2011 Topps American Pie Checklist

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2011 Topps American Pie Logo

2011 Topps American Pie

Release Date: December 14, 2011

Hobby Box: 24 Packs Per Box – 8 Cards Per Pack


You Will Get A Mix Of These 3 Hits:
Auto, Cut Auto, Auto Relic, Relic, Patches
Stamps & Coin Cards.

Buy-Back Cards – 1 Per Hobby Box

Base Parallel Cards Overall Odds: 1:4 Packs

2011 Topps American Pie
– Base Cards –
200 Total Cards – Great Moments, Events & People
Parallel Cards: Foil & Spotlight #/76

#1 World War II Ends
#2 Bob Hope
#3 Abbott and Costello
#4 The Bikini
#5 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis
#6 Jimmy Stewart
#7 Volkswagen Beetle
#8 Jackie Robinson Breaks Barrier
#9 Aliens In Our Midst
#10 Marlon Brando
#11 Doomsday Clock
#12 Bing Crosby
#13 Hells Angels Founded
#14 First Instant Camera
#15 The Kinsey Reports
#16 The Emmy Awards
#17 Death of a Salesman
#18 Grady The Cow
#19 Jou Louis Returns
#20 1984
#21 First NASCAR Race
#22 Hopalong Cassidy Premieres
#23 Diners Club First Credit Card
#24 The Peanuts Debut
#25 Groucho Marx
#26 The First Pager
#27 World’s First Remote Control
#28 Spencer Tracy
#29 Dennis The Menace
#30 Humphrey Bogart
#31 Catcher In The Rye
#32 Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz
#33 The Today Show Debuts
#34 Frank Sinatra
#35 Corvette
#36 First Playboy Magazine
#37 Gary Cooper
#38 Hank Williams
#39 Vincent Price
#40 The First Color TV
#41 Iwo Jima Memorial
#42 Rock Around the Clock
#43 Most Boring Day
#44 First Sports Illustrated
#45 First Transistor Radio
#46 Burger King
#47 TV Dinners
#48 Scrabble
#49 McDonald’s Opens
#50 Disneyland
#51 Jackie Gleason
#52 Guinness Book of World Records
#53 James Dean Dies
#54 Duke Ellington
#55 Grace Kelly
#56 Rocky Marciano
#57 Nat King Cole
#58 The Frisbee
#59 Dr. Seuss
#60 American Bandstand
#61 The Edsel Flops
#62 On The Road
#63 Leave It To Beaver
#64 The PEACE Symbol
#65 Jim Henson Company
#66 Orson Welles
#67 Donna Reed
#68 Motown
#69 Barbie Debuts
#70 Miles Davis
#71 Pantyhose Invented
#72 Rod Serling
#73 Alfred Hitchcock
#74 Elizabeth Taylor
#75 The Fantasticks Begins
#76 The Pill
#77 To Kill A Mockingbird
#78 Fantastic Four Debut
#79 Catch-22
#80 Wal-Mart Founded
#81 Andy Warhol
#82 Johnny Carson Takes Over Tonight Show
#83 Zip Codes Introduced
#84 First Push Button Phone
#85 Instant Replay’s First Use
#86 Ball Invents Smiley Face
#87 Jeopardy
#88 Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
#89 Lenny Bruce
#90 The Beatles Play Shea
#91 A Charlie Brown Christmas
#92 Gene Roddenberry
#93 Cary Grant
#94 How The Grinch Stole Christmas
#95 Hot Wheels
#96 60 Minutes
#97 Louis Armstrong
#98 Saturday Evening Post
#99 The Godfather Published
#100 Jimi Hendrix#101 The First ATM
#102 The Brady Bunch
#103 Sesame Street
#104 John Wayne
#105 Top 40 Debuts (Casey Kasem)
#106 Johnny Cash
#107 All In The Family
#108 John Lennon
#109 George Carlin
#110 The Price Is Right
#111 Pong
#112 First Hand Held Cell Phone
#113 World Trade Center Opens
#114 Secretariat’s Triple Crown
#115 The Battle Of The Sexes
#116 I Am Not A Crook (Nixon)
#117 Wire Walk Between WTC Towers
#118 First UPC Code Scanned
#119 Rubics Cube
#120 Wheel of Fortune
#121 John Belushi
#122 Aple Founded (Steve Jobs)
#123 Ramones Release Debut
#124 America’s Bicentennial
#125 The Muppet Show
#126 Roots
#127 Commodore Pet Released
#128 Atari 2600 Releases
#129 Saturday Night Fever
#130 Christopher Reeve
#131 Atlantic City Opens
#132 Garfield Debuts
#133 ESPN
#134 Richard Pryor
#135 Walkman
#136 McDonald’s Happy Meal
#137 Miracle On Ice
#138 Pac-Man
#139 CNN Launches
#140 Who Shot JR?
#141 MTV
#142 General Hospital Luke & Laura
#143 CD’s Revolutionize Music
#144 Michael Jackson Thriller
#145 Mash Final Episode
#146 Apple Macintosh Released
#147 Court Allows Home Recordings
#148 We Are The World
#149 New Coke
#150 Route 66
#151 Live Aid
#152 Nintendo NES Released
#153 Calvin and Hobbes
#154 Mister Rodgers
#155 Windows 1.0 (Bill Gates)
#156 Tetris
#157 Al Capone Vault
#158 Hands Across America
#159 The Oprah Winfrey Show
#160 Tear Down This Wall (Reagan)
#161 Baby Jessica
#162 Seinfeld Premieres
#163 The Simpsons Premieres
#164 Pale Blue Dot
#165 World Wide Web Launches
#166 Freddie Mercury
#167 The Real World Premieres
#168 DOOM Computer Game
#169 Nancy Kerrigan
#170 Kurt Cobain Suicide
#171 DVD Introduced
#172 O.J. Simpson Found Not Guilty
#173 Unibomber Arrested
#174 Titanic Movie
#175 Google Founded
#176 Napster Debuts
#177 US Wins Women’s World Cup
#178 Lance Armstrong
#179 Y2K Dud
#180 Survivor Premieres
#181 September 11, 2001
#182 ENRON Bankruptcy
#183 First iPod
#184 Martha Stewart Arrested
#185 Human Gnome Project
#186 Saddam Hussein
#187 Facebook Founded
#188 Blogging Takes Its Place
#189 YouTube Launches
#190 Twitter Launches
#191 Last Harry Potter Book
#192 Michael Phelps
#193 Barack Obama
#194 Bernie Madoff Arrested
#195 Michael Jackson Dies
#196 Kanye Interrupts Swift
#197 Jersey Shore
#198 Osama Bin Laden Killed
#199 Steve Jobs
#200 Hurricane Irene

2011 Topps American Pie World Wide Web Base Card

2011 Topps American Pie
– Hirsute History – 1:6 Packs
20 Total Cards Featuring Hair & Facial Hair Trends

2011 Topps American Pie Hirsute History Insert Card

HH-1 Horseshoe Moustash
HH-2 The Mullet
HH-3 Muttonchops
HH-4 Chinstrap Beard
HH-5 Soul Patch
HH-6 Goatee
HH-7 Pompadour
HH-8 Beehive
HH-9 The Rachel
HH-10 Caesar
HH-11 Bob
HH-12 Handlebar Moustache
HH-13 Sideburns
HH-14 Fauxhawk
HH-15 Mohawk
HH-16 Blowout
HH-17 Feathered Hair
HH-18 The Afro
HH-19 Dreadlocks
HH-20 Cornrows

2011 Topps American Pie
– American Pie Autographs –
40 Total Cards –– Find The Top Autograph Cards On eBay Below –

APA-1 Mickey Rooney
APA-2 A.J. Hammer
APA-3 Maksim Chmerkovskiy
APA-4 Shanna Moakler
APA-5 Trista Sutter
APA-6 Kato Kaelin
ARA-7 Joe Gannascoli
APA-8 Jimmie Walker
APA-9 Andrew Zimmerman
APA-10 John O’Hurley
ARA-11 Tia Carrere
APA-12 Tom Arnold
APA-13 Paul Teutul Sr.
APA-14 Joey Fatone (Exch)
APA-15 Gilbert Gottfried
APA-16 Dean Cain
APA-17 Justin Willman
APA-18 Sean Astin
APA-19 Buddy Valastro
APA-20 Carmen Electra
APA-21 Jack Hanna
APA-23 Naomi Judd
APA-24 Susan Lucci
APA-25 Butch Patrick
APA-26 John Ratzenberger
APA-27 Larry Thomas
APA-28 Bret Michaels (Exch)
APA-29 Don McLean
APA-30 Wilmer Valderama
APA-31 Henry Winkler
APA-33 Vincent Pastore
APA-35 Carrot Top
APA-36 Enrique Iglesias (Exch)
APA-37 Louie Anderson
APA-38 Bob Costas
APA-39 Jamie Foxx

2011 Topps American Pie Autograph Bob Costas Card

– Autograph Relics – 1:250 Packs

APAR-1 Mickey Rooney
APAR-2 A.J. Hammer
APAR-3 Maksim Chmerkovskiy
APAR-4 Shanna Moakler (Exch)
APAR-5 Trista Sutter
APAR-6 Kato Kaelin
APAR-7 Joe Gannascoli
APAR-8 Jimmie Walker
APAR-9 Andrew Zimmern (Exch)
APAR-10 John O’Hurley (Exch)
APAR-11 Tia Carrere
APAR-12 Tom Arnold (Exch)
APAR-13 Paul Teutul Sr.
APAR-14 Joey Fatone
APAR-15 Gilbert Gottfried
APAR-16 Dean Cain
APAR-17 Justin Willman
APAR-18 Sean Astin
APAR-19 Buddy Valastro
APAR-20 Carmen Electra
APAR-21 Jack Hanna (Exch)
APAR-23 Naomi Judd
APAR-24 Susan Lucci
APAR-25 Butch Patrick
APAR-26 John Ratzenberger
APAR-27 Larry Thomas
APAR-28 Bret Michaels (Exch)
APAR-29 Don McLean
APAR-30 Wilmer Valderrama
APAR-31 Henry Winkler
APAR-33 Vincent Pastore
APAR-36 Enrique Iglesias (Exch)
APAR-37 Louie Anderson
APAR-38 Jamie Foxx (Exch)

2011 Topps American Pie Susan Lucci Autograph Relic Card

– American Pie Relics –

2011 Topps American Pie Jimi Hendrix Relic Card
APR-1 Mickey Rooney
APR-2 A.J. Hammer
APR-3 Maksim Chmerkovskiy
APR-4 Shanna Moakler (Exch)
APR-5 Trista Sutter
APR-6 Kato Kaelin
ARP-7 Joe Gannascoli
APR-8 Jimmie Walker
APR-9 Andrew Zimmern (Exch)
APR-10 John O’Hurley
APR-11 Tia Carrere
APR-12 Tom Arnold (Exch)
APR-13 Paul Teutul Sr.
APR-14 Joey Fatone
APR-15 Gilbert Gottfried
APR-16 Dean Cain
APR-17 Justin Willman
APR-18 Sean Astin
APR-19 Buddy Valastro
APR-20 Carmen Electra
APA-21 Jack Hanna (Exch)
APR-23 Naomi Judd
APR-24 Susan Lucci
ARP-25 Butch Patrick
APR-26 John Ratzenberger
ARP-27 Larry Thomas
APR-28 Bret Michaels (Exch)
ARP-29 Don McLean
APR-30 Wilmer Valderama
ARP-31 Henry Winkler
APR-33 Vincent Pastore
APR-34 Jimi Hendrix (Exch)
APR-35 Carrot Top
APR-36 Enrique Iglesias (Exch)
APR-37 Louie Anderson
APR-38 Jamie Foxx (Exch)

2011 Topps American Pie
– Coin Collection – 1:1,854 Packs
Coin Dated From Subjects Birth/Passing Year
5 Versions Of Each Card Exist:
Penny #/25 – Nickle #/25 – Dime #/25 – Quarter #/25 – Half Dollar #/25
– Find The Top Coin Collection Cards On eBay Below –

APCC-1 Buster Keaton
APCC-2 John Wayne
APCC-3 Marilyn Monroe
APCC-4 Groucho Marx
APCC-5 Humphrey Bogart
APCC-6 Spencer Tracy
APCC-7 Clark Gable
APCC-8 Gary Cooper
APCC-9 Christopher Reeve
APCC-10 Duke Ellington
APCC-11 Jimi Hendrix
APCC-12 Louis Armstron
APCC-13 Bing Crosby
APCC-14 Rod Serling
APCC-15 Walt Disney

`2011 Topps American Pie Duke Ellington Penny Card

2011 Topps American Pie
– Stamp Collection –
1:459 Packs
15 Cards With Stamp From Subjects Birth Year
– Cards #/76 — (Year Of Stamp)

APSC-1 Johnny Cash (1932)
APSC-2 James Cagney (1899)
APSC-3 Fred Astaire (1899)
APSC-4 Bob Hope (1903)
APSC-5 John Wayne (1907)
APSC-6 Jimmy Stewart (1908)
APSC-7 Orson Wells (1915)
APSC-8 Frank Sinatra (1915)
APSC-9 Mickey Rooney (1920)
APSC-10 Marlon Brando
APSC-11 Marilyn Monroe (1926)
APSC-12 Grace Kelly (1929)
APSC-13 Elizabeth Taylor (1932)
APSC-14 Miles Davis (1926)
APSC-15 Lucille Ball (1911)

2011 Topps American Pie
– Hollywood Sign Letter Patches –
1:93 Packs
Manufactured Letter Patch – 25 Of Each Letter Exist
#1/1 Foldout ‘Hollywood’ book cards exist

HSLP-1 Alfred Hitchcock
HSLP-2 Bob Hope
HSLP-3 Buster Keaton
HSLP-4 Cary Grant
HSLP-5 Cecil B. DeMille
HSLP-6 Charlie Chaplin
HSLP-7 Clark Gable
HSLP-8 Douglas Fairbanks
HSLP-9 Elizabeth Taylor
HSLP-10 Errol Flynn
HSLP-11 Frank Sinatra
HSLP-12 Fred Astaire
HSLP-13 Gary Cooper
HSLP-14 Grace Kelly
HSLP-15 Groucho Marx
HSLP-16 Humphrey Bogart
HSLP-17 James Cagney
HSLP-18 James Stewart
HSLP-19 John Wayne
HSLP-20 Marilyn Monroe
HSLP-21 Marlon Brando
HSLP-22 Mickey Rooney
HSLP-23 Orson Welles
HSLP-25 Spencer Tracy

2011 Topps American Pie Hollywood Letter Patch Sean Astin


2011 Topps American Pie
– American Pie Pieces –
Relic Pieces From Monuments and Locations

2011 Topps American Pie Pieces Statue of Liberty Relic Card

APCR-GK Grassy Knoll (JFK)
APCR-SL Statue Of Liberty
APCR-GB Gettysburg
APCR-LCT Lewis & Clark Trail

– 60th Anniversary Autograph –
2011 Topps American Pie Charlie Sheen "Winning" Autograph
Charlie Sheen
* The Charlie Sheen Auto I Saw Didn’t Have “Winning” Inscribed on it 🙁
+ More TBD ? +

2011 Topps American Pie
– Cut Autograph Cards –
Over 50 Cut Signatures – All #1/1

2011 Topps American Pie Gary Busey Cut Autograph Card
APCS-AB Ann Blyth
APCS-AD Angie Dickinson
APCS-BF Barbara Feldon
APCS-BN Bob Newhart
APCS-BBU Bobby Burgess
APCS-BB Brigitte Bardot
APCS-CC Carol Coombs
APCS-CD Charlie Daniels
APCS-CL Cheryl Ladd
APCS-DD Dana Delany
APCS-DA Danny Aiello
APCS-DBR Dave Brubeck
APCS-DS David Shire
APCS-DK Dean Koontz
APCS-DB Debby Boone
APCS-DR Debbie Reynolds
APCS-DCL Dick Clark
APCS-EH Earl Hamner
APCS-SEA Edward Albee
APCS-SEG Elliot Gould
APCS-FS Felix Silla
APCS-BG Gary Busey
APCS-GL George Lindsey
APCS-HD Hugh Downs
APCS-JB Jacqueline Bissett
APCS-JG John Grisham
APCS-JLA John Landis
APCS-JP John Romita
APCS-JP Jon Provost
APCS-JV Jon Voight
APCS-JL Judith Light
APCS-KL Kenny Loggins
APCS-LB Lauren Bacall
APCS-LE Linda Evans
APCS-MS Martin Sheen
APCS-MHA Marvin Hamlisch
APCS-MH Monty Hall
APCS-NS Neil Simon
APCS-PH Paul Hogan
APCS-PB Pete Best
APCS-RD Robert Duvall
APCS-SM Sarah McLachlan
APCS-SJ Shirley Jones
APCS-TK Ted Koppel
APCS-TT Ted Turner
APCS-TR Tim Reid
APCS-TH Tippi Hedren
APCS-WC Wes Craven
APCS-WPB William Peter Blatty


– Dual Cut Autograph Cards –
All #1/1
1:44,000 Packs

2011 Topps American Pie Jack Klugman - Tony Randall Cut Autograph Card
APDCS-1 Tony Randall – Jack Klugman
APDCS-2 Florence Henderson – Ann Davis
APDCS-3 David Prowse – James Earl Jones
APDCS-4 Carl Reiner – Rob Reiner
APDCS-5 Larry Flynt – Milos Forman
APDCS-6 Mike Farrell – Wayne Rodgers
APDCS-7 Tyne Daly – Sharon Gless
APDCS-8 Simon & Garfunkel
APDCS-9 Alex Trebek – Ken Jennings
APDCS-10 Cheech Marin – Tommy Chong

– Quad Cut Autograph Cards –
All #1/1
Jim Davis – Stan Goldberg
Marcus Hamilton – Mort Walker
Ron Howard – Tom Bosley – Marion Ross – Don Most
Russell Johnson – Alan Hare – Tina Louise – Jim Backus

– Cut Autograph Card Relics –
Contains a unique relic piece with autograph – All #1/1

APCSR-1 George W. Bush
APCSR-2 Gerald Ford
APCSR-3 Jimmy Carter
APCSR-4 Richard Nixon
APCSR-5 Calvin Coolidge

– Hollywood Walk of Fame –
Manufactured Patch Version – #/50 Odds 1:278 Packs
Patches Have HWFP Prefix On Card Numbering

HWF-1 Alfred Hitchcock
HWF-2 Bing Crosby
HWF-3 Bob Hope
HWF-4 Cary Grant
HWF-5 Christopher Reeve
HWF-6 Chuck Berry
HWF-7 Dean Martin
HWF-8 Duke Ellington
HWF-9 Elizabeth Taylor
HWF-10 Frank Sinatra
HWF-11 Mister Rodgers
HWF-12 Gary Cooper
HWF-13 Gene Roddenberry
HWF-14 George Carlin
HWF-15 Hank Williams
HWF-16 Humphrey Bogart
HWF-17 James Stewart
HWF-18 Jimi Hendrix
HWF-19 John Belushi
HWF-20 John Lennon
HWF-21 John Wayne
HWF-22 Johnny Cash
HWF-23 Louis Armstrong
HWF-24 Lucille Ball
HWF-25 Marilyn Monroe
HWF-26 Marlon Brando
HWF-27 Miles Davis
HWF-28 Richard Pryor
HWF-29 Rod Serling
HWF-30 Walt Disney
HWF-31 Grace Kelly
HWF-32 Groucho Marx
HWF-33 Orson Welles
HWF-34 Spencer Tracy
HWF-35 Vincent Price
HWF-36 Buster Keaton
HWF-37 Cecil B. DeMille
HWF-38 Charlie Chaplin
HWF-39 Clark Gable
HWF-40 Douglas Fairbanks Sr.
HWF-41 Errol Flynn
HWF-42 Fred Astaire
HWF-43 George Burns
HWF-44 Harry Houdini
HWF-45 James Cagney
HWF-46 Joanne Woodard
HWF-47 Leslie Nielsen
HWF-48 Mickey Rooney
HWF-49 Rodney Dangerfield
HWF-50 Sammy Davis Jr.

2011 Topps American Pie Hollywood Walk of Fame Patch Card

2011 Topps American Pie
– Fads & Fashions – 1:4 Packs
30 Total Cards Remembering Short Lived Fads

Texas hold ’em a fad!

Tell that to Pius Heinz who won $8.72
Million Dollars By Winning The 2011 WSOP Main Event in November
– they play Texas Hold ‘Em poker.

FF-2 Pet Rocks
FF-3 Slap Bracelets
FF-4 Trucker Hats
FF-5 Hula Hoops
FF-6 Coonskin Caps
FF-7 Poodle Skirts
FF-8 3D Movies
FF-9 Rickie Tickie Stickers
FF-10 Troll Dolls
FF-11 Lava Lamps
FF-12 Go-Go Boots
FF-13 Mood Rings
FF-14 Hypercolor T-Shirts
FF-15 Big Hair
FF-16 Baby On Board
FF-17 Friendship Bracelets
FF-18 The Macarena
FF-19 Bleached Hair
FF-20 Beanie Babies
FF-21 Tickle Me Elmo
FF-22 Texas Hold ’em
FF-23 The Atkins Diet
FF-24 Livestrong Wristbands
FF-25 Flagpole Sitting
FF-26 Goldfish Swallowing
FF-27 Kilroy Was Here
FF-28 Superballs
FF-29 Telephone Booth Stuffing
FF-30 Zoot Suits

2011 Topps American Pie Fads & Fashions POGS

2011 Topps American Pie Fads & Fashions Texas Hold 'Em Poker Card

2011 Topps American Pie
– Buy-Back Cards –
1 Per Hobby Box
Cards Are Stamped With American Pie Logo
They are a wide mixture of Garbage Pail Kids, Star Trek, TV Shows/Movies & More

+ Probably Too Many To List +

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