2012 Leaf Metal Poker Checklist

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2012 Leaf Metal Poker

Release Date: January 30, 2012

Each Box Contains:

5 Autograph Cards

– 199 Cases Were Made –
(Aprox 2,388 Boxes)

2012 Leaf Metal Poker
– Base Autographs –Prismatic – Serial #/25
Prismatic Silver – Serial #/10
Prismatic Red – Serial #/5
Prismatic Gold – Serial #1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1SP = Short Print 40-60% Less
SSP = Super Short Print 20% Less

2012 Leaf Metal Poker Tom Durrr Dwan Autograph Card2012 Leaf Metal Poker Doyle Brunson Autograph Card2012 Leaf Metal Poker Johnny Chan Autograph Card

Tom ‘Durrr’ Dwan (He’s Good)
The Legendary Doyle Brunson 2 Time Main Event Champ
Johnny Chan

MB-AO1 Annette Obrestad
MB-AE1 Antonio Esfandiari
MB-BE1 Bill Edler
MB-BG1 Brad Garrett SSP
MB-CB1 Chad Brown
MB-CM1 Chris Moneymaker SP
MB-CM2 Cindy Margolis
MB-CV1 Cyndy Violette SP
MB-DN1 Daniel Negreanu SP
MB-DC1 David Chiu SP
MB-DP1 David Pham
MB-DW1 David Williams
MB-DB Doyle Brunson SSP
MB-EB1 Eric Baldwin
MB-ES1 Erica Schoenberg
MB-EL1 Eric Lindgren
MB-EN1 Evelyn Ng
MB-GS1 Gavin Smith
MB-GR1 Greg Raymer
MB-HC Hoyt Corkins SP

MB-HS Huck Seed SP
MB-HB1 Humerto Brenes SP
MB-IM Isabelle Mercier
MB-JG1 Jamie Gold SP
MB-JA1 Jason Alexander SSP
MB-JM1 Jason Mercier
MB-JRB Jean-Robert Bellande
MB-JH Jenifer Harman SP
MB-JB1 Jerry Buss
MB-JH Joe Hachem SP
MB-JS1 Joe Sebok
MB-JC Johnny Chan SSP
MB-JD1 Jonathan Duhamel
MB-JC Jose Canseco SP
MB-JA2 Josh Arieh
MB-LJ1 Lacey Jones
MB-LF Layne Flack SP
MB-LDP Lou Diamond Phillips SSP
MB-MT1 Marco Traniello
MB-MH1 Maria Ho

MB-MN Men Nguyen SP
MB-MM1 Michael Mizrachi SP
MB-MM2 Mike Matusow SP
MB-NL1 Nam Le
MB-OH Orel Hershiser SSP
MB-PA1 Patrik Antonius
MB-PW2 Patrick Warburton SSP
MB-PW1 Paul Wasicka
MB-PJ1 Peter Jetten
MB-PG1 Phil Gordon
MB-PH1 Phil Hellmuth SSP
MB-PF1 Prahlad Friedman
MB-SF1 Scott Fischman
MB-SM11 Scott Montgomery
MB-SN1 Scotty Ngyuen SP
MB-TM1 Tiffany Michelle
MB-TC T.J. Cloutier SP
MB-TB1 Todd Brunson SP
MB-TD Tom Dwan
MB-VR1 Vanessa Russo

2012 Leaf Metal Poker
– Ladies of Poker Autographs –
The Hottest Ladies Of Poker Sign In A Special Set
Prismatic – Serial #/25
Prismatic Red – Serial #/5
Printing Plates – 1/1

2012 Leaf Metal Poker Tiffany Michelle Ladies of Poker Autograph Card

LL-AO1 Annette Obrestad
LL-CM2 Cindy Margolis
LL-CV1 Cyndy Violette
LL-ES1 Erica Schoenberg
LL-EN1 Evelyn Ng
LL-JH1 Jennifer Harman
LL-LJ1 Lacey Jones
LL-MH1 Maria Ho
LL-TM1 Tiffany Michelle
LL-VR1 Vanessa Rousso

2012 Leaf Metal Poker
– WSOP Cash Autographs –
Serial # To The Number Of Cashes At WSOP
Printing Plates – 1/1
2012 Leaf Metal Poker World Series Cash Phil Hellmuth Jr. Autograph Card
$-AE1 Antonio Esfandiari #/13
$-CB1 Chad Brown #/30
$-CV1 Cyndy Violette #/29
$-DN1 Daniel Negreanu #/48
$-DC1 David Chiu #/47
$-DW1 David Williams #/19
$-EL1 Erick Lindgren #/25
$-GS1 Gavin Smith #/18
$-GR1 Greg Raymer #/14
$-HC1 Hoyt Corkins #/26
$-HS1 Huck Seed #/38
$-HB1 Humberto Brenes #/58
$-JRB Jean-Robert Bellande #/13
$-JH1 Jennifer Harman #/24
$-LF Layne Flack #/23
$-MT1 Marco Trianello #/18
$-MN1 Men Nguyen #/70
$-MM1 Michael Mizrachi #/23
$-MM2 Mike Matusow #/29
$-NL1 Nam Le #/16
$-PH1 Phil Hellmuth #/79
$-SN1 Scotty Nguyen #/37
$-SF1 Scott Fischman #/11
$-TC1 T.J. Cloutier #/57
$-TB1 Todd Brunson #/28
$-VR1 Vanessa Rousso #/13

2012 Leaf Metal Poker
– National Pride Autographs –
Prismatic – Serial #/252012 Leaf Metal Poker
– Bracelet Race Autographs –
Serial # To The Number Of Wins At WSOP

2012 Leaf Metal Poker National Pride Johnny Chan Autograph

NP-AO1 Annette Obrestad
NP-DN1 Daniel Negreanu
NP-ES1 Erica Schoenberg
NP-EN1 Evelyn Ng
NP-GS1 Gavin Smith
NP-HS1 Huck Seed
NP-JRB Jean Robert Bellande
NP-JH1 Jennifer Harman
NP-JH2 Joe Hachem
NP-JC1 Jose Canseco
NP-MT Marco Traniello
NP-OH Orel Hershiser
NP-PA1 Patrik Antonius
NP-PJ1 Peter Jetten
NP-PH1 Phil Hellmuth
NP-SN1 Scotty Nguyen

– Poker Hall of Fame Autographs –
Prismatic Silver – Serial #/10
Prismatic Gold – Serial #1/1
Daniel Negreanu
Doyle Brunson
Johnny Chan
Men Nguyen
Phil Hellmuth
T.J. Cloutier

2012 Leaf Metal Poker Bracelet Race Doyle Brunson Autograph Card
BR-JH1 Jennifer Harman #/2
BR-LF1 Layne Flack #/6
BR-PH1 Phil Hellmuth #/11
BR-TJC T.J. Cloutier #/6

– Faces of the Game Autographs –
Prismatic – Serial #/25
FA-MM1 Michael Mizrachi
FA-MM1 Mike Matusow
FA-PA1 Patrik Antonius
FA-PH1 Phil Hellmuth

Being dubbed the ‘final chapter’ in this poker set, which started out under the Razor brand several years ago. Maybe the final release has more to do with the shut-down of popular internet poker sites like Full Tilt & Poker Stars in early 2011, than the popularity of the set. Although, with the lack of new poker television – and compelling poker players to sign, it might be time to shelf this set for a while. The addition of Phil Ivey would give this set a boost, but getting him to do an interview is tough … let alone sign cards. The sell-sheet does feature young internet pro Tom ‘Durrr’ Dwan, who has quite a following in the poker world. Other popular autographs will be of Phil Hellmuth, Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan … all WSOP Main Even Champions.

It’s very possible in the coming years that online poker gets ‘legalized’ in the United States … and quite possibly by the time you read this, it will have become ‘legal’ in some US states. If/when the day comes US players can play online, it should open the door to more poker programming on television – and more opportunities for poker players to become stars. A set like this might very well be collected more in a few years when these faces are on TV every night again.

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