris
#213 Damion James
#214 Stanley Robinson
#215 Armon Johnson
#216 Craig Brackins
#217 Gani Lawal
#218 Luke Babbitt
#219 Dominique Jones
#220 Xavier Henry
#221 Solomon Alabi
#222 Jordan Crawford
#223 Eric Bledsoe
#224 Jerome Jordan
#225 James Anderson
#226 Dexter Pittman
#227 DaSean Butler
#228 Trevor Booker
#229 Ekpe Udoh
#230 Sherron Collins
#231 Deon Thompson
#232 Gordon Hayward
#233 Scottie Reynolds
#234 Jarvis Varnado EXCH
#235 Quincy Pondexter
#236 Luke Harangody
#237 Paul George
#238 Greivis Vasquez
#239 Aubrey Coleman#240 Lazar Hayward
#241 Elliot Williams
#242 Devin Ebanks

Reported Sales: #202 Terrico White $17.05 – #216 Craig Brackins $4.50 – #217 Gani Lawal $5.80 – #225 James Anderson $7.50 – #228 Trevor Booker $6.80 – #241 Elliot Williams $5.80

Prices include Shipping


2010/11 Sp Authentic – Chirography Autographs
Look for Chirography Gold Parallel Cards #/10

2010/11 Sp Authentic LeBron James Chirography Autograph

C-AF Anfernee Penny Hardaway
C-AJ Avery Johnson
C-AM Alonzo Mourning
C-AO A.J. Ogilvy
C-BA B.J. Armstrong
C-BB Bruce Bowen
C-BD Brad Daugherty
C-BL Bill Laimbeer
C-CC Cynthia Cooper
C-CD Clyde Drexler
C-CL Christian Laettner
C-CP Candace Parker EXCH
C-DC DeMarcus Cousins
C-DF Derrick Favors
C-DG Darrell Griffith
C-DM Donyell Marshall
C-DR Derrick Rose
C-DW Dominique Wilkins
C-EB Devin Ebanks
C-ED Ed Davis
C-HD Hubert Davis
C-JJ Jim Jackson
C-RH Robert Horry
C-JA Lauren Jackson
C-JE Julius Erving
C-JH James Harden
C-JO Larry Johnson
C-JS John Stockton
C-KS Kenny Smith
C-LB Larry Bird
C-LJ LeBron James
C-MJ Michael Jordan
C-LS Lonnie Shelton
C-LY George Lynch
C-MA Mark Jackson
C-OE Eric Bledsoe
C-PG Paul George
C-RF Rick Fox
C-RO David Robinson
C-SR Stanley Robinson
C-TB Terrell Brandon
C-TW Terrico White
C-YM Yao Ming
C-RW Russell Westbrook

Reported Sales: DeMarcus Cousins $37.89

2010/11 Sp Authentic – Chirography Dual Autographs
Odds: Serial Numbered #/10

2010/11 Sp Authentic – Chirography Triple Autographs
Odds: Serial Numbered #/8

2010/11 Sp Authentic – Chirography Quad Autographs
Odds: Serial Numbered #/5

Please Note: I am not sure on the existence of dual, triple and quad cards as of 5/6/2011 – I will continue to monitor to see if these are indeed available in the set.


2010/11 Sp Authentic – Sign of the Times Autographs
Look for Sign of the Times Gold Parallel Cards

2010/11 Sp Authentic Magic Johnson Sign of the Times Auto

S-AD Adrian Dantley
S-BW Bill Walton
S-BD Billy Donovan
S-BC Bobby Cremins
S-BW Bruce Weber
S-CB Craig Brackins
S-DR Derrick Rose EXCH
S-GW Gani Lawal
S-GG George Gervin
S-DW Donald Williams
S-FW Freddie Lewis
S-JS Jack Sikma
S-JD Jamie Dixon
S-JH John Havlicek
S-LJ LeBron James
S-MJ Magic Johnson
S-MF Mark Few
S-MM Mike Montgomery
S-MC Michael Cooper
S-MR Michael Ray Richardson
S-MJ Michael Jordan
S-RW Rex Walters
S-RM Rick Majerus
S-RW Russell Westbrook EXCH
S-SC Sam Cassell
S-SP Sam Perkins
S-SK Shawn Kemp
S-TK Toni Kukoc
S-TB Trevor Booker
S-TS Tubby Smith

2010/11 Sp Authentic – Sign of the Times Dual Autographs
Odds: Serial Numbered #/10

  • S2-DH Luke Harangody/Adrian Dantley
  • S2-HR Anfernee Hardaway/Derrick Rose EXCH
  • S2-HW Ben Howland/Russell Westbrook EXCH

10-11 Sp Authentic Basketball Sign of the Time Dual Autograph


2010/11 Sp Authentic – Sign of the Times Triple Autographs
Odds: Serial Numbered #/8

Reported Sales: Orton/Bledsoe/Cousins $99.99

S3-KY Daniel Orton/Eric Bledsoe/DeMarcus Cousins
S3 Michael Jordan/Magic Johnson/Larry Bird

S3-OMW Alonzo Mourning/Bill Walton/Hakeem Olajuwon

2010/11 Sp Authentic – Sign of the Times Quad Autographs
Odds: Serial Numbered #/5

2010/11 Sp Authentic – Holo F/X
Odds: 1:6 Packs
Look For Die-Cut Parallel Cards 1:144 Packs

F/X-1 Derrick Rose
F/X-2 Walt Frazier
F/X-3 Christian Laettner
F/X-4 Robert Horry
F/X-5 Mateen Cleaves
F/X-6 Julius Erving
F/X-7 Larry Bird
F/X-8 Jim Jackson
F/X-9 Elgin Baylor
F/X-10 Tim Hardaway
F/X-11 Dennis Rodman
F/X-12 Kenny Smith
F/X-13 Jerry West
F/X-14 Bill Russell
F/X-15 Xavier Henry
F/X-16 James Harden
F/X-17 Magic Johnson
F/X-18 George Gervin
F/X-19 Hakeem Olajuwon
F/X-20 David Robinson
F/X-21 LeBron James
F/X-22 Ed Davis
F/X-23 Michael Jordan
F/X-24 Greg Monroe
F/X-25 Bill Walton
F/X-26 Cazzie Russell
F/X-27 Alonzo Mourning
F/X-28 Rick Fox
F/X-29 Candace Parker
F/X-30 Danny Manning
F/X-31 Ben Howland
F/X-32 Derrick Favors
F/X-33 Al-Farouq Aminu
F/X-34 DeMarcus Cousins
F/X-35 Larry Johnson
F/X-36 James Worthy
F/X-37 David Thompson
F/X-38 Jim Boeheim
F/X-39 Bill Self
F/X-40 Roy Williams
F/X-41 Ben Howland
F/X-42 Tom Izzo

2010/11 Sp Authentic – Jordan Classic

  • JC-DE Devin Ebanks
  • JC-DA Ed Davis
  • JC-GM Greg Monroe

2010-11 Devin Ebanks Jordan Classic Jersey Card


Michael Jordan Supreme Court
2010/11 Sp Authentic Michael Jordan Supreme Court


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