2012-13 Panini NBA Basketball Sticker Checklist

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2012-13 Panini NBA Sticker Collection Box

2012-13 Panini Basketball
NBA Sticker Collection
Release Date: October 24, 2012

Box Configuration:
50 Sticker Packs Per Box
7 Stickers Per Pack
SRP: $1.00

Collector Album:
72 Page Collector Album
SRP: $2.00

This is a fun product that Panini America has been releasing the last couple years, both collectors young and old tend to find these stickers enjoyable. The best part about them, is that they are cheap – just $1.00 per 7 sticker pack. You can usually find boxes (50 total packs) for less then the $1.00 per pack price point. Look around if you are trying to buy a box and see if you can pick one up for $40-$45 or less.  Often times you will find the 2012-13 Panini NBA Sticker Collection in places like Target, WalMart and I’ve seen them a lot at Dollar Tree stores. It will be sold by the $1 7-Sticker pack or the Collector Album which will be $2.00.

There are a total of 360 stickers in the 12-13 Panini Basketball Sticker Checklist. A complete list will be updated on or around the release date of the product. In addition to the 360 base stickers, look for 266 special glossy stickers, 64 Glitter Stickers, and 30 Micro-Etched NBA Stickers. Release date is scheduled for October 24, 2012.

2012-13 Panini NBA Sticker Collection Album

Panini Collector Album:
Usually when you see the NBA sticker packs for sale, you will also see the Collector Album available as well. The SRP for the album is $2.00.  It will have a place to stick all the stickers available in 12-13 Panini NBA Sticker Collection. Inside, it will even have a few free stickers when you buy the album. There are some collectors who try and complete the NBA Sticker Collection set and have the entire album filled with the stickers. Impressive feat if you are able to get every sticker!

2012-13 Panini Sticker Collection Display

Good for your card shop?
These could be quick and easy money for you if you sell at at card shop or at shows.  You can get these dirt cheap and young collectors tend to enjoy them. This is the type of item that you can just leave on the shelf, and even if it takes you awhile to move them out, eventually these should sell at that magic price point of $1.00 each. You could even open each pack and sell the stickers for .25 cents and come out a .75 cent winner on each pack if you sold all the stickers. (7 Stickers Per Pack x $0.25 Cents = $1.75)

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