2012 Leaf Vince Lombardi Legacy Checklist

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2012 Leaf Vince Lombardi Legacy Football Box

2012 Leaf Football
Vince Lombardi Legacy
Release Date: April 6, 2012

Per Vince Lombardi Box:
4 Base Cards
2 Legacy Inscription Autographs
1 Lombardi Worn Jacket

10 Boxes Per Case
172 Cases Made

2012 Leaf Vince Lombardi
Base Set Cards
Cards #01-40 – All Vince Lombardi
Printing Plates #/1 & #/2

2012 Leaf Vince Lombardi Base Card

2012 Leaf Vince Lombardi
Autograph Inscription Cards
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  • OA-ADI Art Donovan
  • PA-BSI Bart Starr
  • PA-SSI Bob Skoronski
  • PA-BDI Boyd Dowler
  • OA-DLI Daryle Lamonica EXCH
  • PA-DRI Dave Robinson
  • PA-DAI Donny Anderson
  • PA-FGI Forrest Gregg
  • OA-FWI Fred Williamson
  • PA-JKI Jerry Kramer
  • PA-JGI Jim Grabowski
  • OA-LDI Len Dawson
  • PA-MFI Marv Fleming
  • OA-MRI Mel Renfro
  • PA-WDI Willie Davis
  • OA-YAT Y.A. Tittle
  • PA-ZBI Zeke Bratkowski

2012 Leaf Vince Lombardi Bart Starr Inscription Auto

2012 Leaf Vince Lombardi
Vince Lombardi Jacket
Cards #WJ-01-WJ-40 – All Vince Lombardi
Serial Numbered #/30, 10, 5, 1.
Vince Lombardi Jacket Cards on eBay

2012 Leaf Vince Lombardi Jacket Card

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2012 Leaf Vince Lombardi Legacy Football is a limited set of 40 Lombardi base cards, game worn jacket cards, and inscription autographs from people who involved in his career. The inscription autographs are really cool and have a personal message from each player. You get two of the inscription autographs per box. Also one per box are the Vince Lombardi personally worn jacket cards. Because the set is limited, the base cards should have value as very few sets exist.

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