2011 Topps 5 Five Star Football Checklist

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2011 Topps Five 5 Star Dan Marino Signature Autograph

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Release Date: February 22, 2012

8 Cards Per Pack/Box
1 Autograph Rookie Card
1 Autograph Rookie Patch
1 Veteran or Retired Autograph
1 Auto Relic Book or Dual Auto
1 Jumbo Jersey or Jumbo Patch
3 Super Thick Base Cards

  • All On-Card Autographs
  • Every Card is Serial Numbered
  • Hobby Only Product
  • Redemptions For Full Sized Autographed Jerseys

2010 Topps Five Star Checklist (Last Years Set)

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Futures Autograph Patch
Base Card Patch Autograph Rookie Parallel
Parallels: Gold #/55 – Rainbow #/25

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2011 Topps Five Star Cam Newton Patch Autograph RC

151 Daniel Thomas /120
152 Jon Baldwin /75
153 Christian Ponder /65
154 Alex Green /175
155 Blaine Gabbert /65
156 Jordan Todman /199
157 Kendall Hunter /199
158 Bilal Powell /175
159 Greg Little /65
160 Mark Ingram /65
161 Andy Dalton /75
162 Delone Carter /175
163 Austin Pettis /199
164 Jake Locker /75
165 Kyle Rudolph /120
166 Jerrel Jernigan /120
167 Ryan Mallett /65
168 Vincent Brown /199
169 Jamie Harper /199
170 Cam Newton /199
171 Von Miller /65
172 DeMarco Murray /130
173 Ryan Williams /75
174 Stevan Ridley /99
175 Torrey Smith /75
176 Mikel Leshoure /75
177 Titus Young EXCH
178 Randall Cobb /99
179 Marcell Dareus /75
180 A.J. Green /65
181 Colin Kaepernick /65
182 Leonard Hankerson /99
183 Shane Vereen /130

The rookie cards in 2011 Topps Five Star Football will be some of the most desirable cards produced all season. All of the cards are signed on-card and each are serial numbered to limited quantities.  The sets shown below share the same 38 card checklist as above. All of these players were at the 2011 NFL Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot. Complete Checklist will be updated upon release of product.

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Futures Autograph
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2011 Topps 5 Five Star AJ Green Autograph Rookie RC

FSFA-AD Andy Dalton /55
FSFA-AGR Alex Green /190
FSFA-AJG A.J. Green /165
FSFA-AP Austin Pettis /199
FSFA-BG Blaine Gabbert /110
FSFA-BP Bilal Powell /199
FSFA-CK Colin Kaepernick /90
FSFA-CN Cam Newton /110
FSFA-CP Christian Ponder /90
FSFA-DC Delone Carter /199
FSFA-DM DeMarco Murray /199
FSFA-DT Daniel Thomas /199
FSFA-GL Greg Little /175
FSFA-JB Jon Baldwin /199
FSFA-JH Jamie Harper /199
FSFA-JJE Jerrel Jernigan /175
FSFA-JL Jake Locker /110
FSFA-JT Jordan Todman /175
FSFA-KH Kendall Hunter /190
FSFA-KR Kyle Rudolph /199
FSFA-LH Leonard Hankerson /165
FSFA-MD Marcell Dareus /155
FSFA-MI Mark Ingram /55
FSFA-ML Mikel Leshoure /145
FSFA-RC Randall Cobb /160
FSFA-RH Roy Helu Jr. /110
FSFA-RM Ryan Mallett /90
FSFA-RW Ryan Williams /155
FSFA-SR Stevan Ridley /199
FSFA-SV Shane Vereen /199
FSFA-TJ Taiwan Jones /199
FSFA-TP Terrelle Pryor /110
FSFA-TS Torrey Smith /160
FSFA-TY Titus Young EXCH
FSFA-VB Vincent Brown /199
FSFA-VM Von Miller /165

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Futures Dual Autographs

FSFDA-NG Cam Newton – Blaine Gabbert
FSFDA-GL Blaine Gabbert – Jake Locker
FSFDA-CAJ Cam Newton – A.J. Green
FSFDA-NI Cam Newton – Mark Ingram
FSFDA-CG Randall Cobb – Alex Green
FSFDA-KH Colin Kaepernick – Kendall Hunter
FSFDA-VR Shane Vereen – Stevan Ridley
FSFDA-PR Christian Ponder – Kyle Rudolph
FSFDA-MV Ryan Mallett – Shane Vereen
FSFDA-MR Ryan Mallett – Stevan Ridley
FSFDA-TB Jordan Todman – Vincent Brown
FSFDA-LY Mikel Leshoure – Titus Young
FSFDA-DG Andy DalNewton – A.J. Green
FSFDA-LH Greg Little – Leonard Hankerson
FSFDA-DM Marcell Dareus – Von Miller
FSFDA-BS Jon Baldwin – Torrey Smith
FSFDA-TG Daniel Thomas – Edmond Gates
FSFDA-YP Titus Young – Austin Pettis
FSFDA-LHA Jake Locker – Jamie Harper
FSFDA-TJ Jordan Todman – Taiwan Jones
FSFDA-TP Daniel Thomas – Bilal Powell
FSFDA-WH Ryan Williams – Kendall Hunter
FSFDA-HC Jamie Harper – Delone Carter
FSFDA-MH DeMarco Murray – Kendall Hunter
FSFDA-HS Leonard Hankerson – Torrey Smith
FSFDA-SG Torrey Smith – A.J. Green
FSFDA-IR Mark Ingram – Stevan Ridley
FSFDA-HJ Leonard Hankerson – Jerrel Jernigan
FSFDA-CY Randall Cobb – Titus Young
FSFDA-VP Shane Vereen – Bilal Powell
FSFDA-PRI Bilal Powell – Stevan Ridley
FSFDA-GLI A.J. Green – Greg Little
FSFDA-LS Greg Little – Torrey Smith
FSFDA-BB Jon Baldwin – Vincent Brown
FSFDA-LG Mikel Leshoure – Alex Green
FSFDA-MT DeMarco Murray – Daniel Thomas
FSFDA-WL Ryan Williams – Mikel Leshoure
FSFDA-JP Jerrel Jernigan – Bilal Powell
FSFDA-KG Colin Kaepernick – Alex Green
FSFDA-KW Colin Kaepernick – Ryan Williams
FSFDA-BJ Jon Baldwin – Taiwan Jones
FSFDA-PG Bilal Powell – Edmond Gates
FSFDA-ID Mark Ingram – Marcell Dareus
FSFDA-GS A.J. Green – Torrey Smith
FSFDA-CT Delone Carter – Jordan Todman

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Futures Letter Autographs

2011 Topps 5 Five Star Von Miller Letter Patch Auto
FSL-AD Andy Dalton
FSL-AGA Antonio Gates
FSL-AJG A.J. Green
FSL-AP Adrian Peterson
FSL-AR Aaron Rodgers
FSL-BG Blaine Gabbert
FSL-CK Colin Kaepernick
FSL-CN Cam Newton
FSL-CP Christian Ponder
FSL-DB Dwayne Bowe
FSL-DC Delone Carter
FSL-DMU DeMarco Murray
FSL-DT Daniel Thomas
FSL-HW Hines Ward
FSL-JC Jamaal Charles
FSL-JE John Elway
FSL-JH Jamie Harper
FSL-JJ Julio Jones
FSL-JJE Jerrel Jernigan
FSL-JL Jake Locker
FSL-KH Kendall Hunter
FSL-KR Kyle Rudolph
FSL-LH Leonard Hankerson
FSL-MD Marcell Dareus
FSL-MI Mark Ingram
FSL-ML Mikel Leshoure
FSL-MR Matt Ryan
FSL-MS Mark Sanchez
FSL-MV Michael Vick
FSL-RC Randall Cobb
FSL-RL Ray Lewis
FSL-RM Ryan Mallett
FSL-RW Ryan Williams
FSL-SJ Steven Jackson
FSL-SR Stevan Ridley
FSL-SV Shane Vereen
FSL-TA Troy Aikman
FSL-TR Tony Romo
FSL-TS Torrey Smith
FSL-TY Titus Young
FSL-VM Von Miller


2011 Topps Five Star Football
Auto Triple Relic Books

2011 Topps 5 Five Star Blaine Gabbert Triple Auto Relic

FSFA3-AD Andy Dalton
FSFA3-AJG A.J. Green
FSFA3-BG Blaine Gabbert
FSFA3-BP Bilal Powell
FSFA3-CK Colin Kaepernick
FSFA3-CN Cam Newton
FSFA3-CP Christian Ponder
FSFA3-DC Delone Carter
FSFA3-DM DeMarco Murray
FSFA3-DT Daniel Thomas
FSFA3-GL Greg Little
FSFA3-JB Jon Baldwin
FSFA3-JJE Jerrel Jernigan
FSFA3-JL Jake Locker
FSFA3-JT Jordan Todman
FSFA3-KR Kyle Rudolph
FSFA3-LH Leonard Hankerson
FSFA3-MD Marcell Dareus
FSFA3-MI Mark Ingram
FSFA3-ML Mikel Leshoure
FSFA3-RC Randall Cobb
FSFA3-RM Ryan Mallett
FSFA3-RW Ryan Williams
FSFA3-SR Stevan Ridley
FSFA3-SV Shane Vereen
FSFA3-TJ Taiwan Jones
FSFA3-TS Torrey Smith
FSFA3-TY Titus Young
FSFA3-VM Von Miller

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Auto Quad Relic Books

2011 Topps 5 Five Star Colin Kaepernick Quad Auto Relic

FSFA4-AD Andy Dalton
FSFA4-AJG A.J. Green
FSFA4-BG Blaine Gabbert
FSFA4-BP Bilal Powell
FSFA4-CK Colin Kaepernick
FSFA4-CN Cam Newton
FSFA4-CP Christian Ponder
FSFA4-DC Delone Carter
FSFA4-DM DeMarco Murray
FSFA4-DT Daniel Thomas
FSFA4-GL Greg Little
FSFA4-JB Jon Baldwin
FSFA4-JJE Jerrel Jernigan
FSFA4-JL Jake Locker
FSFA4-JT Jordan Todman
FSFA4-KR Kyle Rudolph
FSFA4-LH Leonard Hankerson
FSFA4-MD Marcell Dareus
FSFA4-MI Mark Ingram
FSFA4-ML Mikel Leshoure
FSFA4-RC Randall Cobb
FSFA4-RM Ryan Mallett
FSFA4-RW Ryan Williams
FSFA4-SR Stevan Ridley
FSFA4-SV Shane Vereen
FSFA4-TJ Taiwan Jones
FSFA4-TS Torrey Smith
FSFA4-TY Titus Young
FSFA4-VM Von Miller

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Dual Auto Patch Books
2011 Topps 5 Five Star Blaine Gabbert - Jake Locker Dual Auto Patch

FSFDAP-NG Cam Newton – Blaine Gabbert
FSFDAP-GL Blaine Gabbert – Jake Locker
FSFDAP-CAJ Cam Newton – A.J. Green
FSFDAP-NI Cam Newton – Mark Ingram
FSFDAP-CG Randall Cobb – Alex Green
FSFDAP-KH Colin Kaepernick – Kendall Hunter
FSFDAP-VR Shane Vereen – Stevan Ridley
FSFDAP-PR Christian Ponder – Kyle Rudolph
FSFDAP-MV Ryan Mallett – Shane Vereen
FSFDAP-MR Ryan Mallett – Stevan Ridley
FSFDAP-TB Jordan Todman – Vincent Brown
FSFDAP-LY Mikel Leshoure – Titus Young
FSFDAP-DG Andy Dalton – A.J. Green
FSFDAP-LH Greg Little – Leonard Hankerson
FSFDAP-DM Marcell Dareus – Von Miller
FSFDAP-BS Jon Baldwin – Torrey Smith
FSFDAP-IL Mark Ingram – Mikel Leshoure
FSFDAP-TG Daniel Thomas – Edmond Gates
FSFDAP-YP Titus Young – Austin Pettis
FSFDAP-LHA Jake Locker – Jamie Harper
FSFDAP-TP Daniel Thomas – Bilal Powell
FSFDAP-WH Ryan Williams – Kendall Hunter
FSFDAP-HC Jamie Harper – Delone Carter
FSFDAP-MH DeMarco Murray – Kendall Hunter
FSFDAP-HS Leonard Hankerson – Torrey Smith
FSFDAP-SG Torrey Smith – A.J. Green
FSFDAP-MT DeMarco Murray – Daniel Thomas
FSFDAP-HJ Leonard Hankerson – Jerrel Jernigan
FSFDAP-CY Randall Cobb – Titus Young
FSFDAP-LS Greg Little – Torrey Smith

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Laundry Tag Books
2011 Topps 5 Five Star Cam Newton - Jake Locker Laundry Tag

FSFDAL-CG Randall Cobb – Alex Green
FSFDAL-KH Colin Kaepernick – Kendall Hunter
FSFDAL-PR Christian Ponder – Kyle Rudolph
FSFDAL-MV Ryan Mallett – Shane Vereen
FSFDAL-MR Ryan Mallett – Stevan Ridley
FSFDAL-TB Jordan Todman – Vincent Brown
FSFDAL-DG Andy Dalton – A.J Green
FSFDAL-DM Marcell Dareus – Von Miller
FSFDAL-TG Daniel Thomas – Edmond Gates
FSFDAL-YP Titus Young – Austin Pettis
FSFDAL-LS Greg Little – Torrey Smith
FSFDAL-GB Edmond Gates – Vincent Brown
FSFDAL-DI Marcell Dareus – Mark Ingram
FSFDAL-GK Blaine Gabbert – Colin Kaepernick
FSFDAL-LW Mikel Leshoure – Ryan Williams
FSFDAL-JH Jerrel Jernigan – Leonard Hankerson
FSFDAL-JB Julio Jones – Jon Baldwin
FSFDAL-NL Cam Newton – Jake Locker
FSFDAL-PJ Bilal Powell – Taiwan Jones
FSFDAL-MC DeMarco Murray – Delone Carter

2011 Topps Five Star Football
NFL Shield Books

FSFDAS-NG Cam Newton – Blaine Gabbert
FSFDAS-GL Blaine Gabbert – Jake Locker
FSFDAS-CAJ Cam Newton – A.J. Green
FSFDAS-NI Cam Newton – Mark Ingram
FSFDAS-CG Randall Cobb – Alex Green
FSFDAS-KH Colin Kaepernick – Kendall Hunter
FSFDAS-VR Shane Vereen – Stevan Ridley
FSFDAS-PR Christian Ponder – Kyle Rudolph
FSFDAS-MV Ryan Mallett – Shane Vereen
FSFDAS-MR Ryan Mallett – Stevan Ridley
FSFDAS-TB Jordan Todman – Vincent Brown
FSFDAS-LY Mikel Leshoure – Titus Young
FSFDAS-DG Andy Dalton – A.J. Green
FSFDAS-LH Greg Little – Leonard Hankerson
FSFDAS-DM Marcell Dareus – Von Miller
FSFDAS-BS Jon Baldwin – Torrey Smith
FSFDAS-IL Mark Ingram – Mikel Leshoure
FSFDAS-TG Daniel Thomas – Edmond Gates
FSFDAS-YP Titus Young – Austin Pettis
FSFDAS-LHA Jake Locker – Jamie Harper
FSFDAS-TJ Jordan Todman – Taiwan Jones
FSFDAS-TP Daniel Thomas – Bilal Powell
FSFDAS-WH Ryan Williams – Kendall Hunter
FSFDAS-HC Jamie Harper – Delone Carter
FSFDAS-MH DeMarco Murray – Kendall Hunter
FSFDAS-HS Leonard Hankerson – Torrey Smith
FSFDAS-SG Torrey Smith – A.J. Green
FSFDAS-MT DeMarco Murray – Daniel Thomas
FSFDAS-HJ Leonard Hankerson – Jerrel Jernigan
FSFDAS-CY Randall Cobb – Titus Young
FSFDAS-VP Shane Vereen – Bilal Powell
FSFDAS-PRI Bilal Powell – Stevan Ridley
FSFDAS-GLI A.J. Green – Greg Little
FSFDAS-LS Greg Little – Torrey Smith
FSFDAS-BB Jon Baldwin – Vincent Brown
FSFDAS-LG Mikel Leshoure – Alex Green
FSFDAS-IR Mark Ingram – Stevan Ridley
FSFDAS-DP Andy Dalton – Christian Ponder
FSFDAS-WL Ryan Williams – Mikel Leshoure
FSFDAS-JP Jerrel Jernigan – Bilal Powell
FSFDAS-ID Mark Ingram – Marcell Dareus
FSFDAS-KG Colin Kaepernick – Alex Green
FSFDAS-KW Colin Kaepernick – Ryan Williams
FSFDAS-GS A.J. Green – Torrey Smith
FSFDAS-BJ Jon Baldwin – Taiwan Jones
FSFDAS-PG Bilal Powell – Edmond Gates
FSFDAS-VT Shane Vereen – Daniel Thomas
FSFDAS-RT Stevan Ridley – Daniel Thomas
FSFDAS-TH Jordan Todman – Kendall Hunter
FSFDAS-JH Taiwan Jones – Kendall Hunter

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Quadograph Auto Rookies
Serial Numbered #/

  • FSFQ-NGLM Cam Newton – Blaine Gabbert – Jake Locker – Ryan Mallett
  • FSFQ-ILTW Mark Ingram – Mikel Leshoure – Daniel Thomas – Ryan Williams
  • FSFQ-LHWH Greg Little – Leonard Hankerson – Ryan Williams – Jamie Harper
  • FSFQ-PCTJ Bilal Powell – Delone Carter – Jordan Todman – Taiwan Jones
  • FSFQ-WMHG Ryan Williams – DeMarco Murray – Kendall Hunter – Alex Green
  • FSFQ-NGMD Cam Newton – Blaine Gabbert – Von Miller – Marcell Dareus
  • FSFQ-GLMD Blaine Gabbert – Jake Locker – Ryan Mallett – Andy Dalton
  • FSFQ-PDKM Christian Ponder – Andy Dalton – Colin Kaepernick – Ryan Mallett
  • FSFQ-PRYL Christian Ponder – Kyle Rudolph – Titus Young – Mikel Leshoure
  • FSFQ-TVRP Daniel Thomas – Shane Vereen – Stevan Ridley – Bilal Powell



2011 Topps Five Star Football
Six Signature Rookies
Serial Numbered #/

2011 Topps 5 Star Football Six Autograph Book Card

FSFSS-1 Cam Newton – Blaine Gabbert – Jake Locker – Ryan Mallett – Andy Dalton – Colin Kaepernick
FSFSS-2 Mark Ingram – Mikel Leshoure – Ryan Williams – Daniel Thomas – Shane Vereen – DeMarco Murray
FSFSS-3 A.J. Green – Torrey Smith – Jerrel Jernigan – Greg Little – Leonard Hankerson – Edmond Gates
FSFSS-4 Mikel Leshoure – Daniel Thomas – Jordan Todman – Jamie Harper – Kendall Hunter – Taiwan Jones



2011 Topps Five Star Football
Eight Signature Rookies
Serial Numbered #/

  • FSFEA-1 Jon Baldwin – Torrey Smith – Randall Cobb – Greg Little
    DeMarco Murray – Jordan Todman – Kendall Hunter – Stevan Ridley
  • FSFEA-2 Mark Ingram – Mikel Leshoure – Ryan Williams – Daniel Thomas
    Shane Vereen – DeMarco Murray – Stevan Ridley – Alex Green


2011 Topps Five Star Football
Quotable Inscriptions
Serial Numbered #/25
 FSFQA-AD Andy Dalton
FSFQA-BG Blaine Gabbert
FSFQA-BP Bilal Powell
FSFQA-CK Colin Kaepernick
FSFQA-CN Cam Newton
FSFQA-CP Christian Ponder
FSFQA-DC Delone Carter
FSFQA-DM DeMarco Murray ‘Go Cowboys’
FSFQA-DT Daniel Thomas
FSFQA-GL Greg Little
FSFQA-JB Jon Baldwin
FSFQA-JJE Jerrel Jernigan
FSFQA-JL Jake Locker
FSFQA-KH Kendall Hunter
FSFQA-KR Kyle Rudolph
FSFQA-LH Leonard Hankerson
FSFQA-MD Marcell Dareus
FSFQA-MI Mark Ingram
FSFQA-RC Randall Cobb
FSFQA-RM Ryan Mallett ‘Go Hogs’
FSFQA-RW Ryan Williams ‘Lil Sweetness’
FSFQA-SR Stevan Ridley
FSFQA-SV Shane Vereen
FSFQA-TJ Taiwan Jones
FSFQA-TS Torrey Smith
FSFQA-TY Titus Young
FSFQA-VM Von Miller

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Veteran Quotable Inscriptions
Serial Numbered #/

FSQS-AF Arian Foster
FSQS-AJ Andre Johnson
FSQS-AR Aaron Rodgers
FSQS-BS Bart Starr
FSQS-CB Champ Bailey
FSQS-DM Dan Marino
FSQS-HW Hines Ward
FSQS-JM Joe Montana
FSQS-JN Joe Namath
FSQS-JP Jim Plunkett
FSQS-JR Jerry Rice
FSQS-KW Kurt Warner
FSQS-MJ Maurice Jones-Drew
FSQS-MS Mark Sanchez
FSQS-MT Michael Turner
FSQS-MV Michael Vick
FSQS-PM Peyton Manning
FSQS-RL Ray Lewis
FSQS-TB Terry Bradshaw
FSQS-TR Tony Romo

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Five Star Cut Signatures
Serial Numbered 1/1

2011 Topps 5 Five Star Sam Francis Cut Signature

FSCS-BD Bill Dudley
FSCS-BF Bob Fenimore
FSCS-BP Bob Pellegrini
FSCS-CS Clark Shaughnessy
FSCS-DB Dick Bass
FSCS-DD Don Doll
FSCS-DH Dave Hanner
FSCS-DL Dick Lynch
FSCS-DLA Dante Lavelli
FSCS-DN Dick Nolan
FSCS-ES Ernie Stautner
FSCS-GM George Musso
FSCS-GMC George McAfee
FSCS-GS George Shaw
FSCS-JG Jerry Groom
FSCS-JU Johnny Unitas
FSCS-KR Kyle Rote
FSCS-LR Les Richter
FSCS-MH Mal Hammack
FSCS-SF Sam Francis
FSCS-SS Solly Sherman
FSCS-TB Tom Brookshier
FSCS-TF Tom Fears
FSCS-VB Vince Banonis
FSCS-WP Walter Payton



2011 Topps Five Star Football
Five Star Signature Patch
20 Retired Players and NFL Veterans
Parallels: Gold #/40 – Rainbow #/25

FSSP-AG Antonio Gates #/90
FSSP-AR Aaron Rodgers #/70
FSSP-CB Champ Bailey #/50
FSSP-DB Dwayne Bowe #/99
FSSP-DM Darren McFadden #/99
FSSP-DR Darrelle Revis #/99
FSSP-HW Hines Ward #/99
FSSP-JC Jamaal Charles #/70
FSSP-JR Jerry Rice #/50
FSSP-KM Knowshon Moreno #/99
FSSP-KW Kurt Warner #/50
FSSP-LM LeSean McCoy (Exch)
FSSP-MA Miles Austin (Exch)
FSSP-MJ Maurice Jones-Drew #/99
FSSP-MS Mark Sanchez #/50
FSSP-MT Michael Turner #/50
FSSP-MV Michael Vick #/50
FSSP-PW Patrick Willis #/70
FSSP-RL Ray Lewis #/50
FSSP-TB Terry Bradshaw #/50

2011 Topps Five Star Michael Vick Signature Patch Auto

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Five Star Signature Books
 FSSB-AG Antonio Gates
FSSB-AR Aaron Rodgers
FSSB-CB Champ Bailey
FSSB-DB Dwayne Bowe
FSSB-DM Dan Marino
FSSB-DMC Darren McFadden
FSSB-DR Darrelle Revis
FSSB-HW Hines Ward
FSSB-JC Jamaal Charles
FSSB-JM Joe Montana
FSSB-JN Joe Namath
FSSB-JR Jerry Rice
FSSB-KM Knowshon Moreno
FSSB-KW Kurt Warner
FSSB-LM LeSean McCoy
FSSB-MA Miles Austin
FSSB-MS Mark Sanchez
FSSB-MT Michael Turner
FSSB-MV Michael Vick
FSSB-PM Peyton Manning
FSSB-PW Patrick Willis
FSSB-RL Ray Lewis
FSSB-SG Shonn Greene
FSSB-SM Santana Moss
FSSB-TR Tony Romo
FSSB-VD Vernon Davis

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Signature Triple Relic Books

2011 Topps 5 Five Star Vernon Davis Triple Relic Book Auto


2011 Topps Five Star Football
Five Star Signatures
25 Retired Players and NFL Veterans


Gold #/25
Rainbow #/15

2011 Topps Five 5 Star Dan Marino Signature Autograph

FSS-AF Arian Foster #/190
FSS-BS Bart Starr #/50
FSS-CB Champ Bailey #/70
FSS-CH Chuck Howley #/50
FSS-DM Dan Marino #/40
FSS-JC Jamaal Charles #/60
FSS-JM Joe Montana #/40
FSS-JMA Jeremy Maclin #/190
FSS-JN Joe Namath #/40
FSS-JR Jerry Rice #/35
FSS-KW Kurt Warner #/150
FSS-KWI Kellen Winslow #/150
FSS-LM LeSean McCoy (Exch)
FSS-MC Marques Colston #/150
FSS-MJ Maurice Jones-Drew #/50
FSS-MT Michael Turner #/35
FSS-MW Mike Wallace #/190
FSS-PH Peyton Hillis #/150
FSS-PM Peyton Manning #/40
FSS-PS Phil Simms #/60
FSS-PW Patrick Willis #/60
FSS-RD Richard Dent #/150
FSS-SG Shonn Greene #/150
FSS-SM Santana Moss #/150
FSS-TB Terry Bradshaw #/60
FSS-VD Vernon Davis #/190

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Aaron Rodgers MVP Card
Serial Numbered #/50

2011 Topps 5 Five Star Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl MVP Autograph

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Aaron Rodgers MVP  Relics
Pylons and NFL Footballs

2011 Topps 5 Five Star Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl MVP Pylon

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Jumbo Jersey Relics
Serial Numbered #/88

2011 Topps 5 Five Star Aaron Rodgers Jersey Card

FSJJR-AD Andy Dalton
FSJJR-AGA Antonio Gates
FSJJR-AR Aaron Rodgers
FSJJR-BG Blaine Gabbert
FSJJR-BP Bilal Powell
FSJJR-CK Colin Kaepernick
FSJJR-CN Cam Newton
FSJJR-CP Christian Ponder
FSJJR-DB Dwayne Bowe
FSJJR-DC Delone Carter
FSJJR-DMU DeMarco Murray
FSJJR-DT Daniel Thomas
FSJJR-GL Greg Little
FSJJR-HW Hines Ward
FSJJR-JB Jon Baldwin
FSJJR-JC Jamaal Charles
FSJJR-JE John Elway
FSJJR-JJ Julio Jones
FSJJR-JJE Jerrel Jernigan
FSJJR-JL Jake Locker
FSJJR-KH Kendall Hunter
FSJJR-KR Kyle Rudolph
FSJJR-LH Leonard Hankerson
FSJJR-MD Marcell Dareus
FSJJR-MI Mark Ingram
FSJJR-ML Mikel Leshoure
FSJJR-MS Mark Sanchez
FSJJR-MV Michael Vick
FSJJR-RC Randall Cobb
FSJJR-RL Ray Lewis
FSJJR-RM Ryan Mallett
FSJJR-RW Ryan Williams
FSJJR-SR Stevan Ridley
FSJJR-SV Shane Vereen
FSJJR-TR Tony Romo
FSJJR-TS Torrey Smith
FSJJR-TY Titus Young
FSJJR-VM Von Miller

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Patch Relics

FSP-AD Andy Dalton
FSP-AF Arian Foster
FSP-AGA Antonio Gates
FSP-AJG A.J. Green
FSP-AP Adrian Peterson
FSP-AR Aaron Rodgers
FSP-BG Blaine Gabbert
FSP-BP Bilal Powell
FSP-CB Cedric Benson
FSP-CK Colin Kaepernick
FSP-CN Cam Newton
FSP-CP Christian Ponder
FSP-DB Dwayne Bowe
FSP-DC Delone Carter
FSP-DH Devin Hester
FSP-DMU DeMarco Murray
FSP-DT Daniel Thomas
FSP-DW DeAngelo Williams
FSP-GL Greg Little
FSP-HN Hakeem Nicks
FSP-HW Hines Ward
FSP-JB Jon Baldwin
FSP-JC Jamaal Charles
FSP-JE John Elway
FSP-JJ Julio Jones
FSP-JJE Jerrel Jernigan
FSP-JL Jake Locker
FSP-KH Kendall Hunter
FSP-KR Kyle Rudolph
FSP-LF Larry Fitzgerald
FSP-LH Leonard Hankerson
FSP-MD Marcell Dareus
FSP-MI Mark Ingram
FSP-ML Mikel Leshoure
FSP-MR Matt Ryan
FSP-MS Mark Sanchez
FSP-MV Michael Vick
FSP-RC Randall Cobb
FSP-RL Ray Lewis
FSP-RM Ryan Mallett
FSP-RW Ryan Williams
FSP-SR Stevan Ridley
FSP-SV Shane Vereen
FSP-TR Tony Romo
FSP-TS Torrey Smith
FSP-TY Titus Young
FSP-VM Von Miller


2011 Topps Five Star Football
Signature Combo Cards
2011 Topps Five Star Joe Montana Jerry Rice Dual Autograph /10

FSSC-MM Joe Montana – Dan Marino
FSSC-NB Joe Namath – Terry Bradshaw
FSSC-MR Joe Montana – Jerry Rice
FSSC-SR Bart Starr  Aaron Rodgers
FSSC-WW Hines Ward – Mike Wallace
FSSC-BC Dwayne Bowe – Jamaal Charles
FSSC-RA Tony Romo – Miles Austin
FSSC-NS Joe Namath – Mark Sanchez
FSSC-MH Darren McFadden – Peyton Hillis
FSSC-JF Andre Johnson – Arian Foster
FSSC-MG Jeremy Maclin – Blaine Gabbert
FSSC-MB LeSean McCoy – Jon Baldwin
FSSC-MGR Knowshon Moreno – A.J. Green
FSSC-BG Champ Bailey – A.J. Green
FSSC-BR Dwayne Bowe – Stevan Ridley
FSSC-DS Vernon Davis – Torrey Smith
FSSC-RB Darrelle Revis – Jon Baldwin
FSSC-RV Aaron Rodgers – Shane Vereen
FSSC-WM Patrick Willis – Von Miller
FSSC-VN Michael Vick – Cam Newton
FSSC-GJ Blaine Gabbert – Maurice Jones-Drew
FSSC-WG Hines Ward – A.J. Green
FSSC-CI Marques Colston – Mark Ingram
FSSC-JH Andre Johnson – Leonard Hankerson
FSSC-MK Joe Montana – Colin Kaepernick
FSSC-GT Antonio Gates – Jordan Todman
FSSC-MMC Ryan Mallett – Darren McFadden
FSSC-MHI Ryan Mallett – Peyton Hillis
FSSC-GB Antonio Gates – Vincent Brown
FSSC-BM Champ Bailey – Von Miller
FSSC-HL Peyton Hillis – Greg Little
FSSC-MHA Santana Moss – Leonard Hankerson
FSSC-MMI Knowshon Moreno – Von Miller
FSSC-BB Dwayne Bowe – Jon Baldwin
FSSC-MJ Darren McFadden – Taiwan Jones
FSSC-GP Shonn Greene – Bilal Powell
FSSC-VW Michael Vick – Ryan Williams
FSSC-RM Tony Romo – DeMarco Murray
FSSC-AM Miles Austin – DeMarco Murray
FSSC-LS Ray Lewis – Torrey Smith
FSSC-RG Aaron Rodgers – Alex Green
FSSC-RC Aaron Rodgers – Randall Cobb
FSSC-SP Mark Sanchez – Bilal Powell
FSSC-LM Ray Lewis – Von Miller
FSSC-LD Ray Lewis – Marcell Dareus
FSSC-CB Jamaal Charles – Jon Baldwin
FSSC-DH Vernon Davis – Kendall Hunter
FSSC-DK Vernon Davis – Colin Kaepernick
FSSC-RP Darrelle Revis – Bilal Powell
FSSC-VM Michael Vick – Jeremy Maclin
FSSC-DW Vernon Davis – Patrick Willis


2011 Topps Five Star Football
Autographed Rookie Jerseys
Full Sized Jersey – Redemptions inside Packs

Cam Newton Autographed Jersey Found in Topps Five Star
Full Sized Helmet Redemption(s) also available

2011 Topps Five Star Football
Base Set Checklist
Serial Numbered #/129

2011 Topps 5 Five Star Tim Tebow Base Card

1 Bart Starr
2 Jermaine Gresham
3 Ben Roethlisberger
4 Jim Plunkett
5 Dez Bryant
6 Greg Jennings
7 Charles Woodson
8 Antonio Gates
9 Richard Dent
10 Larry Fitzgerald
11 Rob Gronkowski
12 James Starks
13 Jermichael Finley
14 Tim Hightower
15 Anquan Boldin
16 BenJarvus Green-Ellis
17 Ndamukong Suh
18 Deion Branch
19 Sam Bradford
20 Arian Foster
21 Kenny Britt
22 Ray Lewis
23 Darren McFadden
24 Owen Daniels
25 Patrick Willis
26 Joe Flacco
27 Brandon Lloyd
28 Frank Gore
29 Jeremy Maclin
30 Andre Johnson
31 Brandon Marshall
32 LeGarrette Blount
33 Hines Ward
34 Eli Manning
35 Nate Burleson
36 Tony Romo
37 Mike Thomas
38 Vernon Davis
39 Santana Moss
40 Michael Vick
41 Mike Wallace
42 Ryan Torain
43 Ed Reed
44 Robert Meachem
45 Devery Henderson
46 Colt McCoy
47 Dallas Clark
48 Rashard Mendenhall
49 Jason Pierre-Paul
50 Terry Bradshaw
51 Joseph Addai
52 Plaxico Burress
53 Tony Gonzalez
54 Troy Polamalu
55 Clay Matthews
56 Pierre Thomas
57 Santonio Holmes
58 Fred Davis
59 Steven Jackson
60 Adrian Peterson
61 Cedric Benson
62 Brandon Jacobs
63 Matt Schaub
64 Maurice Jones-Drew
65 Darrius Heyward-Bey
66 Greg Olsen
67 Jamaal Charles
68 Kurt Warner
69 Ryan Grant
70 Joe Namath
71 Hakeem Nicks
72 LaDainian Tomlinson
73 Matthew Stafford
74 Chris Johnson
75 Reggie Bush
76 Darrelle Revis
77 Jordy Nelson
78 Devin Hester
79 Matt Cassel
80 Jerry Rice
81 Mark Sanchez
82 Jimmy Graham
83 Jared Allen
84 Steve Johnson
85 Eric Decker
86 Phil Simms
87 Michael Crabtree
88 Fred Jackson
89 Beanie Wells
90 Dan Marino
91 Malcom Floyd
92 Kevin Kolb
93 Mike Tolbert
94 Tarvaris Jackson
95 Davone Bess
96 Percy Harvin
97 Jason Witten
98 Carson Palmer
99 Marques Colston
100 Joe Montana
101 Matt Hasselbeck
102 Felix Jones
103 Aaron Hernandez
104 Ryan Fitzpatrick
105 Chuck Howley
106 Steve Breaston
107 Mario Manningham
108 Michael Turner
109 Dustin Keller
110 Peyton Hillis
111 Tom Brady
112 Ahmad Bradshaw
113 Mike Williams
114 Jahvid Best
115 Victor Cruz
116 Dwayne Bowe
117 Jay Cutler
118 Shonn Greene
119 Brandon Pettigrew
120 Roddy White
121 Wes Welker
122 Calvin Johnson
123 Vincent Jackson
124 Josh Freeman
125 Matt Forté
126 DeMarcus Ware
127 Jonathan Stewart
128 Matt Ryan
129 Nate Washington
130 Peyton Manning
131 Miles Austin
132 LeSean McCoy
133 Alex Smith
134 Marshawn Lynch
135 DeSean Jackson
136 DeAngelo Williams
137 Reggie Wayne
138 Ray Rice
139 Kellen Winslow
140 Drew Brees
141 Tim Tebow
142 Knowshon Moreno
143 Sidney Rice
144 Philip Rivers
145 Ryan Mathews
146 Willis McGahee
147 Steve Smith
148 Pierre Garcon
149 Darren Sproles
150 Aaron Rodgers


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